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Updated May 21, 2015 - 11:01 PM EDT
NSA Scare: 'Surveillance Program Winding Down'
  USA Freedom Act Will Get Senate Vote, a Small Victory for Reform
  Rand Paul Wages Patriot Act Filibuster With Call for 'Open Rebellion'
US Official Admits Iraq Reeling From ISIS Offensive
  US Rushing Anti-Tank Missiles to Iraq for Ramadi Fight
  Iraqi Official: No Foreign Troops Needed for ISIS War
  ISIS Seizes Palmyra as Central Syria Gains Mount
  Saddam Nephew Among 151 Killed in Iraq
Exiled Yemen Govt: No Talks Without Surrender
  Iran Agrees to UN Inspection of Yemen Aid Ship
South Korea Rules Stall DMZ Peace March
Govt Releases Docs Found in bin Laden's Lair
Court Rules US Can Keep Torture Docs Secret
US to Give Israel Massive Increase in Military Aid for Iran Deal
Behind the Media’s Assault on Seymour Hersh  by Shamus Cooke
Nakba and the Question of ‘Palestinian Strategy’  by Ramzy Baroud
The Last Defenders of the NSA  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Madness of THAAD
 by John Feffer
How Was bin Laden Killed?  by Philip Giraldi
The Right and Wrong Questions About the Iraq War  by James Fallows

More Viewpoints

Britain Hid Secret MI6 Plan to Break Up Libya From US, Clinton Told by Confidant
Islamist Rebel Leader Walks Back Rhetoric in Interview With Western Media
Snowden Sees Some Victories, From a Distance
Cheney Thought al-Qaeda Was Bluffing
Okinawa Governor to Press US for Removal of Base
Saddam Nephew Among 151 Killed in Iraq
Fall of Ramadi: 30 Car Bombs, 10 as Big as Oklahoma City Blast, US Official Says
Anbar Displaced Allowed Into Baghdad
Ramadi Battle: Iraq Calls for Volunteers for ISIS Fight
US-Led Air Raid Kills 15 al-Qaeda Fighters in Syria: Monitor
Kurds Advance Against ISIS in Northeastern Syria
Teacher Killed, 23 Students Wounded in Mortar Attack in Damascus
Syrian Antiquities Chief Says Statues Moved From Palmyra
Iran's Khamenei Rules Out Interviews With Nuclear Scientists
Israel Scraps Scheme to Ban Palestinians From Buses
New Government, Same Issues as Netanyahu Confronts Palestinian Conflict
US Sells Israel Precision Munitions, Bombs in $1.8 Billion Deal
IDF to Use 'More Humane' Non-Lethal Ammunition
In Adelson's Paper, Bibi's Man Says Pope Helping Palestinians Crucify the Jews
Netanyahu Meets Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog in First Brief Since New Government
Palestinian Car Rams Two Israeli Police, Driver Shot Dead
Donetsk: A Defiant and Besieged City
Ukraine Says It Wants a Missile Shield to Protect Against Russian Aggression
Russia Says Ukraine Debt Repayment Law Amounts to Default
Chechen Leader's Advice on Women: Lock Them In
Germany to Compensate Soviet War Prisoners
10 Canadians Arrested on Suspicion of Heading to Join Middle East Militants
Venezuelan Officials Accused by US Sue Opposition Leader
US Embassy in Cuba Likely to Operate in Restrictive Environment
The War at Home
Casinos, Strips Clubs Received $3 Million in Pentagon Credit Card Spending, Audit Finds
US Defense Department Auditor Signed Off on Flawed Marine Corps Books
John McCain Plan Upends Pentagon Contracting Rules
Pataki: 'Send in Troops' to Fight ISIS
2nd Marine Dies of Injuries Suffered in Military Plane Crash in Hawaii
Fight Over Benghazi Docs to Hit House Floor
FBI Invokes National Security to Justify Surveillance of Tar Sands Protesters
North Korea Claims Ability to Fit Nuclear Weapon on Missile
Satellite Photos of Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan, Before and After US Withdrawal
Malaysia, Indonesia to Let 'Boat People' Come Ashore Temporarily
Internet the Key Front in China's Battle With Western Hostile Forces: Military Paper
Hundreds Saved From Boko Haram Now in Military Custody
Chadian Lawmakers Extend Mandate of Troops Fighting Boko Haram
Niger Journalist Arrested for 'Collaborating' With Boko Haram
Nigeria: 579 Soldiers and Officers on Trial
Burundi Soldier Shot Dead by Police During Protests
Burundi's Radio Silence: Political Crisis Forces Stations Off Air
French Forces Kill Four Militants in Mali
ISIS's Egypt Affiliate Urges Attacks on Judges: Recording
Libyan Islamist Leader Proposes Elections to End Conflict
Fighting Continues Near Major South Sudan Oilfield, UN Asks for Halt
Torture Claims in Tunisia Await Truth Commission
World Must Not 'Squander' Opportunity in Somalia, UN Envoy Tells Security Council
Gunfight in Blood-Soaked Western Mexican State Kills at Least Eight
Local Police Tied to Killing of Mayoral Candidate in Mexico
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