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Updated May 7, 2015 - 11:23 PM EDT
Court: NSA Surveillance Illegal, Can Continue
Senate Overwhelmingly Backs Iran Talks Bill
Canadian Judge Bails Ex-Gimo Inmate Khadr
With 2 Hours to Spare, Likud Secures a Coalition
  New Disputes as Likud Finalizes Israel's Far-Right Coalition
  Netanyahu Cobbles Narrow Govt From Big Election Win
  If Gaza's Borders Were Opened, '100,000 Young People Would Leave'
Shells Hit Ship, Kill Fleeing Yemeni Civilians
  Yemen Envoy Urges UN Ground War to Reinstall Former President
  Kerry Backs Saudi War, But Will Support Humanitarian 'Pause'
  Five Killed, 12 Wounded as Yemen's Houthis Shell Saudi Border City
Pentagon: ISIS Controls Part of Major Iraqi Refinery
  Obama Urges House Not to Declare Iraqi Kurds, Sunnis 'Countries'
  Kurdish President: Independence From Iraq Coming
Syrian Group: US Airstrikes Killed Civilians
  Assad Downplays Setbacks, Says War Won't Be Decided by One Battle
US Navy Stops Accompanying Strait of Hormuz Ships
Chicago to Pay $5.5 Million to Victims Tortured by Police
Legality of Drone Warfare or Illegality of Drone Assassination?  by Coleen Rowley
America's Antiwar Correspondent  by Scott McConnell
Congress Should Stop Playing Games With the Pentagon Budget  by William Hartung
Restore the Fourth  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The Empire Comes Home  by Will Porter
Sinking the RMS Lusitania: A Century of Lying America Into War  by Doug Bandow

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Pentagon Credit Cards Used for Gambling, Escorts
Retired Justice Stevens Says Some Gitmo Captives May Deserve Reparations
Record 38 Million People Internally Displaced by Conflict
USA FREEDOM Act Is Both Desperately Important and Laughably Pathetic
Peshmerga Suffer Losses; 132 Killed Across Iraq
2.2 Million Iraqis Displaced by ISIS
Massacre Site in Iraq Becomes Monument to Suffering for Shiites
One Way That ISIS Has Surpassed Other Jihadists: It's a Magnet for Converts
Banned in Syria, Muslim Brotherhood Members Trickle Home
Profiles of Wanted 'ISIS Leaders'
A Kosovo Father Recounts Harrowing Trip to Retrieve Sons From Syria
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Yemen's Houthis Enter Aden's Al-Tawahi District: Residents
King's Changes Make Saudi Policy Less Predictable
Top Likud Officials Vow Revenge Over Bennett 'Extortion'
Herzog: A National Failure Government Was Formed
After Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, More Anti-Police Brutality Protests Planned Around Country
Israeli Man Arrested for Threatening to Set Blaze on Temple Mount
US Aims to Make Iran Nuclear Deal Immune to Russian, Chinese Veto
Post-Sanctions Iran Could Be the Next Booming Petrostate
The War at Home
Report: FBI Aircraft Secretly Monitored Baltimore Protests
Mike Huckabee: 'We're Stripping Grandmothers Electronically Naked' in the TSA Process
Forces Loyal to Libya's Official Government Claim They Shot Down Rival War Plane
Christian Sect Killings in Angola Shrouded in Fear and Mystery
US Due to Stop Managing Afghan Airspace by June
Four Sentenced to Death Over Brutal Afghan Mob Killing
McCain: Disinvite China From Next Year's Military Exercise
China Military Says Some Not Taking Graft Fight Seriously
Pakistan School Attack Leaves One Dead

Myanmar Rebel Leaders Want Greater Autonomy Before Signing Ceasefire

Militants Rob Bank in Bangladesh to Raise Funds
France's Push to Expand Surveillance Is Predictable but Possibly Futile
French Army Is Buying Fleet of Ford Pickup Trucks
5 Ukrainian Troops Killed as Cease-Fire Teeters on Brink
UN Wants to Let Europe Use Military Force to Stop Migrant Smuggling Boats
Germany Arrests Four in Alleged Anti-Islam Plot
Macedonia Violence After Zaev Claims 'Cover-Up'
Erdogan, Turkish Cypriot Leader Urge Greek Cypriots to Step Up Peace Efforts
NATO Researchers Test Underwater Drones in Norway
Burundi's Top Court Says President Can Run Again, Angering Protesters
Almost 40,000 Flee Burundi Amid Political Crisis
Tanzania Warns of Looming Humanitarian Crisis as Burundians Flee
Mexico Blames Drug Gangs for String of Killings Near US Border
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