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Updated July 6, 2015 - 11:29 PM EDT
Obama Talks Escalation, 'Generational' Battle
US-Led Air Strikes Kill Civilians in Raqqa, Syria
  ISIS Executes 25 Syrian Troops on Video
  Syrian Troops, Hezbollah Attack Last Rebel City on Lebanon Border
  On Tense Syrian Border, Turks See Deployments a Mixed Blessing
Breakthrough Reported in Iran Talks
  Kerry: US Ready to Walk Away From Iran Talks
Celebrations in Athens as Greece Rejects Bailout
  Greece Has 3rd Highest Military Budget Ratio in NATO
Iraqi Jet Bombs Baghdad, Kills 12 People
  248 Killed Across Iraq as Battles Rage in Anbar
Saudi Strikes Kill 169, Mostly Civilians, in Yemen
Inquiry: GIs Showed 'Restraint' in Not Massacring Afghans
Egypt Offensive Kills Scores, Including Civilians, in N. Sinai
US Spin On Access to Iranian Sites Has Distorted the Issue  by Gareth Porter
While Saudi Arabia Goes to War Abroad, It’s Simmering at Home  by Giorgio Cafiero & Daniel Wagner
The Torture of Absolute Power  by Robert C. Koehler
Not Learning From Mideast Mistakes  by William R. Polk
Still Waiting for USS Liberty’s Truth  by Ray McGovern
On Blowing the Whistle in a War Zone  by Scott Beauchamp

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Bitcoin vs. the SEC
Congress Tries to Hide a Submarine
Ex-CIA Chief: Heightened Security 'The New Normal'
WikiLeaks: NSA's Brazilian Political, Financial Targets
Pirate Bay Founders: FBI Has Prenda Law Under Investigation
Spurned by the West, Georgians Look to Russia Despite Past Quarrels
Defense Minister Rejected as Taliban Battle Near Kabul
3 Dead, 13 Hurt After Bomb Blast at Checkpoint in Kandahar
Schoolgirls Hurt in Acid Attack in Herat
Afghan Leader Refuses to Be Drawn Into Lynching Sentences Row
McCain: US Must Reassess Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal
Hostage Crises
Seven Pakistani Troops Killed as Army Pushes to Finish Anti-Taliban Offensive
12 Militants Killed in North Waziristan Clash
Pakistani Military Says It Achieved Major Victory in Mountain Assault
Gunmen Kill 3 in Targeted Attack in Quetta
Militants and Soldier Are Killed in Kashmir Gun Battle, Indian Officials Say
China Lobbies Hard Ahead of Manila's South China Sea Arbitration Case
Egypt Foiled Extremist 'State' in Sinai, President Says
Egypt Marks 2nd Anniversary of Islamist Ouster With Mourning
Female Suicide Bomber Kills 12 in Nigeria Mosque
Suicide Bomber Kills Six at Church in Nigeria
Boko Haram Attack Caps Week of Bloodshed in Nigeria
Official: 10 Civilians Killed in 3 Car Bombs in Libya
Tunisia Imposes State of Emergency After Beach Attack
Burundi Rejects UN Mediator After Critical Report About Elections
French Soldier Charged With Burkina Faso Child Abuse
Russia Seen as Biggest Oil-Market Loser When Iran Comes Back
Russia Outraged by Poland's Removal of Soviet War Memorial
Putin Tells Obama He Wants Dialogue Based on Equality and Respect
Greek Finance Minister Accuses Creditors of 'Terrorism'
European Parliament President: Need to Urgently Discuss Humanitarian Aid for Greece
Landmine Kills Five Ukrainian Soldiers in Separatist East
Migrants Disrupt Tunnel Traffic Between France and UK
Mass Arrests in Dutch Riots After Police Custody Death
Trade With Cuba? We Already Do $300 Million Worth
Dominican Plan to Expel Haitians Tests Close Ties
248 Killed Across Iraq as Battles Rage in Anbar
Animosity Between Sunnis and Shiites Might Doom Iraq's ISIS Fight
Iraqi Jets Drop Leaflets Over Mosul Promising to Recapture City
Iraq Government Bombing on Fallujah Reached 190 Casualties During Ramadn, Says MP
ISIS Militants Abducted 111 Children From Mosul City, Says Kurdish Official
Iraq Govt: ISIS Commited Four Million Human Rights Violations in Iraq
MP Says US Wants Iraq to Fly Its F-16 Jets From Jordan
Iraqi Oil Minister: Iraq Exceeds Expectations for June Oil Sales
Syria Rebels Take Army Center in Aleppo: Activists
ISIS Attacks Power Plant in Hasaka, in Northeast Syria: Army
Air Strikes Target Syria ISIS Stronghold
With Its Army Ranks Halved, Syria Urges People to Enlist With New Campaign
Fears of Syria War Persist in Lebanese Border Village
14 Senate Democrats to Watch on Iran Nuclear Bargain
Why Iran's Supreme Leader Wants a Deal
Key Issue in Iran Nuclear Talks Could Be Resolved Within Months
Iran Wants to Double Oil Exports After Sanctions Lifted
Amid Iran Nuclear Talks, Non-Diplomats Compete for Attention
Germany Sees Progress in Iran Talks, Says Final Deal Requires Courage
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Policeman Killed in Raid, ISIS Flags Found
Saudi Says Wanted Militant Killed in Exchange of Fire
Pakistani Commentator Zaid Hamid Sentenced to Prison, Lashing in Saudi Arabia
What Is Life Like in the Gaza Strip, One Year After the War?
In War-Ravaged Gaza, the Same Old Story, Only Worse
Israeli Arab Given 3-Year Jail Term for Joining ISIS in Syria
Defense Ministry Won't Discuss Israeli Arms Sales to War-Torn South Sudan
Middle East
Yemen's Houthis Say Ramadan Humanitarian Pause Under Discussion
Hundreds March in Istanbul in Support of Uighurs
The War at Home
Navy Expands Paid Maternity Leave in Effort to Attract More Women
McCain Leads New Effort to End Paid NFL Military Tributes
Glacier Slowly Reveals Evidence of 1952 C-124 Crash
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