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Updated June 13, 2015 - 10:21 PM EDT
Obama's Legal Rationale for ISIS War 'Very Thin'
  Army Chief Denies 'Mission Creep' in Iraq
  Tensions Rise Between Kurdish and Shi'ite Forces in Iraq
  Iraqi Shi'ite Militias Say US 'Help' Is Unwelcome in ISIS Fights
US 'Concerned' by Kurds in Syria Expelling Arabs
  Are There Any 'Moderate' Rebel Groups Left in Syria?
  Secret CIA Effort in Syria Faces Large Funding Cut
CIA Releases Newly-Declassified 9/11 Docs
  Documents Show Bitter CIA Dispute Over Pre-9/11 Performance
  Court Overturns Military Commission Ruling on Gitmo Detainee
Deadline in Jeopardy as Iran Talks 'Virtually Stalled'
Saudi Strikes Destroy World Heritage Site in Yemeni Capital
7 Killed, 30 Wounded Marching on ISIS HQ in Libya
Poland: US Stonewalling CIA Black Site Investigation
Daily Beast Mocks DIA Report on Creation of ISIS  by Brad Hoff
Abolish Special Ops Forces  by Sheldon Richman
If the FBI Has a Backdoor to Facebook or Apple Encryption, We Are Less Safe  by Trevor Timm
The Saudi Finger-Pointing at Iran  by Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett
12 Reasons America Doesn't Win Its Wars  by Jon Basil Utley
America Is Sliding Into Open-Ended Conflict in Iraq  by Micah Zenko

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US-Cuba Deal Expected in Early July to Restore Ties, Reopen Embassies
US and Russian Navies Hold Talks on Avoiding Accidental Clash
State Dept Suspends Overseas Passport, Visa Issuance
Hyperinflation Leads the Number of Venezuelan Bitcoin Users to Double
ISIS Is Winning the Social Media War, US Concludes
The War at Home
House Passes 3 Amendments to Protect Civilians From Dangers of Arming and Training Foreign Forces
NSA Backdoor Searches Would End if House Amendment Survives
Officials: Second Hack Exposed Military and Intel Data
NORAD's Hidden Bunker Keeps the (Data) Snoops Out
US Teen Behind ISIS Tweets Faces 15 Years in Prison
Third Man Arrested in Connection to Alleged Pamela Geller Beheading Plot
Afghanistan Gets 'Mini-Pentagon' as Troops Struggle
Frustrated Donors End Funding for Afghan Parliamentary Elections
China Denies Its Missiles Being Used by Militants
Pentagon Again Asks China to End Island Building, Seeks More Military Contact
North Korea Accuses US of Targeting It With Anthrax
Pentagon Sent Live Anthrax to Japan in 2005
Burma's Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Government Says Muslims Can't Leave
Armed Group Storms Tunisian Consulate in Libyan Capital, Kidnap 10 Staff
Suspected Boko Haram Gunmen Kill 37 Near Northeast Nigeria's Maiduguri
Boko Haram: Five African States Agree to Form Coalition to Battle Islamist Group
Somali Islamists Target African Union Military Convoy in Attack
Al-Shabaab Threatens to Attack Kenya During Ramadaan
One Person Dies in Sudan Protest: Police
Weekend Reviews
Choosing a Path in the World Ahead
The Story of Bush and Blair's Great Lie
Six Facts From Sudden Justice, a New History of the Drone War
Devastation in Yemen: Historic District of Sanaa Before and After: in Pictures
UNESCO Condemns Ancient Houses' Destruction in Sanaa 'Strike'
Prospects Look Dim for Yemeni Peace Talks
Saudi Citizen at Mosque Killed in Cross-Border Shelling From Yemen
Kurds and Shi'ites Clash; 131 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq's Speaker Secures Aid in Visit to White House, Pentagon
Syria Retakes Airbase Following Rebel Advance
Syrian Druze Join Battle to Push Back Rebels in South
Tareq Aziz Body Not Missing; Stuck at Airport
Iran Says Concerned Over Cyber-Security of Nuclear Talks
Kerry Leaves Hospital, Fit to Fly for 'Critical' Iran Nuclear Deadline
Iranian Court Upholds Jail Term for Son of Ex-President Rafsanjani
Iran Seeks $100b to Rebuild Gas Industry as World Fixates on Its Oil
Gaza Salafi Group Claims Responsibility for Thursday Rocket Attack
Palestinian Family of Killed Children Angry as Israel Closes Inquiry
Shin Bet Says It Foiled Hamas Money Trail From Gaza to West Bank
A Gaza 'Tunnel Millionaire' Falls on Hard Times
Controversial Play Sparks Debate in Israel
Bahrain Convicts 57 Over 'Bombing Plot'
Canada Opens Door to Jailed Saudi Blogger Raif Badawi
Canada Arrests Somali for Alleged Role in Journalist Kidnap
Jailed Former Mayor Ends Hunger Strike in Venezuela
Attack by Colombian FARC Rebels Kills Two Police Officers, Civilian
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