A new CNN/ORC poll shows the majority of Americans – fifty-five percent – oppose sending US troops back to Iraq. A Rasmussen poll is even more encouraging: support for sending in the troops has dipped from 52% in February to 35% today.

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Updated June 5, 2015 - 11:28 PM EDT
US Drones Attack Afghan Funeral, Killing 34
Iraqi Sunni Tribes Announce Backing for ISIS
  Kurds Halt Shipments as Iraq Oil Deal in Growing Doubt
  Airstrike Toll Revised; 309 Killed Across Iraq
ISIS Fighters in Fierce Battle for Key Syrian City
  ISIS Command of Social Media Called Unprecedented
58 Killed, Mostly Civilians, as Saudis Pound Yemen
  ISIS Strikes on Shi'ites Fuel Sectarian Tensions in Saudi Arabia
NSA Secretly Expanded Internet Spying
  Edward Snowden Anniversary: The World Says No to Surveillance
  Leaked TISA Documents Reveal Privacy Threat
Senators Votes to End Military Paying NFL to Honor Troops
Israeli Military Sees 'Security Benefits' in Iran Nuclear Deal
Facing Major Data Breach, US Tries to Blame China
Demands in US-Iran Nuclear Talks as Political Kabuki Theater  by Gareth Porter
Knowing What We Don’t Know About War  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Child Veterans of South Sudan  by Nick Turse
Ukraine’s Tragicomedy  by Justin Raimondo
Is ISIS Coming to Damascus?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Has GOP Learned Anything From the Iraq Debacle?  by Gene Healy

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Study: Saudis View Iran, Not Israel, As Their Top Enemy
In Very Rare Public Meet, Israeli, Saudi Officials Name Iran as Common Foe
Pelosi Blames Petraeus for Setbacks in ISIS Fight
House Could Be Forced to Debate War Against ISIS
Quietly, al-Qaeda Offshoots Expand in Yemen and Syria
Airstrike Toll Revised; 309 Killed Across Iraq
US Shoots Itself in the Foot by Accidentally Arming ISIS
Obama to Meet With Iraqi Prime Minister to Discuss ISIS' Advance
UN Appeals for $497 Million of Humanitarian Aid for Iraq
Multiple Airstrikes in Gaza After Two Rockets Launched Into Israel
Israeli Army Chief of Staff Plans to Curtail Powers of IDF Rabbinate
Human Rights Watch Asks UN to Put Israel on Child Rights Violators List
French Telecom Giant's Plan to Pull Out of Israel Boosts Boycott Movement, Draws Sharp Netanyahu Rebuke
Sparing Soldier Over Ham Sandwich Is a Slippery Slope, Says Israeli DM
Russia Not an Immediate Threat to NATO States, NATO Secretary-General Says
1 Russian Military Jet Lost in Crash, Another Damaged
Bomb at Market in Northeastern Nigeria Kills Around 30: Eyewitnesses
Suicide Car Bomber in Nigeria Kills 8 Soldiers Near Barracks
ISIS in Libya: Militants Kill Two Eritrean Migrants
Kenya Charges Five Over Al-Shabab's Garissa Massacre
Colombia, FARC Rebels Agree to Form Truth Commission
Colombia Approves Femicide Law to Tackle Violence Against Women
Australia Slaps Sanctions on Alleged ISIS Recruiter, Seizes Funds
House Panel Blocks Funds for US Embassy in Cuba
Murders Blight Mexico Elections as Government Fails on Security
Iran Sends 15,000 Fighters to Syria
Pentagon Fires Second Propaganda Salvo in Syria
More Than 3,000 Cross to Turkey as Kurds Battle ISIS in Syria
One Dead in Attack on Kurdish Party Campaign Bus in Turkey
Police, Protesters Clash Near Pro-Kurdish Party Rally in Eastern Turkey
In Turkish Border Region, Syria Policy Dents Ruling Party Support
Turkey's Election a Referendum on Erdogan
Divided Loyalties as Kurds Hold Key to Turkish Election
In ISIS, the Taliban Face an Insurgent Threat of Their Own
Kabul on Edge After Spike in Deadly Attacks
Suicide Bombing in Southern Afghanistan Kills 4 People
Pakistan Rules Out Sharing Nukes With Saudis, Anyone Else
Pakistan's Pace of Executions Alarms Rights Groups
India Ambush: Manipur Rebels 'Kill at Least 20 Soldiers'
US Defense Secretary Visits India to Build Military Ties
US to Provide India Help to Develop Aircraft Carrier Fleet
US Says North Korea Satellite Launch Would Violate UN Resolutions
Myanmar Army Releases 51 Child Soldiers: UN
Vietnam Launches Special 'Sovereignty' Cruise, Likely to Irk China
The War at Home
Pamela Geller Calls Allegedly Being Targeted for Beheading by Terror Suspect 'Chilling'
Boston Chief: Suspect's Targeting of Blogger Was 'Wishful Thinking'
Released From Prison, Anti-Nuclear Activist Nun Megan Rice Speaks Out
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