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Updated June 1, 2015 - 10:03 PM EDT
Patriot Act Section Expires as Paul Blocks Vote
  It’s Not Too Late: Call Your Senators on Patriot Act/NSA Surveillance
  Zombie Patriot Act Will Keep US Spying – Even if the Original Dies
ISIS Seizes Key Towns Along Syria-Turkey Border
  Russia Scales Back Aid to Syrian Govt, Withdraws Key Personnel
ISIS Suicide Attack Kills 45 Iraqi Policemen
  Over 4,000 Killed in Iraq During May
  Militia Chief: Neither US nor Iraq Will Retake Ramadi
  Iraq PM: We Lost 2,300 American Humvees to ISIS in Mosul Alone
Kerry Bike Accident Endangers Iran Talks
ISIS Gains Ground Against Tripoli Govt in Libya
Yemen Houthi Rebels, US Hold Talks in Oman
How an African Ruler Survived a US Coup Plot
What Moby Dick Can Teach US About the War on Terror  by Rick Salutin
The Map on the Wall  by Uri Avnery
'Should We Have Waged the Iraq War?' Is Not a Gotcha Question  by Justin Logan
The Redemption of Rand Paul  by Justin Raimondo
Ex-Im Bank Is Welfare for the One Percent  by Ron Paul
The Unknown Whistleblower  by Barbara Myers & Nick Turse

More Viewpoints

'Realists' for
Nuclear War

by Robert C. Koehler
Senators Flash Anger at Rand Paul – and Vice Versa
Public Opinion on Syria and the War on ISIS
CIA Chief: Terrorists Watching Senate NSA Fight
Turks Think Israel Is Their Biggest Threat, Poll Finds
Iran Hosts Anti-ISIS Cartoon Competition
Sri Lanka: The Darker Side of Buddhism
Over 4,000 Killed in Iraq During May
ISIS Blows Up Notorious Prison Complex in Syria's Palmyra
Fire in Syrian Clinic Kills at Least 24 People
Iraq to Stay Out of Saudi-Iran Conflicts: Abadi
Britain to Expand Training Mission for ISIS War
Yemen's Main Sports Complex Destroyed by Air Strikes
Iranian Report: Israeli Arms Found in Saudi Embassy in Yemen
Six Powers Agree Way to Restore UN Sanctions in Push for Iran Deal: Sources
Iran Says Will Discuss 'Other Solutions' to Nuclear Inspections Deadlock
Stalling Economy Hurts Turkey's Ruling Party Ahead of Election
Rocket Hits School in Eastern Afghanistan, Killing Three
Last US Coast Guard RAID Team Returns From Afghanistan
Taliban Leaders in Bergdahl Trade to See Travel Bans Extended, Says US Official
China Says It Could Set Up Air Defense Zone in South China Sea
Building of Islands Is Debated, but China and US Skirt Conflict at Talks
China to Hold Live-Fire Drills Along Tense Border With Myanmar
Pentagon Chief Pledges $18 Million for Hanoi to Buy Patrol Boats
US Defense Secretary to Ask Vietnam to End Land Reclamation
Venezuela Parliament Chief: Will Sue in US, Spain Over Drugs Reporting
'People Are Losing Hope' – Gaza's Slow Recovery From the War
Bail Denied for Female Palestinian Lawmaker Held by Israel
Israel Axes Controversial West Bank Land Procedure in Wake of Petition
Turkey to Fund 340 New Apartments in Gaza Strip
Israel Moves to Toughen Sentences for Stone-Throwers
Netanyahu Warns of Palestinian Boycott Campaign
FIFA Chief Commends 'Exceptional Palestinian Gesture
German Foreign Minister to Visit Gaza
Long-Time Likud Official Benny Begin Quits Cabinet
Egypt's Rights Agency Says 2,600 Killed After Morsi Ouster
Egypt Deploys Scholars to Teach Moderate Islam, but Skepticism Abounds
Egypt Demolishes Former President Hosni Mubarak's Party Headquarters
Suicide Bomb in North Nigeria Mosque Kill at Least 9
Bomb Blast Hits Market in Nigeria's Maiduguri City, Kills One
1 Civilian Killed, 4 Injured in Ukrainian Army Shelling of Donetsk
FIFA's Sepp Blatter Angered by US, European Actions
German Police Alerted to Armed Mob, Find Asparagus Pickers
The War at Home
NYC Israel Day Parade Faces Jewish Anti-Israel Protesters
Muslim Passenger on US Flight Denied Diet Coke Over Terrorism Fears
Pataki: Paul 'Putting Americans at Risk for Political Reasons'
Jeb Bush Says US Should Embed Some Troops With Iraqis for Training
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