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Updated June 2, 2015 - 11:12 PM EDT
Senate Passes 'Reformed' Patriot Act
  Poll: Americans Support Rand Paul's NSA Position
  Senate Republicans, White House Blast Rand Paul Over NSA
  Sunsetting of Patriot Act Will Not Draw Curtain on Mass Surveillance
  For the First Time Since 9/11, Congress Checks the Security State
ISIS Campaign as Unpopular as Last Iraq War
  The Iraqi Army Is Too Exhausted to Fight
  ISIS Suicide Bombers Kill 45 Police in Anbar Province
  Over 4,000 Killed in Iraq During May
  165 Killed Across Iraq; Yazidis Found in Mass Grave
ISIS Moves to Control Syrian-Turkish Border
  Reports: Kurdish Troops Burn Arab Villages in Northern Syria
  Rebels Call for US Airstrikes as ISIS Advances Near Aleppo
SecDef: Nothing Will Stop US Ops in S. China Sea
Saudis Pound Sanaa, Killing At Least 8 Civilians
Man Under Terrorism Surveillance Shot Dead in Boston
US Drone Strike Kills at Least Four in North Waziristan
Obama Tells Israeli TV: No Military Option to Stop Iran
Watering Israel's Image  by Paul R. Pillar
How the US Helped ISIS  by David Mizner
Army War College Recommends New Detente Over Ukraine  by John Batchelor
Salafists Gaining Ground  by Dan Sanchez
Hard Truths About Iraq  by Ivan Eland
Why Israel's Cabinet Will Be a Headache for the Us  by Jonathan Cook

More Viewpoints

TSA Failure: Investigators Able to Smuggle Weapons Past Airport Checks in 95 Percent of Tests
Requiring Surgery, Kerry Hopes for In-Person Role at Iran Talks Endgame
Americans and Turks Discuss ISIS Threat
African Countries Are Urged to Investigate Reports of Abuse by Peacekeepers
The War at Home
GOP Lawmaker: Civil Liberties 'Restored' as Patriot Act Expires
Frustration Mounts as Rand Paul Refuses to Accelerate Senate NSA Votes
US NSA Spy Program Ends, Could Impact Israeli Anti-Terror Efforts
Australian Spying Outpost Takes on More NSA Duties
Charges Against Edward Snowden Stand, Despite Telephone Surveillance Ban
The War at Home
Defense Hawk Lindsey Graham Vows More Intervention
FBI Looking Into Finances of Saginaw-Area Village
NORAD to Fly Jets Over DC, Test Intercept Operations on Wednesday Morning
Donald Trump Has a 'Very Beautiful' Plan to Defeat ISIS but He Can't Tell Anyone About It
Afghan Troops Abandon Counterinsurgency Patrols Taught by Coalition
Army Sergeant Accused of Taking Bribes in Afghanistan
Vietnam: Don't Tie US Weapons Sales to Human Rights Issues
Vietnam, US Discuss Land Reclamation in South China Sea
Island Building in South China Sea 'Justified,' Says Chinese Admiral
Indian Army Kills Four Militants After Sixteen-Hour Gun Battle
Migrant Boat Still Being Held Off Myanmar Coast: Government
UN Rights Office: Death Toll in Ukraine Conflict Tops 6,400
Fighting in Ukraine Eases, but Abuses Continue on Both Sides, UN Says
Three Ukrainian Serviceman Killed in Separatist East: Kiev Military
Georgia Ex-Leader Saakashvili Gives Up Citizenship for Ukraine
ISIS in Libya: Suicide Bomber Who Killed Six at Misrata Checkpoint Was Tunisian, Says Tripoli
Libyan Government Forces Lack Ammunition in Benghazi Battle Against Islamists
Libya Is Edging Closer to Economic Collapse as the Currency Dives
Egypt Says Uncovers Brotherhood Plot, Day Before Morsi Sentencing
Cairo Court Adjourns Al Jazeera Journalists' Trial
DR Congo
Congo Opposition Splits Threaten First Peaceful Power Transfer
165 Killed Across Iraq; Yazidis Found in Mass Grave
France: Iraq Airstrikes Must Be Backed by Political Accord
German Missiles Give Peshmerga Respite From ISIS Truck Bombs
Iraqis in ISIS-Controlled Mosul Brace for 'Beard Patrols'
ISIS Revamps Recruitment, With Savvy, Professional Broadcasts
At Least Four People Killed in Fire at Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon
Lebanon Finalizes Swap Deal With Syrian al-Qaeda
ISIS Militants 'Filmed Torturing Syrian Boy'
Turkey's Erdogan Threatens Editor Over Syria Truck Pictures
UN Diplomat Pushes to Hold Yemen Talks, Arab Air Strikes Pound Houthis
Thousands of Tonnes of Yemen Food Aid Diverted by Fighting: UN Officials
Yemen's Houthis Still Hold Three US Citizens: Sanaa Official
One American Held in Yemen Released
Israel Says UN Grants Hamas-Linked Group NGO Status
Israeli Army: Situation on Northern Border 'Better Than Ever'
German FM in Gaza: Israel Must Ease Blockade, Hamas Must Work to End Rockets
Tax Increase in Gaza Weighs on Palestinians Already Barely Scraping By
US Embassy in Israel Hosts Online 'Garage Sale'
Israel, Hamas Deny German FM Mediating Talks on Prisoner Swap
Netanyahu vs. Lieberman in Rightist Rivalry
Palestinian PM: We've Experienced Direct Talks, and They Were a Failure
Adelson to Host Secret Anti-BDS Fundraiser, Strategy Summit
Israeli Soldier Sentenced to Military Jail for Eating Non-Kosher Sandwich
Russia 'Disappointed' With Europe's Reaction to Travel Blacklist
Former Top Hungarian Communist Faces New Trial Over Role in 1956 Reprisals
New York Cosmos to Play in Cuba as Part of 'Soccer Diplomacy'
Colombia's Ex-Intelligence Chief on Trial Over Murder of Presidential Contender
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