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Updated June 14, 2015 - 11:27 PM EDT
'Ethnic Cleansing': Kurds Move on Syria ISIS Town
  Are There Any 'Moderate' Rebel Groups Left in Syria?
ISIS Attack Iraq Troops Near Baiji Refinery
  Obama's Legal Rationale for ISIS War 'Very Thin'
  In Iraq Debate, Military Brass Pushed for Less
Coalition Denies Bombing Sanaa Heritage Quarter
  Nine Dead in Air Raid on Area of Yemeni Ex-Leader's Relatives
Afghan Police Officers Die in Taliban Attack
Rouhani: Western 'Haggling' Delaying Nuke Talks
CIA Releases Newly-Declassified 9/11 Docs
Pentagon To Send Heavy Arms, Troops to Eastern Europe
Daily Beast Mocks DIA Report on Creation of ISIS  by Brad Hoff
Abolish Special Ops Forces  by Sheldon Richman
If the FBI Has a Backdoor to Facebook or Apple Encryption, We Are Less Safe  by Trevor Timm
The Saudi Finger-Pointing at Iran  by Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett
12 Reasons America Doesn't Win Its Wars  by Jon Basil Utley
America Is Sliding Into Open-Ended Conflict in Iraq  by Micah Zenko

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Cruz, Paul Push for Ban on Indefinite Detention of US Citizens
Clinton Lays Out Vision Aimed at FDR-Obama Coalition
US Sends Six Yemeni Prisoners From Guantanamo to Oman for Resettlement
Why Marines Have Failed to Adopt a New Sniper Rifle in the Past 14 Years
Facing 'Peacekeeper Babies,' UN Now Offers DNA Testing
Balochistan Govt to Make Refusal Against Polio Vaccine 'A Crime'
Fax Machines Gift of 'Friendly Country' Spied on Pakistan's Diplomatic Offices
Pakistan Military Targets Fighters in Northwest
Five Men Gunned Down in Quetta
US Urges Steps to Lower Tension Between Pakistan, India
Afghan Government Forces Eject Taliban From Contested District
Burning of Journalist Puts Focus on India's Lawless State
Germany Drops Probe That US Tapped Merkel's Phone
Bundestag President Lammert Urges Parliamentary Oversight in NSA Investigation
Six Ukrainian Servicemen Killed, 14 Wounded in Past 24 Hours
Ukraine, Russia Protest Over Attacks on Each Other's Diplomatic Missions
Thousands Protest in Macedonia Demanding PM's Resignation
Azerbaijan Free Speech Activist Flown Out by Swiss FM
14,000 South Sudanese Flee to Sudan in Two Weeks: UN
Mali Rebels Explain Peace Accord to Refugees in Mauritania
Boko Haram Victim: I'll Keep My Captor's Baby
Madagascar Court Throws Out Impeachment of President
Weekend Reviews
Choosing a Path in the World Ahead
The Story of Bush and Blair's Great Lie
Six Facts From Sudden Justice, a New History of the Drone War
Americans Still Dying
Alabama Woman Working for Defense Dept Killed in Afghanistan
58 Killed Across Iraq as Fighting Continues Between Kurds and Shi'ites
Brit, German Among Bombers in Deadly Iraq Attack
American Veterans of Iraq War Join Kurds Battling ISIS
Maliki Blames 'Conspiracies' for Iraq Losses
Source: First Group of 80 US Advisers Arrives in Anbar
Tareq Aziz, Voice of Saddam's Regime, Buried in Jordan
UK Chilcot Report Into the Iraq War 'Unlikely to Be Published for Another Year'
Nusra Front Says It Regrets Killing of Druze
Iran Brings Home Body of Top General Killed in Syria

Israel Thought to Be behind New Malware Found by Kaspersky

IDF Probes Beating of Unarmed Palestinian Man
US Trade Bills Seek to Halt Boycotts of Israel
Israel 'Exceeded Legal Standards' in Gaza Conflict, Military Group Tells UN
Middle East
Saudi-Led Air Strikes Hit Yemen Rebels
Iranian President Expects Sanctions to Lift Within Months of Deal
With His Wings Clipped, Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Neo-Ottoman Foreign Policy Could Be Over
Rival Libya Militants Fight ISIS Amid Suicide Bombings
Suicide Bomber Kills 3 in Libya's Derna: Residents
Egyptian Groups: Government Has Been Kidnapping Students, Activists
Egypt Opens Rafah Crossing Into Gaza in Sign of Easing Tensions
Egypt's New Suez Canal to Be Completed for Aug. 6 Ceremony
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