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Updated June 11, 2015 - 10:50 PM EDT
House Rejects Effort to Force Vote on ISIS War
'Big War'?: Pitting Shia Muslims Against Sunni
  Sunni Alliances Trump Obama Terrorism Concerns in Syria
  Al-Qaeda 'Cut Off and Ripped Apart by ISIS'
US Troops to Set Up New Base Outside of Ramadi
  Obama Not Ruling Out Additional Escalation in ISIS War
  Iraqi Shi'ite Militias Accuse US of Deliberately Targeting Them
  Yazidi Militia Takes Revenge on Civilians; 268 Killed in Iraq
Israel Denies Cyber-Espionage Against Iran Talks
  Israeli Spy Virus Targeted Iran Nuke Talks
  As New Iran Talks Start, a Focus on the Details of the Final Pact
Crowdfunding a War: Ukraine the Latest, Not the First
22 Killed as al-Qaeda Linked Forces Attack ISIS in East Libya
43 Killed in Yemen Clashes as Parties Prepare for Talks
Dems Slam GOP Effort to Embed Cyber Bill in Military Budget
How Obama Went From Peace Candidate to War President  by Sherle Schwenninger
Choosing a Path in the World Ahead  by Peggy Noonan
How to Avoid World War Three  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Lies the Government Is Telling You  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Reviving the North Korea-Iran Axis?  by John Feffer
Socialism Is War and War Is Socialism  by Steven Horwitz

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US-Funded Afghan Police Prey on Those They're Paid to Protect
Sen. Cotton Thwarted in Push to Limit Obama's Nuclear Disarmament
Florida Imam Who Claimed to Be Covert Govt Operative Is Accused of Terrorism
The F-35 Just Catches on Fire Sometimes
The War at Home
Osama bin Laden's Porn Stash Will Remain Classified, CIA Says
Rubio Pushes Amendments in Bid to Modify State Department Operations
Suicide Bomber Attacks Tourist Site in Luxor, Four Egyptians Wounded
Egypt Said Working to Reconcile Divided Fatah, Hamas
Video Shows Egyptian ISIS-Linked Group Executing Accused 'Mossad Spy'
Suspected Islamist Militants Attack Police Base in Southern Mali
Attacks on Peacekeepers, Civilians in Darfur Increasing: UN
Afghanistan Attack: US Woman Killed in Attack on Bagram Airfield
China 'Astonished' at US Criticism on Nonproliferation
Indonesian President Breaks Tradition in Picking New Military Chief
BBC Could Be Forced by Law to Cover EU Referendum Impartially
Vladimir Putin, on Visit to Italy, Criticizes Ukraine Sanctions
Vatican to Share Tax Information With US
Spain: Fatal A400m Crash Linked to Data-Wipe Mistake
Azerbaijan Blocks Amnesty Visit Ahead of European Games
Bombing of Colombian Pipeline by Insurgents Causes 'Environmental Tragedy,' Ecopetrol Says
Middle East
Saudi Arabia, Iraq Push OPEC Over Its Ceiling
Bahrain Summons Iraqi Ambassador
Yazidi Militia Takes Revenge on Civilians; 268 Killed in Iraq
Obama Sees Iraq's Military Not Up to Fight
ISIS Celebrates Anniversary of Mosul's Fall
What Has Happened Since the Fall of Mosul?
In Baghdad, 70 Percent of Christian Homes Were Seized During Iraq War, City Official Claims
Iran Denies Deploying Troops in Syria
American Fighting With Kurds Killed in ISIS Battle
Most US Jews Support Iran Nuclear Deal, J Street Poll Finds
Western Investors Eye Iran's Tech Sector Ahead of Final Nuclear Deal
Backed Into Corner, Turkey's Erdogan Shows Hints of Compromise
Kurds Have Bigger Prize in Mind After Political Gains in Turkey
Turkey Sends Message to Local Hamas Operatives to Cut Back on Anti-Israel Terror
It's Time for Israel to Talk to Hamas, Says Former Mossad Head
NGO Accuses Israel of Systematic Abuse of Palestinian Kids
Soldiers Expel 200 Palestinians From Pool to Allow Settlers to Bathe
Israeli President Says Syrian Druze Under Threat
Israel Bars Shot Palestinian From Treatment in Jerusalem
Israeli NGOs Feel the Heat From Netanyahu's New Government
Diplomats: EU Has Israel Sanctions Ready, and Uncle Sam May Not Be Able to Help
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