Polls show Americans want out of the business of running the world. They're sick of perpetual war and they think Washington should mind its own business. And yet we still hear the war whoops of the politicians and their pet pundits, intent on ginning up new wars for other people to fight.

The reason for this disconnect is that the War Party has a powerful Washington lobby: they give money to elected officials, they have a firm hand on the "mainstream" media, and they live all in the Washington bubble – where running the world is just another day in the lives of Very Important People.

Outside the Beltway, a rebellion is brewing – as the public response to Obama's decision to bomb Syria showed. That time, the public rose up and said "NO!" And the politicians backed down. was a big part of the campaign to stop that folly – but we can't continue to mobilize the public for peace without your help.

Please make your tax-deductible donation today – so we don't wake up tomorrow and find ourselves at war once again.

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Updated May 27, 2015 - 10:01 PM EDT
Obama, Rand Paul Face Off Over the Patriot Act
  Senate Seen Unlikely to Approve Last-Minute Patriot Act Renewal
  Obama Demands Congress Renew Patriot Act
Militias See Quick Victory as Iraq Attacks Ramadi
  Obama Touts Iraq Arms, Says War Strategy Needs Rethink
  Iraq Army Held 10-to-1 Advantage During Ramadi Defeat, Sources Say
  Shi'ite Militia Battle for Ramadi; 223 Killed Across Iraq
US Under-Reports Civilian Deaths in Syria Strikes
  Syria: Providing Air Support for Rebels Would Be Aggression
Israel Seeks Enormous Military Aid Hike Over Iran
  Netanyahu Proposes Talks to Define Settlement Boundaries
Clinton Foundation Donors Got US Arms Deals
Russia Digs Ditches to Slow Arms Inflow From Ukraine
Responsibility for Drone Killings: Obama and the Fog of War  by Brian Terrell
The US Is Telling New Lies About Iraq War II  by Gary Younge
A Missed Nonproliferation Opportunity  by Paul R. Pillar
ISIS: An Inside Job?  by Justin Raimondo
Nazis on the Backlot  by Philip Giraldi
NY Times Trumpets US Restraint Against ISIS, Ignores Hundreds of Civilian Deaths  by Glenn Greenwald

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Obama Says Working With NATO Allies on ISIS, Libya
Homs in Syria Is Likely to Be ISIS's Next Great Temptation
Syria Says Carries Out Deadly Air Raid on ISIS Stronghold
UN Agency Urges Truce in Syria Fighting During Harvesting
UK and Russia to Resume Syria Talks
Shi'ite Militia Battle for Ramadi; 223 Killed Across Iraq
Pentagon Slams 'Unhelpful' Shi'ite Code Name for Ramadi Offensive
Seven Members of Yemeni Family Killed in Saudi-Led Strike: Residents
UN Chief Confirms Delay in Yemen Peace Talks
Trial of Washington Post Reporter in Iran Closed to Public
French Diplomat Warns Iran Deal Unlikely by Deadline
Rouhani Says Most Iranians Want Peace
Russia Says No Delivery Date for Iran Missiles
Report: Iran to Cut Another Portion of Gasoline Subsidies
Rocket Fired From Gaza Lands Near Israeli Port Ashdod
Amnesty: Hamas Tortured, Killed Palestinians in 2014 Gaza War
Israeli Military Transferred Private Palestinian Land to Settlement, State Reveals
Why Are There So Few Arabs on Israeli Zoning Boards?
Middle East
Bombing Exposes Saudi Failure to Curb Sectarian Strains
Inside Jordan's Fight Against Home-Grown Extremism
Erdogan's Palace Declared Illegal by Turkish Court
Militants Lay Siege to Guesthouse in Afghanistan's Capital
Who Is Killing Pakistan's Educated Elite?
China to Extend Military Reach, Build Lighthouses in Disputed Waters
Malaysia Refuses Entry to Teen Leader of Hong Kong Protests
The War at Home
Privacy Advocates Oppose Fresh Senate Attempt to Renew NSA Spying Powers
Rand Paul Stokes Feud With GOP Leaders Over NSA: 'We Are on Opposite Sides'
FBI Investigating Chemical Weapons Threats to Flights
Texan Accused of Plotting to Join ISIS
Yemeni Man Pleads Guilty to Scheme to Kill Americans Abroad
Marco Rubio 2016: The Hawk Turned Dovish on Syria in 2013
Sanders Kicks Off Campaign, Urges 'Political Revolution' to Transform US
Libya Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni Survives Assassination Attempt
Failed Migrants Return Home to Senegal After Libya Ordeal
Italy's Eni Makes Gas Discovery Offshore in Libya
Egypt Reopens Rafah Crossing With Gaza, After More Than 2 Months of Closure
Egyptian Court Sentences Eight Militants to Death for Army Attack
Egypt Reports 521 Tunnel Openings Destroyed on Gaza Border
Boko Haram Kill at Least 43 in Nigeria's Borno State: Witnesses
Nigeria's Boko Haram 'Increases' Suicide Attacks
Captured Video Appears to Show Foreign Fighters in Nigeria's Boko Haram
Herdsmen Kill at Least 96 People in Nigeria's Benue State
South Sudan Gains 'Full Control' of Oil Town From Rebels
Somali Militants Attack Kenyan Police, at Least One Dead
East African Leaders to Hold Summit on Burundi Violence
One Ukrainian Servicemen Killed in Rebel Attack on Ambulance
Americans Find Ways to Visit Cuba Despite Tourism Ban
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