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Updated July 1, 2015 - 11:25 PM EDT
ISIS Attacks Egyptian Army in Sinai, 200 Dead
Cuba and US Agree to Open Embassies July 20
No Actual Threat, US Hypes Security for July 4th
  Media Unquestioningly Spread Predictions of ISIS July 4 Attacks
  UK General: We Must Lie on Twitter to Defeat ISIS
Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Until July 7
  Obama: I Might Walk Away From Iran Deal
  CNN Rattles Sabers as Iran Talks Move Into Key Stage
1,200 Escape Yemen Prison in al-Qaeda Attack
  ISIS Car Bomb Kills 28 in Yemen's Capital
US Moves Its Syrian Air Campaign to the West
  ISIS Retakes Part of Key Syrian Border Town From Kurds
ISIS Vows to Oust Hamas, Impose Sharia Law
  US Trade Bill Demands Europe End Efforts to Sanction Israel
Afghanistan Fighters 'Linked to ISIS in Syria'
FISA Court Reinstates Bulk Surveillance 'Temporarily'
Rocket Explosion Renews Debate on Russian Import Ban
Endless Wars in Middle East More About Money Than Threats  by Rep. John J. Duncan Jr.
US Intervention Will Make Middle Eastern Turmoil Worse  by Ivan Eland
Crime and Punishment in the ‘Free World’  by Justin Raimondo
Greece Pops the EU Bubble
by David Stockman

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Crunch Time
With Iran

by Philip Giraldi
Blumenthal's State Dept. Role Went Far Beyond Libya
F-35 No Match for F-16 in Tests
Center for Security Policy Compares Islamic Religion to the Plague
United Church of Christ to Divest Over Israeli Treatment of Palestinians
Japan's Diet Gets 1.65m Signatures Against Security Bills
Kurds and Shi'ites Unite to Fight; 98 Killed Across Iraq
Spying's Hard in Iraq, Even Harder in Syria
Air Force: Lost Predator Was Shot Down in Syria
ISIS 'Beheads Women for Sorcery' in Syria
Israel Says Syria's Assad May Be Left With Rump State
Khamenei Adviser: ISIS Warned About Iraq Shrines
Human Rights Watch: Saudi Strikes in Yemen Violated International Law
Rising Water Price Hits Yemenis, Shortage May Become Bigger Problem Than War, Experts Say
Millions of Children Face Disease, Malnutrition in War-Torn Yemen: UN
UN to Report Iran Reduced Uranium Stockpile to Required Level: Envoys
US 'Continuously' Briefing Israel From Iran Talks
Netanyahu's Clandestine Trip to Hospital Fuels Talk of Succession
US Embassy to Joint List MPs: Vote in Favor of Netanyahu's Gas Proposal
Israeli Dies From Wounds in West Bank Shooting
Israel's Cartoon Diplomacy Equates Iran and ISIS
Hamas Shuts Down Gaza's Sole Mobile Provider Amid Tax Dispute
Hidden Cameras, Invisibility Cloaks in Israeli Spy Expo
Middle East
Kuwait Says in 'State of War' With Militants, Warns of Other Cells
Erdogan and Turkey Move Toward Once-Unthinkable Grand Coalition
Ukraine Suspends Russian Gas Purchases in New Price Dispute
Russia Criticizes New Canadian Sanctions, Warns of Response
Spain: 'Gag Law' Greeted With Protests From Critics
Romania Parliament Approves New Spy Chief in Blow to Premier
Major Counter-Terrorism Exercise in London
In Turf War With Afghan Taliban, ISIS Gaining Ground
Suicide Truck Bomb Kills Two, Wounds 40 in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Battling Militants From 10 Countries: Ashraf Ghani
Former Afghan Soldier Who Fled US Training Granted Asylum: Lawyer
China Adopts New Law to Make Networks, Systems 'Controllable'
London Police Disowns 'Confessional Statement' by Pakistan MQM Leader Tariq Mir
Myanmar Students in Peaceful March to Protest Political Role of Military
India Bans Oil Trade With ISIS-Linked Organizations
Hong Kong Expects Large Pro-Democracy Rally as It Marks 1997 Handover
At Least 113 People Dead in Indonesian Military Plane Crash: Air Force
Blast in Egypt May Signal Deadly New Phase in Fight Against Militants
Three Killed in Car Bomb in Suburb West of Cairo: Sources
Egypt's Sisi Vows Tougher Laws After Prosecutor's Killing
Reporter Flees Egypt: 'No Time to Say Good-Bye'
21 Libya Soldiers Die This Week
Tunisia Hotel Gunman Trained in Libya Jihadist Camp: Government
Burundi Counts Votes as Thousands Flee Political Crisis
South Sudan Army 'Raped and Torched Girls'
Lesotho: MPs, Lawyers Boycott Parliament Over Killing of Ex-Army Chief
Mexico: Boy Shot in Head When Gunmen Fire on Military Convoy
A Year After Mexico Army Slayings, Calls for Justice Mount
Canadian Potato Farmers on the Hunt for Saboteurs: 'These Are Really Evil People'
US Senator on Visit to Venezuela Amid Diplomatic Detente
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's Flip-Flop on NSA Spying
Haiti Warns of Security Threat in Migration Crisis
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Justin Raimondo
Crime and Punishment in the ‘Free World’

Ivan Eland
US Intervention Will Only Make Middle Eastern Turmoil Worse

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Clean Break to Dirty Wars

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Topple the Cult of the Presidency

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Not Quite Goodbye

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Questioning the Powerful

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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