A new CNN/ORC poll shows the majority of Americans – fifty-five percent – oppose sending US troops back to Iraq. A Rasmussen poll is even more encouraging: support for sending in the troops has dipped from 52% in February to 35% today.

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Updated June 6, 2015 - 11:14 PM EDT
US Drones Attack Afghan Funeral, Killing 34
  Afghan Pro-Government Militias Running Amok
Pentagon Starts Massive Arms Deliveries to Iraq
  Iraqi Attempt to Retake Ramadi Stalls Well Outside of City
  ISIS Continues to Advance on NE Syria City of Hasakeh
Yemen Rebels, Govt Agree to UN Peace Talks
  Four Saudi Troops, Dozens of Yemenis Killed in Border Clash
After 'Hack,' Feds Want More Collection Power
  China Denies Role in Recent Government Security Hack
  Paul Offers NDAA Amendment to Drive Release of 28 Pages
  FBI Infiltrates Defense Team, Causes New Delay in 9/11 Trial
New Claims Of Arms Deals For World Cup Votes
Hamas to Israel: ISIS Trying to Spark Fighting Between Us
Senator Aims to Lift Restrictions on Pentagon Arming Police
More Distortions on Iran from the Times  by Derek Davison
Ask Bush Why the Iraqi Military Won't Fight  by Ilana Mercer
The NSA’s Technotyranny: One Nation Under Surveillance  by John W. Whitehead
The World Says No to Surveillance  by Edward Snowden
How the Times Has Turned Truth in Ukraine on Its Head  by Patrick L. Smith
The Real Nakba
 by Uri Avnery

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Dad Who Lost Son in Afghanistan Confronts Sen. Tom Cotton
Congress Tries to Hide a $90 Billion Submarine
Why the TSA Catches Your Water Bottle, but Guns and Bombs Get Through
Ex-Pentagon Official: Obama Isn't Bluffing About Defense Bill Veto
NSA vs. Americans
Edward Snowden's Whistleblowing Predecessors: 'Even Your Natural Allies Don't Want to Touch You'
Chafee, Running for President, Calls for Snowden to Be Allowed Home
Very Mention of Snowden's Name Makes Prosecutors Tremble
Microsoft Gives Details About Its Controversial Disk Encryption
The War at Home
Bowe Bergdahl's Lawyers Want Top Army General Off His Desertion Case, Citing Politics
Leader of Army's Elite Raid Force Reprimanded
Texan Receives Prison Sentence for Trying to Aid ISIS
Air Force Takes Step Toward Standardizing Treatment of Transgender Troops
Two Friends of Boston Bomber Sentenced for Hampering Probe
Bangladesh and India to Swap 18th-Century Border Enclaves
Bangladeshi Author Leaves India After Islamists' Threats
8 of 10 Tried in Shooting of Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai Freed, Not Convicted
Eight Militants Killed in North Waziristan Air Assault
Pakistan Hikes Defense Budget by 11%
China Tightens Communist Party Leadership at State Firms
Nepal Says Civilians Were on Crashed US Copter, Toll Now 13
86 Eritrean Migrants 'Kidnapped by ISIS' in Libya
Death Toll in Boko Haram Bombing in Nigeria Rises to 45
Tuareg-Led Rebel Coalition in Mali Agrees to Sign Peace Accord
Gambia Expels US-Sanctioned Lebanese Tycoon
Egyptian Qaeda Militant Once Jailed for Sadat Assassination Dies: Sources
West, Russia Trade Accusations at UN Over New Ukraine Violence
UN Security Council Urges Restraint in Ukraine
Russia Left in Summit Cold for Second Year Running
Weekend Edition
A CIA Guide to Assassination
Joshua Oppenheimer Explores Aftermath of Killing in New Documentary
'Zero Dark Thirty' Was Filled With CIA Lies
UN Report Cites Israel Crimes Against Children, No Consensus on Listing
Declassified Documents Reveal Israel Feared Egyptian Attack on Dimona Nuclear Reactor
Israel's Funding Policy on Christian Schools Spurs Controversy
Saudi General Tells Israeli TV of Peace Hopes
Sheldon Adelson Looks to Stamp Out Growing US Movement to Boycott Israel
Israel Doubles Water Supplies to Gaza
Tariq Aziz Dies in Prison; 18 Killed Across Iraq
ISIS Turning US Humvees Into Iraq's Nightmare
UN Council Condemns Attacks on Syria Civilians, Barrel Bombs
ISIS Slaughter in the Sacred Syrian City of Palmyra: the Survivors' Stories
4 Killed, 184 Injured in Blasts Prior to Turkey Party Rally
Axe-Wielding Police Officers Round Up Dozens of Kurds Ahead of Parliamentary Poll
Turkey's Kurds Find Themselves on Threshold of Unprecedented Power
Turkey Detains French Former Jihadi Bride Returning From Syria
With Sunday's Election in Turkey, Erdogan Hopes to Expand His Autocratic Rule
China Urges No New Demands at Iran Nuclear Talks
Iran Looks to Replace Russian Oil and Gas in Europe
Iran and Saudi Arabia on a Collision Course Over Oil at OPEC
Middle East
Foreign Fighters Come Home to Roost in Jordan
Yemen President Sacks Saleh Nephew as Military Attache
Mexican Elections Marred by Pre-Balloting Violence
In Foul Mood, Mexican Voters Ponder How to Send Message in Sunday Elections
Red Cross Defends Haiti Aid Work Amid Expose It Only Built Six Houses
Mexico and Canada Seek $3bn in US Sanctions Over Meat
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