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Updated June 16, 2015 - 11:20 PM EDT
Syrian Kurds Seize Most of ISIS Border Town
  23 Civilians Killed as Rebels Shell Syria's Aleppo
Yemen al-Qaeda #2 Reportedly Killed by US Drone
  Yemen Demands Houthis Surrender as Saudis Continue Bombings
Growing Doubts US Strike Killed Islamist in Libya
  ISIS Massacre in Libya Casts Sectarian Shadow on a Village in Egypt
Pentagon NSA Leak Evidence Destruction Probed
  CIA Torture Appears to Have Broken Rule on Human Experimentation
US Steps Up Cyber-Security, Blaming China for Recent Hack
Russia Threatens Retaliatory Buildup Over US Deployments
Standing Up in the Spirit of America's First Whistleblower Benjamin Franklin!  by Coleen Rowley
Do the Russians Have a Perspective on G-7 Sanctions?  by Ivan Eland
US Terrorism List a Lesson in Hypocrisy  by DeWayne Wickham
Where Does ISIS Get Those Wonderful Toys?  by Dan Sanchez
Let Me Be Clear – Edward Snowden Is a Hero  by Shami Chakrabarti
Defense Reform Should Go Deep  by Matthew Fay & William D. Hartung

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IDF's Cyber Units 'Simulate Attack on Alien Threat'
CIA Director Denounced by Professors at His Alma Mater Over Torture Scandal
Ex-UK Boxing Champion Planned to Join ISIS
Senator Pushes for Ban on Ground Troops in War Against ISIS Before 2016
129 Killed in Iraq as Families Return to Tikrit
Seventeen Killed in Battles Near Iraq's Baiji Refinery
Sunnis Flee Baghdad for Sanctuary in Iraqi Kurdistan
British Teenager Among Four Suicide Bombers in Iraq
Syrian Army Draws Line in the Sand Near Damascus
Turkish Deputy PM Denounces Kurdish 'Cantons' in Syria
Three British Sisters Feared to Have Gone to Syria to Join Brother
Middle East
Kaspersky Says Iran Talks Spyware Masqueraded Under Foxconn Name
UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon Calls for Ramadan Halt to Yemen Fighting
Two Soldiers Killed as Ukraine Warns of Escalating Violence in East
France and Italy Argue Over Who Should Take in Migrants
Four Tunisian Police, Militant Killed in Clashes
Two Blasts in Northeast Nigeria's Potiskum Kill 10
The War at Home
McConnell: Dems Playing 'Game of Chicken' With Military
Virginia Teen Pleads Guilty to Giving ISIS Help on Bitcoin
Armed Civilian Was Shot Trying to Enter Arkansas Air Force Base, Military Says
Gaza Pullout Commander Says Settlers Will Return to the Strip
Deputy Health Minister: Force-Feeding Prisoners Undermines Rule of Law in Israel
Israel Accused of 'War Crime' Over Bulldozing of Palestinian Olive Groves
IDF Establishes New Cyber Branch
Israeli Group Threatens to Sue Coca-Cola Over Palestinian Subsidiary
Afghan Government, Taliban Invited to Forum in Norway
Ex-President Karzai Vows He Is Out of Afghanistan's Politics
Bomb Plot Arrests in Hong Kong Sign of Tension as Key Vote Nears
Pakistan Doctors Live in Fear After Spike in Deadly Attacks
India Tries to Assuage Myanmar After Cross-Border Raid Boasts
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Nuke Russia?

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Where Does ISIS Get Those Wonderful Toys?

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Do the Russians Have a Perspective on G-7 Sanctions?

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Knowing What We Don’t Know About War

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Not Quite Goodbye

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Questioning the Powerful

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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