A new CNN/ORC poll shows the majority of Americans – fifty-five percent – oppose sending US troops back to Iraq. A Rasmussen poll is even more encouraging: support for sending in the troops has dipped from 52% in February to 35% today.

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Updated June 7, 2015 - 11:17 PM EDT
Secret History of US Kill Missions in Afghanistan
  US Drones Attack Afghan Funeral, Killing 34
  Afghan Pro-Government Militias Running Amok
Scud Missile Fired at Saudis as 38 Yemenis Killed
  Saudi Naval Blockade Leaves 20 Million Yemenis Facing Disaster
  Israel's Clandestine Alliance With Gulf Arab States Is Going Public
  Germany Bought Saudi Support in 2006 World Cup With RPGs
US Nearly Fired on Friendly Iraq Forces 100 Times
  Fierce Fighting Rages Near Airbase in Iraq's Anbar
  Bombers Attack Diyala Market; 206 Killed Across Iraq
Libyan Gains Offer ISIS a Base for New Attacks
Haiti and the 'Black Hole' of Accountability for Int'l Aid
CIA Director Admits US Foreign Policy Could Spur Terrorism
More Distortions on Iran from the Times  by Derek Davison
Ask Bush Why the Iraqi Military Won't Fight  by Ilana Mercer
The NSA’s Technotyranny: One Nation Under Surveillance  by John W. Whitehead
The World Says No to Surveillance  by Edward Snowden
How the Times Has Turned Truth in Ukraine on Its Head  by Patrick L. Smith
The Real Nakba
 by Uri Avnery

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What an NYPD Spy Copter Reveals About the FBI's Spy Planes
Egypt Court Cancels Hamas Listing as Terrorist Group
Marines Could Deploy to Havana Following Thaw
SWAT Team Blows Apart House in Pursuit of Shoplifter
Taliban Captures District in Northeast Afghanistan
Afghan Women Hold Historic Talks With the Taliban
Stop Backing Afghan Taliban, Kabul Warns Islamabad
Indian Army Says Kills Three Militants Along Border With Pakistan
Four Cops Killed in Quetta Attack
10 Injured in Pakistan Railway Track Blast
Pakistan: Forces Kill Three Militants in Mastung Operation
China Says US Calls for Tiananmen Accounting Are 'Unprovoked Accusations'
Fed Up With Failing Peace, Ukraine Rebels Eager to Fight
Putin Urges Western Pressure on Ukraine in Peace Effort
Japan Offers Ukraine Aid of $1.5 Billion
9 Police Reportedly Injured in Kiev Gay March Clash
Turkish Cypriot Leader Envisions Reunification 'Within Months'
Police Clash With Demonstrators at G7 Protest in Germany
Russia Begins Weeklong Naval Exercises With Egypt in Mediterranean
1 American Killed, 4 Wounded at Bulgarian Ordnance Plant
More Than 2,000 Migrants Rescued in Mediterranean on Saturday, Operations Ongoing
Weekend Edition
A CIA Guide to Assassination
Joshua Oppenheimer Explores Aftermath of Killing in New Documentary
'Zero Dark Thirty' Was Filled With CIA Lies
Bombers Attack Diyala Market; 206 Killed Across Iraq
Syrian Refugees Near Four Million Amid Intense Fighting
IMF Plans $833 Mn in Emergency Aid to Iraq
ISIS Is Using Chlorine as a Weapon, Australia's Foreign Minister Says
How Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Party Could Derail Erdogan Push for Power
Turkey Rally Explosions 'Caused by Homemade Bombs'
Kurds Mourn, Protest After Bombing at Turkish Election Rally
Fresh Crackdowns on Turkish Media Ahead of Parliamentary Elections
Turkey's Erdogan Cites Cockroaches as Reason for Move to New Palace
Libyan State Oil Company to Send Fuel to Western Region Opposing Tripoli
South Sudan Rebels Claim Control of Key Oilfields
Gambia Expels European Union's Top Diplomat; No Reason Stated
Mexico's Election Faces Disruption as Radical Teachers Burn Ballot Papers
Mexico Strengthens Security in Restive South Ahead of Sunday Vote
US Border Patrol Helicopter Hit by Gunfire Near Mexican Border
Colombian Anti-Kidnap Chief's Daughter Abducted
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No US Troops Were Reported Killed Last Week
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