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Updated June 17, 2015 - 11:20 PM EDT
House Rejects Pulling Troops From Iraq and Syria
Qaeda Leader Killed: Drones Don't Bring Stability
  Al-Qaeda Death Renews Debate: Do Targeted Killings Make a Difference?
  As Stress Drives Off Drone Operators, Air Force Must Cut Flights
ISIS Loss of Syria Town 'Biggest Setback' So Far
  Saddam's Former Army Is Secret of Baghdadi's Success
  13 Children Slain in Syrian Airstrike Against Rebel-Held South
  275 Killed Across Iraq; Ramadi Operations Stalled
US Arrests NYC Student for 'ISIS-Inspired' Plot
Taliban Tells ISIS: Stop 'Interfering' in Afghanistan
Houthis Hit Delegate's Home, Casting Shadow Over Talks
Senate Votes to Ban Torture Over Leadership's Opposition
NATO Slams Russia for Response to US Deployments
Iran Talks Likely to Miss Deadline Amid Disagreements
China Says Contentious Island Building Almost Completed
King John Might Envy President Obama  by Sheldon Richman
Israeli Military Kills Palestinian Kids, the UN Whitewashes It  by Brad Parker
Why Did It Take the Pentagon a Month to Figure Out Its Files Were Compromised?  by Conor Friedersdorf
Our Treasonous Foreign Policy  by Justin Raimondo
No Really, These Troops Are Just Here to Advise  by Peter Van Buren
America Hates Its Whistle-Blowers: The Tortured Legacy of Edward Snowden  by David Sirota

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FBI Investigating Cardinals for Hacking the Astros
FIFA Whistleblower Was US Informant Since 2011
Egypt Court Hands Morsi Death Sentence in Blow to Muslim Brotherhood
That Time the Middle East Exploded – and Nixon Was Drunk
UN Panel: Name Countries Whose Troops Commit Sexual Abuse
275 Killed Across Iraq; Ramadi Operations Stalled
One Iraqi Village's Antidote to Turmoil: Ban Political and Religious Debate
Offering Services, ISIS Digs in Deeper in Seized Territories
Iraq PM to Visit Iran for Talks on Anti-ISIS War
Tracing a 17-Year-Old's Path From Britain to an ISIS Suicide Attack
Israel Says Prepared for Possible Syrian Refugee Throngs on Golan
Turkey Tells US It Is Concerned for Turkmen, Arabs in Syria Border Town
Syria Red Crescent Boss Says Won't Give Up in Face of Colleague Deaths, Bloodshed
Kerry: Iran Doesn't Have to Account for Past Nuclear Weapons Research
Iran Nuclear Talks Face Impasse on Military Site Inspections
Iran Buries 175 Military Divers Killed in 1980s Iraq War
Abbas: Palestinian Unity Govt Will Resign in 24 Hours
White House Denies Report Obama Invited Netanyahu for Washington Meeting
Israel Eases Restrictions on Palestinians for Ramadan
Israeli Army to Discharge 100,000 Reservists, Slash Officer Corps
Israeli Tourism Still Sagging Under Weight of Gaza War
Former Israeli Ambassador to US Michael Oren: Obama Abandoned Israel
Middle East
Yemeni Parties Agree Need for Ceasefire, Not Yet on Details
Bahrain Opposition Leader Sheikh Ali Salman Jailed
Two Soldiers Killed in Separatist East as Fighting Spreads: Ukraine Military
Colombian Army Kills Two FARC Rebels
Marquitos: Colombian ELN Commander Killed by Army
The War at Home
Privacy Advocates Walk Out in Protest Over US Facial-Recognition Code of Conduct
Jeb Bush to Hannity: Torture Is Not 'Necessary'
Some of Clinton's Libya Emails Said to Be Withheld From Benghazi Committee
US Navy Plans to Fire Lasers From Carriers
US Soldier Missing From WWII Accounted For
Libyan Militants Appear to Deny Veteran Fighter Killed in US Strike
Three Kidnapped Tunisian Diplomats Freed in Libya
US Set to Provide $5 Million for Anti-Boko Haram Force
Somali Islamists Kill at Least Three Soldiers in Roadside Blast
Turkey's Erdogan Says Egypt's Morsi Death Sentence a 'Massacre of Law'
Leaders of India and Pakistan Make Gestures to Calm Tensions
Pakistan Army Chief Raheel Sharif Visits Russia for Military Talks
Indian Military Operation Along Myanmar Border Opens New Rift With Pakistan
MILF Rebels Hand Over Arms in the Philippines
Militants' Pipe Bomb Kills Filipino Soldier, Wounds 8 Others
China Steps Up Controls in Unruly Xinjiang as Ramadan Approaches
Vietnam Accuses China of Attacking Its Fishermen
Afghan Troops Must Improve to Avoid Stalemate With Taliban: Pentagon
Marine Arrested for Filling Japan Air Force Hangar With Foam
What's Behind Mexico's Military Buying Binge?
The Bloody Origins of the Dominican Republic's Ethnic 'Cleansing' of Haitians
US and Venezuela Praise Talks Aimed at Lowering Tension
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