When the Abu Ghraib photos were released, revealing the horrific abuse of Iraqi inmates by American soldiers, we published them on They have been up there for 11 years, accumulating a tremendous number of views. If you do a web search for "Abu Ghraib photos," our page is one of the top three hits. During most of that time we ran ads distributed by Google AdSense, with no issue until a few months ago. Without notice, Google pulled our ads. When we asked why, they pointed to these photos: Showing the US government's atrocities violates their "violence and gore" guidelines. Apparently, Google thinks the Internet can't handle the truth.

They demanded we take the photo down. We refused.

Go here for the whole story. While losing AdSense was a big financial hit for us, we stood firm, keeping our journalism independent of the editorial whims of Google's PR department.War isn't pretty and can't be sanitized without lies and cover-ups. You know you can count on for the uncensored truth. Today, we need you – our longtime readers and supporters – to make it clear that there are many who not only can handle the truth but insist on getting it. The War Party's allies in corporate America would love to be rid of; don't let them have that satisfaction. Make your tax-deductible donation to today.

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Updated May 14, 2015 - 11:08 PM EDT
House Overwhelmingly OKs Iran Deal Review Bill
House Approves Weakly-Reformed PATRIOT Act
Despite 'Ceasefire,' Saudi Airstrikes Hit Yemen
  Yemen Envoy: Iran's Fault if Cargo Ship Gets Attacked
50 Killed as ISIS Attacks Syrian Troops in Homs
  Syria Rebels Reject UN Offer for Peace Talks
  Israeli Military Vows Attacks on South Lebanon Villages
Iraq Refinery May Be Destroyed in Battle to Save It
  US Denies Mosque Attack That Reportedly Killed ISIS Deputy
  104 Killed in Iraq; Drone Strike Kills Family
NATO Announces Plans to Stay in Afghanistan
  Gunmen Raid Foreign Guesthouse Party in Afghan Capital; 14 Killed
Pakistan Admits Defector's Role in bin Laden Op
  The Detail in Seymour Hersh's bin Laden Story That Rings True
  ISIS Affiliate Kills 43 Followers of the Aga Khan in Pakistan
Remembering the 1970 Jackson State Killings
Vatican Recognizes State of Palestine in New Treaty
China Warns US Against Confrontation Over Islands
Protecting American Citizens From Drones  by James P. Stevenson
America’s Hydra Problem in the Middle East  by Inge Fryklund
The Jeb Bush Adviser Who Should Scare You  by David Corn
Palestine's Man-Made Drought  by Scott McConnell
Rand and Ted on the Fourth  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Phony Free Speech in Garland  by Philip Giraldi

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Philadelphia's Osage Avenue Police Bombing, 30 Years On
No Penalty for Gitmo Nurse Who Refused to Force-Feed
10 Congress Members Took Trip Secretly Funded by Azerbaijan
Saudis Promise to Match Iran in Nuclear Capability
Experts Demand End to Immunity for UN Troops Over Sex Abuse
The War at Home
US Military Concerned About Oil Train Proximity to Missile Sites
White House Threatens Veto on Defense Bill
Marco Rubio Says US Not the 'World Police' but Must Intervene More
Case Against Former Green Beret Accused of Murder Is Delayed Because of CIA Ties
Boehner: It's Not the Time to Use a 'Wrecking Ball' on NSA Bill
American Who Tried to Join ISIS Gets 20 Years in Prison
Brotherhood Leader Dies in Detention in Egypt
Israel Says Egypt Buying Advanced Russian Air Defense System
Burundi Coup Bid: President Nkurunziza's Return 'Thwarted'
Burundi Coup General Closes Airport as President Flies Home
Crowds Cheer as Burundi Army Officer Says He Has Deposed Absent President
DR Congo
Dozens of Congo Pygmies Killed in Escalating Violence: UN
Congo Rebels May Have Committed Crimes Against Humanity: UN
Al-Shabaab Kidnaps 14 Iranian Fishermen Stranded in Somalia
Somalia Executes Two MP Assassins
Four Children Killed in Rocket Attack in Libya's Benghazi City
Militants Kill Four Algerian Guardsman in Eastern Region
Eritrean Diplomat Seeks Asylum in Ethiopia
Cuba Says It Won't Exchange Ambassadors With US Until It's Off Terrorism List
Honduran Gangs Choke Small Businesses With 'War Tax'
David Cameron to Fast-Track Tough Anti-Terror Laws
104 Killed in Iraq; Drone Strike Kills Family
Hezbollah, Syrian Army Make Big Gains in Border Battle
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
US and Saudi Arabia Discuss 'Permanent Solution' to Yemen Crisis
Saudi Airstrike Hits Yemen Rebel Convoy, Strains Ceasefire
Aid Awaited as Ceasefire Begins in Yemen
Israel 'Disappointed' Vatican Reached Agreement Recognizing Palestinian State
West Bank Settlers Optimistic Over New Israeli Government
Israel Steps Up Diplomatic Action as Fears Grow Over FIFA Suspension
ICC Prosecutor: Without Cooperation, Gaza War Probe Will Rely on Evidence From Just One Side
Petraeus Sees 'Strategic' Threat for Israel in Boycott Campaign
Middle East
Czechs Stopped Potential Nuclear Tech Purchase by Iran: Sources
Ex-Lebanese Minister Sentenced for Syria-Linked Plot
Absent From Obama Summit, Bahrain King to Visit UK Horse Show
Gunmen Kill Seven in Attack on Muslim Council in Afghan South
Defense Firm That Employed Drunk, High Contractors in Afghanistan May Have Wasted $135 Million in Taxpayer Dollars
China Developing Key Aircraft to Build Amphibious Capabilities
China and India Aim to Shelve Territorial Rifts Amid Economic Courtship
North Korea
Some Doubt That North Korea Executed a Top General
North Korea Warns South of Artillery Drills Near Disputed Waters
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