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Updated July 12, 2015 - 9:38 PM EDT
Iran Talks Extended to Monday Amid Deal Reports
  Why Is Iran's Foreign Minister So Angry?
Panic in Fallujah as Militias Prepare to Attack
  Analysts Pan Trump's Call to 'Bomb the Hell Out Of' Iraqi Oilfields
Despite Ceasefire, Saudi Airstrikes Pound Yemen
  US Drone Strike Kills Ten in South Yemen
Spying on Internet More Invasive Than Metadata
  US Government's Reported Number of Wiretaps Don't Add Up
State Dept, Pentagon Split on Russia as 'Existential Threat'
FBI Director Cheers Twitter for Cooperation Against ISIS
US Says Afghan ISIS Planning Attacks Against NATO Troops
Official Homicide and Legal Rhetoric in Mr. Barron's Memo  by Joseph R. Stromberg
Thomas Friedman's Wish for War With Iran  by Sheldon Richman
FBI Wants to Force Weaker Encryption  by Trevor Timm
Got to Be Thwarting Something  by Adam Johnson
The Black Hole of Defense Spending  by Matt McCaffrey
No, the F-35 Can't Fight at Long Range, Either  by Joseph Trevithick

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Huckabee Creates New 'Daisy' Ad to Warn Against Iran Deal
Aussies First to Dump F-35 Program
How ISIS Attracts Young German Women
US Intercepts Russian Bombers Off Coast of Alaska
DoD Releases First Quarter 2015 Suicide Information
Ethiopia Police: 30 Armed People Killed on Eritrea Border
The War at Home
Judge Orders Pentagon to Get Guantanamo Force-Feeding Videos Ready for Release
US Torture Doctors Could Face Charges After Report Alleges Post-9/11 'Collusion'
'One of the Largest Human Experiments in History' Was Conducted on Unsuspecting Residents of San Francisco
Russia's Putin Upbeat on Ukraine Crisis Solution
Ukraine Leader Warns of 'Terror' Threat to Peaceful Cities
CIA, FBI Looking Into Forged Letter From Top Democrat on Ukraine
Gunman Kills 3 Postal Workers in Ukraine, Steals $115,000
Putin Calls for End to Use of Sanctions and Criticizes US in Afghanistan
Greece to Keep NATO Ties if It Exits Euro, Stoltenberg Says
Greece Debt Crisis: Greece Admits It Did Sign a Gas Pipeline Deal With Russia
Serb Police Ban Gatherings Marking Srebrenica Anniversary
US Judge: Croatian Woman Can Be Extradited to Bosnia on War Crime Charges
10 Years and $1b Later, Little Progress in Establishing Rule of Law in Afghanistan
ISIS Group Tentacles in Afghanistan Growing Concern: Putin
Ignoring Protests, Thailand Deports About 100 Uighurs Back to China
Chinese Authorities Appear to Detain 4 Human Rights Lawyers
Indian Prime Minister to Visit Pakistan Amid Hopes of Better Relations
Weekend Reviews
Ghost Fleet: Welcome to the World of Post-Snowden Techno-Thrillers
The 51-Day Genocide
Why 'Fallout' Is the Best Nuclear War Story Ever Told
Damning Account of Western Genocide in Iraq
Michael Oren's Problem With American Jews
Another Mass Execution Among Militants; 121 Killed Across Iraq
Hezbollah, Syrian Govt Clash With Rebels in Zabadani
Turkey Arrests 21 Suspected ISIS Members
Turkey Warns Next Wave of Syrian Refugees May End Up in Europe
Report Exposes Rampant Sexual Violence in Refugee Camps in Syria, Iraq
At War With ISIS, Iraq Is Pumping More Oil Than Ever Before
Russia's Putin Calls for Lifting All Sanctions Against Iran
Iranians Mark 'Al-Quds Day' With Massive Pro-Palestinian Rally
Defense Officials: Israel Won't Exchange Palestinian Prisoners for Missing Israelis
For Gazans, Fence With Israel Is a Leap Into the Unknown
Boko Haram Attacks Northern Nigeria Town: Military Sources
Talks With Boko Haram Reopened, Government Not Involved: Activist
Boko Haram Brutally Kills 5 Civilians in Niger
Tunisian Security Forces Kill Five Militants in Mountain Region
Tunisia Terror Threat: 'Disappointed' Britons Criticize Government as They Return Home
Al Shabab Attacks Hotel in Somali Capital, Six Civilians Killed: Police
Kenya Police Freed From Al-Shabab Captivity in Somalia
South Sudan
Red Cross: Deaths as Medics Flee South Sudan Hospital Over Violence
South Sudan Enemies Find Uneasy Refuge Together at a UN Base
Burundian Army Battles Gunmen Near Rwanda Border
Mortar Fire Kills Four Children, Woman in Egypt's Sinai
Unrest Threatens Detroit Tigers' Venezuelan Gold Mine
Venezuela to Ask UN to Mediate Guyana Border Dispute
Americans Still Dying
Funeral Held for Sailor (MI) Who Died Aboard USS Essex in Middle East
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