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Updated July 2, 2015 - 10:31 PM EDT
ISIS Attacks Egyptian Army in Sinai, 200 Dead
Cuba and US Agree to Open Embassies July 20
US: Reports of Progress in Iran Talks Premature
  IAEA Report: Iran Reduced Uranium Stockpile as Required in Deal
  Iran FM: Latest Talk Deadline Not Ours
Syrian Kurds Claim ISIS Thwarted in Tel Abyad
  Monitors: ISIS Less Visible in Raqqa as Fighting Surges Elsewhere
  Turkey Ratchets Up Rhetoric on Syria's Kurds, Sets 'Red Lines'
  4,777 Killed in Iraq During June
No Actual Threat, US Hypes Security for July 4th
  DC Navy Yard 'All Clear' After Lockdown, Report of Shooter
Hillary's Secret Wars in Libya and Syria
31 Killed as Houthis Fire on Aden Neighborhood
Russia's Gazprom Halts Ukraine Gas Over Lack of Payment
NSA's Google for the World's Private Communications
The Govt Thinks It's Cool Facebook Can Auto-Tag You in Pics  by Trevor Timm
Baskin's Generous Offer: Making Peace With Israeli Occupation  by Ramzy Baroud
Toss South Korea Off America's Defense Dole  by Doug Bandow
On the US 'Sensitivity' to Civilian Deaths  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Importance of the Iran Pivot  by Scott McConnell
Lincoln Chafee Is Right: 'Let's Bring Edward Snowden Home'  by John Nichols

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Jeb vs. the Neocons?
David Cameron Is Going to Try to Ban Encryption in Britain
Canadian Surveillance Agency Says Snowden Leaks Were Damaging, Because We Say So
In Emails, Hillary's Outside Advisers Pushed Hawkish Afghan Line
4,777 Killed in Iraq During June
Why Isn't US Tougher on Turkey's Hesitance to Fight ISIS
Syrian Rebels Filmed Shooting ISIS Militants
Lebanese Army Says Kills Five Militants at Syria Border
Short of Cash, UN Cuts Syria Refugees' Rations Again
Luton Family of 12 'May Have Gone to Syria'
Two 'Syria-Bound' UK Students Return to Sudan Medical School
To Many Ordinary Iranians, Nuclear Deal Means Money, Food. and Jobs
Iran Nuclear Talks Could Stall Over Access to Scientists and Sites
US Gives UN Agency Big Role in Iran Deal
Russia-US Ties Alive and Well at Iran Talks
Netanyahu: ISIS Is Near Our Border
Ya'alon: Humanitarian Aid Only for Syrians Who Don't Harm Druze
Israeli Citizen Gets 3 Years in Prison for Joining ISIS
Settlers: Israeli Military Needs to Do More for Us
US State Department: We Won't Protect Israeli Settlements Against Boycott
Shin Bet: 40 Palestinians Arrested in Crackdown on Hamas Infrastructure in West Bank
Bennett to Netanyahu: Cancel Ramadan Exemptions for Palestinians
Israel, Jordan May Open Dome of the Rock to Non-Muslims
Middle East
Manhunt Launched in Yemen for 1,200 Escaped Prisoners
Kuwait Arrests Two Police in Crackdown on Militants: Media
USS Essex Sailor Dies on Middle East Deployment
In Letter to Cuba's Castro, Obama Says US Is 'Encouraged'
On Cuban Embassy, Marco Rubio Restates Vow to Oppose Ambassador
US, Venezuela Launch Quiet Diplomacy to Ease Acrimony
The War at Home
Hillary Clinton's Emails Reveal Cherie Blair's Lobbying for Qatar's First Lady
Anti-Drone Protesters at Creech AFB Make Pleas for Peace to Judge
VA to Iraq War Vet: 'We're Not Accepting Any New Patients'
Chance of War With World Power 'Low but Growing,' Defense Dept. Says
Remains of 36 Marines Who Died in WWII Found in Central Pacific
Soldier Missing From Korean War Accounted For
NSA Targeted German Ministers Beyond Merkel
File Is Said to Confirm NSA Spied on Merkel
Germany Appoints Senior Judge to Inspect List of NSA Targets
Italian Police Arrest North Africa Cell and Five Suspected ISIS Supporters
Netherlands Buys 12 More Bushmasters
West and Russia Duel Over Whether Srebrenica Was a Genocide
Mass Killer Breivik Accuses Norway of Violating His Human Rights
Fighting Between Afghan, Pakistani Forces on Border Kills One
Afghan Army General Accused of Drug Trafficking
Pakistan: Four 'TTP Men' Killed Near Lahore
Thousands March for Hong Kong Democracy, but Crowds Down From Last Year
Former 'Comfort Women,' Leftists Protest Growing Philippines-Japan Military Ties
Bombers Attack Nigeria's Maiduguri While Vice President Visits Camps
UN Sanctions 6 Generals for Fueling South Sudan Conflict
Six Killed in Clashes in Burundi Capital Ahead of Poll Results
Chad Forces Arrest Boko Haram Leader, Hold 74 Others
Ivory Coast Reinforces Border Security After Mali Attacks
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