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Updated May 12, 2015 - 11:09 PM EDT
US Officials: Assad's Loss Could Be ISIS's Gain
  Kerry to Meet Putin to Discuss Syria Peace Efforts
  Syria's Mercenaries: The Afghans Fighting Assad's War
Iraqi Sunni Leaders Say Govt Alienating Them
  Defeating ISIS Leaves Big Bill Iraq's Struggling to Pay
GCC Leaders Join Saudis in Snubbing US Summit
  Saudi Warplanes Escalate Strikes on Yemeni Capital Ahead of Truce
The Truth Behind the Bin Laden Raid
  NBC Confirms Hersh: Pakistani Official Turned in bin Laden
  White House Denies Hersh Report on bin Laden Killing
Ex-CIA Officer Gets 3½ Years in Iran Leaks Case
NFL's Pro-Military Pomp Costs Pentagon Millions
Arab Coalition Discusses New Intervention in Libya
Sens. Paul, Wyden Plan Filibuster of PATRIOT Act Renewal
Preventive War and Avengers: Age of Ultron  by Dan Sanchez
After Court Ruling, Congress Must Act on NSA Mass Surveillance  by Alexander Abdo & Jameel Jaffer
Should We Relitigate Iraq War in the 2016 Campaign?  by Paul Waldman
Are We a Nation of Wimps?  by Ron Paul
Benghazi Is a Dead End for Republicans  by Ivan Eland
The Price of Supporting the Troops Is Paid to the NFL  by Matt Ufford

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Sweden Rejects Assange Appeal to Drop Warrant
US Govt: We Can Classify Anything and Judges Can't Stop Us
US Government: We Can Classify Anything and Judges Can't Stop Us
Arms Control Advocates Rally to Prevent Development of Killer Robots
Egypt Al-Jazeera Journalist Sues Network
Speech Recognition Is NSA's Best-Kept Open Secret
How to Keep NSA Computers From Turning Your Phone Conversations Into Searchable Text
Reid to McConnell on NSA Bulk Surveillance: 'You Can't Reauthorize Something That's Illegal'
The War at Home
Military Contractors Behind New Pressure Group Targeting Presidential Candidates
Marco Rubio's Hawkish Foreign Policy a Centerpiece of His Accelerating Campaign
Scott Walker Says He Will End Defense Cuts if Elected President
Virginia Woman Sentenced to 4 Years in Terror-Support Case
Accusations of Terrorism Worry Brooklyn's Uzbek Community
AIPAC-Backed Amendments Add to Trade Bill Turmoil
Navy Pilot's Death Reveals Everyday Perils of Military Aviation
New US Fighter Jet on Course to Becoming 'One of History's Biggest White Elephants'
Canadian Government Says Free Speech Is for Offending Muslims – Not Opposing Israel
Email Exchange Between CBC and Public Safety Dept Spokesperson on Bds Prosecutions
EU Seeks UN Approval for Gunship Plan and 'Use of Force' to Deter Boats From Libya
Libyan Military Shells Turkish Cargo Ship, Crew Member Killed
Protesters March Again in Burundi's Capital Despite Ban
EU States Halt Some Burundi Aid Over Crackdown on Protests
Fleeing Burundians Flock to Western Tanzania, Camps Overwhelmed
Mali Soldiers Killed in Rebel Ambush as Peace Deal Due
South African Mercenaries' Secret War on Boko Haram
Boko Haram Kills Two Soldiers in Cameroon
Once Untouchable, Egypt's Sisi Faces Media Attacks
Ghana and Ivory Coast Close to Deal on Maritime Dispute
South Sudan Clashes Leave 300,000 Without Aid, Says UN
A Perfect Storm Brews in Macedonia
West Questions Macedonian Govt's Commitment to Democracy
Sunni Leaders Complain of Lack of Power as 55 Are Killed Across Iraq
NZ Soldiers Arrive in Iraq to Begin Deployment
Iraq Begins Training of Sunni Tribal Fighters to Stem Advance of ISIS
How ISIS Uses Water as a Weapon of War
Kurdish Forces and Allies 'Broke ISIS Spine': Kurdish Leader
North Lebanon Military Patrol Comes Under Fire From Syria; No Casualties
UN: 36,000 Newborn Syrians Stateless in Lebanon
Gaza-Bound Ship Departs Sweden, in Effort to End Blockade
Israel Says Unauthorized Boats Will Be Denied Entry as Gaza Flotillas Begin Again
White House Hosts US-Palestinian Teen Beaten by Israeli Cops
Rare Footage Shows Israeli Soldiers Saving Life of Syrian Rebel on Golan Heights
What Does Israel's New Justice Minister Really Think About Arabs?
Hamas Wins West Bank Campus Election
Israel to Purchase Patrol Ships From Germany to Defend Gas Rigs
Japan Ruling Bloc Signs Off on Security Legislation, Public Split
Afghanistan Hazara Kidnapped Passengers Released
Pakistan Boosts Air Defense With FM-90 Missile System
North Korea Could Have Missiles Subs in Five Years, Says South
Thousands of Rohingya, Bangladeshi Migrants Believed Trapped at Sea
Human Rights Team Concerned by Torture Allegations in Mexico
Shootout, 3 Bodies Found Raise Fears in Mexico City
Mexican State to Return About 2,100 German Assault Rifles
Colombia: 'No Blanket Amnesty for FARC'
Colombia Army Raids Illegal Mines Funding Farc Rebels
France's Hollande Calls for End to US Embargo on Cuba Trip
Ottawa Cites Hate Crime Laws When Asked About Its 'Zero Tolerance' for Israel Boycotters
US and Georgia Start Military Exercise Criticized by Russia
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