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Updated May 6, 2015 - 11:27 PM EDT
With 2 Hours to Spare, Likud Secures a Coalition
  New Disputes as Likud Finalizes Israel's Far-Right Coalition
Officials Doubt ISIS Connection in Texas Attack
  Texas Gunmen: A Pair of 30-Somethings From Phoenix
Iraq Sends Reinforcements as ISIS Gains Mount
  US Soldiers Convicted of $50 Million of Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan
Hezbollah To Attack al-Qaeda Along Syria Border
  Jordan Shifts Policy, Fearing al-Qaeda's Growth in Syria
  UN's Latest Effort for Path to Peace in Syria Gets Underway in Geneva
Court OKs Warrantless Cellphone Tracking
  How the NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text
Houthis Shell Saudi Border, Killing Three
Senate Sets Test Vote on Iran Sanctions Bill
NATO's 'Largest Ever' Sub Wargames Add to Russia Tensions
The Media Misses the Point on ‘Proxy War’  by Gareth Porter
Did Reagan Win the Vietnam War?  by Andrew Bacevich
William Pfaff: Clarity in the American Interest  by James Fallows
Merchants of Hate  by Justin Raimondo
Neocons vs. Neocon on Iran  by Ali Gharib
Libertarianism For and Against War  by Cory Massimino

More Viewpoints

The New Age of COIN Policing
by Michael Gould-Wartofsky
Lindsey Graham: Everything That Starts With 'Al' in the Mideast Is Bad News
'Dozens Die' as Migrant Boat Deflates in Mediterranean
US Offers $20m in Rewards on 'Four ISIS Leaders'
Canada Poised to Pass Anti-Terror Legislation Despite Widespread Outrage
US Allows 1st Ferry Service to Cuba in Over 50 Years
63 Killed Across Iraq; Bombs Continue in Baghdad
Kurd, Iraqi Lawmakers Cast Doubt on Yazidi Massacre
Two Rockets Fired Into Baghdad's Heavily Fortified 'Green Zone'
Fear of Shiite Militias, Looting Halts Return to Tikrit
Here's Why Ex-CIA Director Tenet Said Iraq Would Be a 'Slam Dunk'
UNICEF Delivers Rare Aid to Displaced Damascus Camp Residents
US Wants a UN Team to Lay Blame for Syria Gas Attacks: Diplomats
USAF, NATO Quiet on Expanding Turkey's Role in Inherent Resolve
Iran, Powers Toil to Overcome Divisions in Nuclear Talks: Envoys
Iran Deal Must Include Gulf Security Guarantees, France Agrees
Bennett Gives Coalition Ultimatum: Justice Ministry or Bust
Israel's Netanyahu Faces Deadline to Form Coalition
Samples of Israeli Horrific Brutality and War Criminality in Gaza
UN: Mortar That Killed 4-Year-Old Not Fired From UN Installation
French Judges End Investigation Into Arafat's Death
Palestinians' Unpaid Electric Bills in the West Bank Thicken Tension With Israel
Danish Group Vows to Expand Ads Against Israeli Settlements
Police Officers Won't Be Charged in November Death of Israeli Arab
Israeli Arab Dentist Indicted for Transferring Funds on Behalf of Hamas
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Once Iran's Ally, Sudan Sends Advisers for Yemeni Offensive Iran Opposes
Why Is Senegal Sending Troops to Saudi Arabia?
Stuck in Yemen: a Personal History
Militants Kill at Least 13 Afghan Police
China Says Philippines Violating South China Sea Code
India to Sign Port Deal With Iran, Ignoring US Warning Against Haste
Mexico Declares 'All-Out War' on 'New Generation' Cartel
The War at Home
Pentagon: Texas Has Nothing to Fear From Upcoming Military Exercise
Gunman in Texas Shooting Was FBI Suspect in Jihad Inquiry
Man Attacked While Leaving North Texas Mosque
Twitter Suspends Account That Warned About a 'Texas Attack' 15 Minutes Before Incident at Anti-Muslim Event
Basic Trainee Dies at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland
John Kerry Visits Somali Capital Mogadishu
Somalia Islamists Storm Puntland Police Station, Kill Three: Police
Mali Says 11 Killed During Suspected Separatist Attack on Central Town
Video Shows Rwandan Peacekeepers Shooting Protesters in Mali
DR Congo
Congo Army Says Kills 16 Ugandan Rebels, Loses Four Soldiers
Two Tanzanian UN Peacekeepers Killed in Congo Ambush
Niger Removes 4,000 Nigerian Refugees From Lake Chad Island
Ousted in Coup, Egypt Planning Minister Still Believes Junta Can Be Replaced
Central African Republic Militias to Free Child Soldiers
UN Says Apprehended Sudan Intel Officer After Attack Near Abyei
Merkel Says Her Coalition Working Very Well Despite Spying Row
German Spying Prompts Austrian Complaint
Northern Ireland
Belfast Shooting: Former Senior IRA Man Shot Dead
Northern Ireland Police Boost Security Before UK General Election
Lawmakers in France Move to Vastly Expand Surveillance
Charlie Hebdo Editor Seeks to Distance Newspaper From Anti-Islam Causes
Protests in Macedonia After Cover-Up Claim
UN Envoy: Cyprus Leaders Ready to Restart Peace Talks
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