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Updated July 8, 2015 - 11:14 PM EDT
Pentagon Found Only 60 Syrian Rebels to Train
Iran Deal Closer as Main Obstacles Overcome
  Next 48 Hours Seen as Key to Iran Nuclear Talks
Botched Saudi Airstrike Kills 70 Yemeni Soldiers
  Famine Feared as Yemen Civilian Toll Tops 1,500
  Dozens Killed as Car Bombs Rock Yemen Cities
  Jihadis Likely Winners of Saudi Arabia's War on Yemen's Houthis
US Drone Strikes Kill 49 in Eastern Afghanistan
  Afghan Officials, Taliban Hold Peace Talks
FBI Invokes ISIS in Anti-Encryption Arguments
  Experts Oppose Govt Access to Encrypted Data
  Firm That Sold Spyware to the UAE Got License From State Dept
231 Killed in Iraq, Including Schoolchildren
Chechen Islamists Flock to Ukraine to Fight Against Rebels
Anonymous Issued Cryptic Tweet Before NYSE Suspension
Iranian Nuclear Deal Edges Closer as Main Obstacles Overcome  by Gareth Porter
US Still Won't Confirm Israeli Nukes  by Sam Husseini
4 Reasons Why Adelson Anti-BDS Campaign Will Backfire  by Jay Michaelson
Iran Deal Good for Regional Peace  by Akbar Ganji
Where Are They Now?  by Philip Giraldi
Overwhelming Expert Consensus Favors Agreement With Iran  by Joe Cirincione

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A Detailed Look at Hacking Team's Emails About Its Repressive Clients
New SWAT Documents Give Snapshot of Ugly Militarization of US Police
Abbas Sees Israeli Bedouin as 'Bridge to Peace'
US Army To Cut 40,000 Troops, 17,000 Civilian Employees
231 Killed in Iraq, Including Schoolchildren
Report: 45 ISIS Fighters Die After Eating 'Poisoned' Iftar Meal
Kurdish Forces Impose 1-Week Curfew in Northern Syria
Dozens of Families Flee Govt Strikes on Syria's Palmyra
Bomb-Making Parts Stolen From French Military Base
Greece Given Until Sunday to Make Debt Proposals at Full EU Summit
UN Srebrenica Vote Delayed in Bid to Avoid Russia Veto: Diplomats
Homegrown Jihadists With Libya Ties Target Tunisia's Democracy
President Obama Picks New Top Diplomat to Libya
Algeria Says 102 Islamists Killed, Captured or Repented
French Troops Kill AQIM's Ali Ag Wadossene in Mali
Two Suicide Bombers Kill Around 30 in Northern Nigeria
Al Shabaab Gunmen Kill 14 in Night Attack on Kenyan Workers
Pro-Ouattara Rebel Leaders Charged in Ivory Coast: Sources
The War at Home
DoJ: No Change in Stance on Snowden Despite Holder Remarks
Two Killed When F-16 Collides With Small Plane Over South Carolina
Think the Iran Nuclear Talks Are Taking Forever? Wait Until Congress Sees a Deal
US Official: Iran Will Face Arms, Missile Restrictions Under Nuclear Deal
US Officials Say Tried to Update Israel on Iran Talks Three Times
Oil Prices Are Poised to Fall Further as Iran Deal Looms
Clinton E-Mail Reignites Question Whether Obama Reneged on Bush Settlement Commitments
Reform Jews Cannot Be Called Jews, Says Israel's Religious Services Minister
Palestinian FM Claims France Drops Bid for UN Resolution to Kickstart Peace Talks
Family of Negev Teachers Charged With Spreading ISIS Dogma Reject Accusation
Interactive Map: Revisiting Gaza's 45km Desolation Road
Gaza Salafi Leader Seeks Reconciliation With Hamas
Afghanistan: Two Suicide Attacks Hit Kabul Hours Apart
Obama Meets With Vietnamese Leader, Says He Hopes to Visit the Country
South China Sea Dispute Between China, Philippines Heads to Court
Mexican Rights Agency Asks Army to Avoid Ambiguous Orders
US Raises Concern Over Detention of 100 Cuban Activists
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