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Updated June 22, 2015 - 11:21 PM EDT
Afghan Taliban Splinters as ISIS Makes Inroads
  Taliban Offensive Nears Major Northern Afghan City of Kunduz
  19 Civilians Killed in South Afghanistan Roadside Bombing
  Afghan Taliban Launches Hotline for Govt Employees Wishing to Defect
Saudi Airstrikes Kill 15, Including Civilians Across N. Yemen
Iran's Parliament Tries to Block Access to Non-Nuclear Sites
Germany Frees Detained Jazeera Journalist Sought by Egypt
Ukraine's Right Sector Demands End to Ceasefire With Rebels
Opposition To Spy State, First Step To 'Least Popular' in Washington  by John V. Walsh
The Imperative of Moral Arguments Against Torture  by Kelly Thomas
War, Murder, and the American Way  by Robert C. Koehler
Who Is a 'Terrorist’?
 by Justin Raimondo
Demilitarizing the Military  by Gregory D. Foster
The Odd American View of Negotiation  by Paul R. Pillar

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Key US Commander Leaves Middle East After Reprimand for Misconduct
Salafism on Rise in Europe, Stirring Concerns
UK Family: Police 'Complicit in Radicalizing Sisters'
Archive of Captured Enemy Documents Closes
5 Things We've Learned From the Saudi Arabia WikiLeaks Documents
Intense Shelling in Garma; 51 Killed in Iraq
WikiLeaks: Barzani Asked US Not to Give F-16s to Maliki
Baghdadi: The Enigmatic ISIS Jihadist Chief
Fears for Druze Village Surrounded by Syrian al-Qaeda
Monitor Claims That ISIS Planted Mines in Syria's Palmyra
One Dead in Suicide Bomb in Syria Kurdish City
With ISIS Smoking Ban, Iraqi Cigarette Smugglers Risk Life and Limb
France Says It Won't Propose UN Palestine Resolution if US Will Veto It
Israel's Netanyahu Takes Aim at French Peace Initiative
Lebanon: Israel Bombs Its Own Drone, Downed in Bekaa Valley
Eight-Year-Long Internal Split Worsens Living Condition in Gaza
Israel Foreign Ministry Removes Video Ridiculing Foreign Press From Website
Palestinian Shot After Stabbing Israeli Policeman in Jerusalem
High Court to Debate Demolition of Homes in West Bank Outpost
Israeli Arab MP Ghattas to Join Gaza-Bound Flotilla
Middle East
France Says Iran Deal 'Still Not Clear' as Deadline Nears
Saudi Cables Reveal How Saudi Arabia Saw Bahrain's February 14 Uprising
US-Based Turkish Journalist Faces Libel Probe Over Book on Obama, Erdogan
Stateless and Now Homeless: Despair on Haiti Border
Taliban Are Talking More, Though Not With Afghan Government
Afghan Forces Claim to Kill 120 Taliban Militants Over Two Weeks
Intra-Afghan Talks in Oslo May Serve as Gateway for Direct Dialogue With Taliban
ISIS Claims Car Bombing That Kills 2 in Yemen's Capital
Rebel Shelling Kills Three Civilians in Yemen's Aden
Saudi Accused Qatar of Stirring Up Trouble in Yemen
Yemen FM: Houthis in Geneva Were Like 'Ghosts'
North Korean Drought Is Hobbling the Power Supply, and the Economy With It
Philippines Steps Up Drills With US, Japan Forces Near South China Sea
Japan, South Korea Hold Talks Amid 'Comfort Women' Feud
Shabab Militants Attack Security Base in Somali Capital
Kenya Wages War on Smugglers Who Fund Somali Militants
Kenya Official Assassinated in Northeast: Police
Egypt Names Ambassador to Israel After Nearly 3 Years
Angola Arrests 13 Dissident Youths, Including Rapper
Three Killed as Clashes Grip Ukraine Ahead of Talks
Macedonia Government Is Blamed for Wiretapping Scandal
Fissures in EU Deepen From Strain of Migrant Influx and Greek Debt
Basques Form Human Chains Demanding Independence Vote
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