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Updated June 29, 2015 - 11:13 PM EDT
7 Wars in Muslim Countries Where ISIS Is Growing
Turkey Plans to Invade Syria to Fight Kurds
  Kurds Oust ISIS Forces From Kobani: Over 300 Civilians Killed
  ISIS Kills 40 Troops in Offensive Against West Syrian Village
  PM: Iraqi Troops Never Authorized to Withdraw From Ramadi
  192 Killed in Iraq; Mass Grave From 1991 Yielding Hundreds of Bodies
Officials: Iran Talks to Continue Past Deadline
  Iran Mulls Selling Excess Enriched Uranium
Israel Troops Capture Gaza Aid Ship, No Casualties
Car Bomb Attack Kills Egypt's Top Prosecutor
CIA Photos of 'Black Sites' Could Complicate Gitmo Trials
Pentagon Reforms Fuel Concerns of Weakening Oversight
The Obergefell Effect: Gay Marriage and US Foreign Policy  by Justin Raimondo
The Human Rights Crisis: A Problem Of Perception?  by Neve Gordon
High Cost of the Military Technical Revolution  by Chuck Spinney
'Hi, I'm Uncle Sam and I'm
a War-oholic'
 by William Astore
Blood, Leviathan, and Prosperity  by Stephen Davies
Max Blumenthal on War in the Gaza Strip's Past – and Its Future  by Elias Isquith

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How ISIS Almost Recruited Lonely Young US Woman
British PM Calls for Dealing With ISIS Threat at 'Source'
UK, Canadian, US Students May Have Left Sudan for ISIS
Ted Cruz Recalls How Father Tried to Join Castro's Army
Paul Wolfowitz and Scooter Libby Teaching Course on Iraq War 'Decision-Making'
Iranian-Americans Set Up Lobbying Arm to Counter Pro-Israel Groups
Once Unheard Of, US-Iran Talks Become the New Normal
Family Pleads for American's Release on Margins of Iran Talks
France's Fabius Says Three Conditions Still Not Met for Iran Deal
EU Foreign Policy Chief: Willpower Can Save Iran Talks
Iran Gas Exports to Iraq Delayed Again by Security Concerns
Unsolved Mystery: Possible Military Aspects of Iran's Atomic Past
Saudi Soldier Killed in Cross-Border Shelling From Yemen
Yemen Rebels Withdraw Some Forces From Southern Port of Aden
Kuwait Says Mosque Bomber Was Young Saudi Man, Detains Driver
Kuwait Conducts Mass Funeral as Police Question Suspects
Yair Lapid Slams 'Despicable' Gaza Flotilla as 'Gang of Terror Supporters'
Changing Policy, Hardliner Bennett Proposes Deal With Hamas
US Congress Writes Israel Boycott Opposition Into Trade Talk
Palestinian Hunger Striker to Be Released After 55-Day Strike
Israel Wants to Force-Feed Palestinian Prisoners Who Go on Hunger Strikes
US to Revive Mission to Solve Israel-Lebanon Maritime Dispute
Seeing Few Gaps, Upbeat New Zealand to Push for Israeli-Palestinian Talks
French Islamist Admits to Beheading Boss Before Attack
French Attack Suspect: Lone Wolf Islamist or Guy Who Flipped?
French Beheading Selfie 'Sent to Syria'
Armenia Says Soldiers Killed in Border Clash With Azerbaijan
Germany Approves Sensitive Gulf Arms Exports
Greece to Shut Banks, Stock Exchange on Monday as Crisis Deepens
Afghan Official: ISIS Group Present in at Least 3 Provinces
US Air Strikes Target Militants Near Border in East Afghanistan
Years After Invasion, the US Leaves a Cultural Imprint on Afghanistan
Afghan President Appoints a Second Female Governor
Air Strikes in Northwest Pakistan Kill 20 Militants: Officials
Gen. Dunford: Marines Need More Sea-Basing Options in the Pacific
China Says Changing Position on Sea Dispute Would Shame Ancestors
Vietnam Frees High-Profile Dissident Lawyer
Sri Lanka Leader Dissolves Parliament, Seeking Fresh Mandate for Reforms
192 Killed in Iraq; Mass Grave From 1991 Yielding Hundreds of Bodies
Iraq Announces Arrest of Senior Saddam-Era Official
Gunmen Kill Senior Iraqi Oil Official in Iraq's Kirkuk
Bomb Blasts in Iraqi Capital Leave 12 Dead, Dozens Wounded
ISIS Beheads 12 Rival Jihadists in Latest Execution Video
Three Killed in Mortar Attack on Damascus: Syrian State TV
Aljazeera Cameraman Killed in Syria
Syrians Forced to Survive on Handouts During Ramadan
Turkey Looking to Construct More Walls on Syrian Border: Officials
Turkish Police Use Water Cannon to Disperse Gay Pride Parade
Tunisia to Close 80 Mosques Following Terror Attack
Police Swarm the Streets as Tunisia Reels From Beach Massacre
Tunisia Hotel Attack: Authorities 'Sure' Killer Did Not Act Alone as They Search for Accomplices
Tunisia Pledges Tough Security Measures After Attack
Gunman Focused on Tourists in Slaughter at a Tunisian Beach Hotel
Tunisia's Torture Victims Hope for Justice at Hearings
British Tour Operators Evacuate Thousands of Tourists From Tunisia
'Tourism Is Dead in Tunisia': Sousse Massacre Sends Key Industry Reeling
Grenades, Voter Material Torched as Burundi Readies for Polls
Burundi Crisis Escalates as Opposition Boycotts Elections
UNHCR: Burundi Crisis Propels Refugee Exodus
In Tough El Príncipe, Joblessness Has Muslim Youth Vulnerable to Radicalization
Five Dead in Suicide Blast at Nigeria Leprosy Hospital
Islamist Gunmen Attack Western Mali Town, Six Dead
Somalia: Army Re-Takes Over AU Base From Al-Shabaab
A Search for Survival and Family Amid the Violence in South Sudan
Libyan Factions Sit at the Same Table in UN Peace Talks
11 Extremists Killed in Security Raids in Egypt's Sinai
Five Civilians and Three Soldiers Killed in DR Congo Rebel Raid
The War at Home
Jewish Think-Tank: Anti-Israel Activity on US Campuses Is Over-Hyped
B-52 Crews Drop PACAF's Last Vietnam-Era Bomb
Researchers: PTSD Is Factor in Troop, Vet Violence
Peru Nabs Shining Path Logistics Boss, Ends State of Emergency
UN Envoy Urges Restraint Amid Standoff in Colombia
Some Fear Departing Argentine President Has No Plans of Really Leaving
Dominican Republic Says 17,000 Haitians Return Voluntarily
Thousands March in Honduras to Demand Resignation of President
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