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Updated July 7, 2015 - 11:20 PM EDT
Obama Talks Escalation, 'Generational' Battle
US-Led Air Strikes Kill Civilians in Raqqa, Syria
  ISIS Retakes Key North Syrian Town From Kurdish Forces
  Al-Qaeda Kills 25 Syrian Troops in Aleppo Suicide Bombing
  Iraqi Warplane Accidentally Bombs Baghdad, Killing 12 Civilians
Saudi Strikes Kill 169, Mostly Civilians, in Yemen
  US Continues Support Despite Concern Over Saudi War Crimes
West Rejects Iran's Calls to End Arms Embargo
  Most Americans Back Iran Deal as Deadline Looms, New Poll Says
  Document Reveals Billionaires Behind United Against Nuclear Iran
Afghan Islamist Party Endorses ISIS in Fight Against Taliban
Docs: FBI, DEA, and US Army Buying Italian Spyware
For Normal Relations With Cuba, End US Interventionism  by Ron Paul
Civilian Victims in Yemen Will Be Ignored Because US and Its Allies Are Responsible  by Glenn Greenwald
Marco Rubio Invades the World  by A.J. Delgado
Flytrap to Breeding Ground  by Dan Sanchez
Let Greece Exit the Eurozone  by Ivan Eland
Chris Christie, Demagogue-In-Chief  by Scott McPherson

More Viewpoints

Chris Christie: Rand Paul Should Be Held Accountable if Attack Occurs
Care for Depression, Anxiety Helps War-Exposed Children
Snowden Plea Deal a Possibility, Says Eric Holder
Obama's Prison: Last-Ditch Push to Close Guantanamo
Hillary Clinton Approved of Honduras Coup
Think Bitcoin Is Dead? Here's Why It's Making a Comeback in Israel
Iraqi Jet Bombs Baghdad; 134 Killed Across Iraq
ISIS Target Iraq's Haditha Town With Vehicle Bombs
Iraqi Forces Plan Offensive to Retake Ramadi From ISIS
Obama: Assad Must Go for War to End
Pentagon Relying on Kurds in Syria Bombing Raids
ISIS Propaganda Video Shows Two Syrian Activists Being Executed
War Encircles Popular Summer Vacation Spot in Syria
As Iran Nuclear Deadline Nears, Analysts Ask if Better US Relations Will Follow
Awaiting Iran Deal, Nuclear Sleuths Gather Sophisticated Tools
Lapid Slams Netanyahu on Emergent Iran Deal
Six Negev Bedouin, Including Four Teachers, Arrested for Pro-ISIS Activity
Netanyahu Bars Mossad Head From Briefing Opposition Party on ISIS
Global Charity: Gaza's Children Emotionally Shattered a Year After War
Hamas, Fatah Exchange Threats After Wave of Arrests
Rivlin Calls to Rebuild Gaza as Long as Terror Attacks Stop
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
In Yemen Chaos, ISIS Grows to Rival al-Qaeda
Inside the Saudi Prison That's Home to New Wave of Jihadis
Venezuela's Maduro Says US Diplomatic Channel 'Working Well'
Venezuela Recalls Ambassador in Guyana Amid Border Dispute
Gunmen Attack Mexico Black Hawk, 6 Suspects Killed
The War at Home
Hillary Vows to Fight Boycott Israel Movement
Former International Criminal Court Judge: Dick Cheney Should Face Prosecution
Police: No Evidence of Gunshot at Walter Reed Hospital
Boston Marathon Bomber Files Motion Seeking New Trial
Greece, Deep in Crisis, Is Keen on 'Axis of Security' With Israel and Cyprus
Merkel, Hollande Call for Special Eurozone Summit Amidst Greece 'No'
Germany Sticks to Hard Line as Varoufakis of Greece Steps Aside
Armenian Protesters Call for Evening Rally After Police Remove Barricades
Hungary MPs Approve Border Fence and Anti-Migrant Law
China Says Xinjiang Has No 'Ethnic Problem' After Turkey Protests
China Stresses Nationalism in War Anniversary Propaganda Push
Pakistani Gunmen Kill Three in Attack Blamed on Islamist Groups
Thai Army Chief Says Won't Release 14 Student Critics of Coup
Sri Lanka Polls Timed Ahead of UN War Crimes Report to Foil War-Time President's Comeback
Egypt to Imprison Journalists Who Report 'False' Death Tolls
Shell Kills Two Children in Egypt's Sinai
Bombs at Mosque, Restaurant in Central Nigerian City Kill 44
Boko Haram Militants Kill More Than 200 People in a Week
Islamist Group Ansar Dine Claims Multiple Attacks in Mali
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