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Updated June 3, 2015 - 8:39 PM EDT
Senate Passes 'Reformed' Patriot Act
  Rand Paul's New Crusade: The Secret 9/11 Docs
  Judge Probes Evidence Destruction in NSA Leak Prosecution
US to Escalate Military Involvement in ISIS War
  US Claims They're Winning ISIS War
  ISIS Closes Ramadi Dam Gates, Cutting Water to Govt-Held Territory
  456 Reported Killed Across Iraq as Coalition Partners Meet in Paris
US Confirms Talks With Yemen's Houthi Rebels
  Airstrikes in Yemen Kill Allies of Saudi-Led Coalition, Witnesses Say
  Sunni Tribesmen Kill 20 Houthis in Central Yemen
Obama: Sanctions Against Iran Can't Last Forever
Hezbollah Denies Israel Attacked Site Near Syria Border
Man Under Surveillance by Terror Cops Shot Dead in Boston
Keep Your Eye on the Camel  by Philip Giraldi
Okinawans Want Their Land Back, Is That So Hard To Understand?  by Jon Letman
If Syria and Iraq Become Fractured, So Will North Lebanon  by Alastair Crooke
The Myth of the Interventionist Revival  by Justin Raimondo
How Mitch McConnell Proved Rand Paul Right  by Amy Davidson
The Risk of Over-Thanking Our Veterans  by Ken Harbaugh

More Viewpoints

Senate Roll-Call Vote on 'Reformed' Patriot Act Renewal
Boston Marathon Case: Officer Likely Shot Cop
FIFA President Sepp Blatter to Resign
Bret Stephens on Jews, Israel, and Withdrawal
New Allegations of CIA Torture Lodged by Guantanamo Detainee
456 Reported Killed Across Iraq as Coalition Partners Meet in Paris
Car Bomb Near Restaurant Kills 6 People in Iraqi Capital
The Iraqi Army Is Too Exhausted to Fight
FM: Australia Could Send More Troops to Iraq
Rebel Advances in Syria Leave Israel Contemplating Life Without Assad
Time to Negotiate With Israel, Says Hamas Journalist
Palestinian Authority Launches TV Station for Israeli Arabs
Deputy FM Orders Action Against IDF Whistle-Blowing Group
Obama: World Does Not Believe Israel Serious About Two-State Solution
Hamas Kills ISIS Supporter Despite 48-Hour Ultimatum Given by ISIS Supporters' in Gaza
Palestinian Govt Condemns Hamas for Killing Islamist Rival in Gaza
Palestinian NGO Denies Hamas Ties, Threatens Israel With Lawsuit
Israel Probes Purchase of West Bank Church by American and Settler Ally
Erekat: PA to Dissolve if No Deal With Israel by End of Year
Only 7.7 Percent of Israeli Judges Are Arab, New Study Finds
Dutch Government Warns Travelers: Beware of Stone-Throwing Jewish Settlers
Families of US Citizens Held in Iran Feel Urgency of Nuclear Talks' Deadline
Russian Firm to Supply Iran S-300 Missile System Once Deal Agreed
Turkish Volunteers Flock to Monitor Knife-Edge Election
Turkey's Erdogan Wants Editor Jailed for Espionage in Video Row: Newspaper
Bomb Blast Hits Market in Nigeria's Maiduguri, 50 Killed
Boko Haram Multinational Force Ready Soon: Niger President
Nigeria's Boko Haram Leader Fails to Appear in Video
Egypt Court Postpones Final Ruling on Morsi Death Sentence Until June 16
Sissi Heads to Germany, Seeking Western Support
Gunmen Attack Airport in Eastern Congo, Seven Dead
Sudan Swears in President Al-Bashir as He Shifts Alliances
'No Military Solution' to Libya Conflict: UN
Somalia's Al-Shabab Enters Kenyan Village Near Military Base
Battleground 2016
Rand Paul's Stands Begin Attracting Ron Paul's Supporters
Mitch McConnell Won't Say if President Paul Would Make Country Safer
The Cash Donations Hillary Simply Has No Answer For
The War at Home
Senate Staff Disputes Ex-CIA Official's Defense of Torture
Apple's Tim Cook Delivers Blistering Speech on Encryption, Privacy
Hamptons Police Acquire Surplus Submarine
US Senators Call for Mandatory Reporting of Police Killings
TSA Acting Head Reassigned Following Airport Security Penetrations
Friend of Boston Marathon Bomber Jailed for Six Years
US Military
Pentagon May Have Received Shipment of Live Anthrax
Pentagon's Anthrax Scandal Spreads to Canada
The Warrior Class: 9/11 Turned National Guard Into Repeat Combat Troops
'Iron Man' Suit Lives on in Dreams of Special Operations Commanders
War Casualties in Afghanistan, Pakistan Total 149,000, New Study Says
Militants Kill Nine Afghan Aid Workers in Night-Time Attack
Leader in Afghan North Dismisses Kabul Government as a 'Show'
Vietnam Receives Russian-Design Missile Boats Amid Maritime Tension
Taiwan, Philippines Coastguards in Brief Standoff Despite Work on Pact
Senior Thai Military Official Wanted for Migrant Trafficking
Five More Victims' Remains Found at Nepal Crash Site of US Helicopter
Rohingya Huddled in Bangladesh Camps Fear Plan to Move Them On
Activists Outraged as Myanmar Jails Writer for Buddhist Insults
Russian Missile Maker: MH17 Shot Down by Ukrainian Missile
Sink or Sell? Russia Spat Leaves France With Warships to Spare
British Tank Crushes Learner Driver's Car in Germany
Snowden Awarded Freedom of Expression Prize in Norway
Mexico Candidate Slain; 1,000s of Ballots Burned in Attack
Colombia Struggles to Restore Power to Port Hit by Rebels
2 Found Guilty of Placing Bombs on Canada Day 2013
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