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Updated July 21, 2015 - 8:47 PM EDT
UN Security Council, EU Both Endorse Iran Deal
  Senators Slam UN for Voting to Approve Iran Deal
31 Killed in Turkey Blast Near Syria Border
  67 Killed as Hezbollah, al-Qaeda Clash on Syria-Lebanon Border
  Many Civilians Among 26 Killed in Airstrikes Against Syrian ISIS Town
  204 Killed Across Iraq; Large Stadium Demolished
Ten Afghan Troops Killed by US 'Friendly Fire'
  US Wasted $14.7 Million on Afghanistan Building It Never Used
The Making of a Republican Snowdenista
  NSA Spied on Germany to Help CIA Avoid Torture Scrutiny
Pro-Saudi Forces in Yemen Claim New Gains in Central Aden
Take It Down: US Support for Jim Crow Israel  by Dan Sanchez
How Three of the Iran Negotiations' Toughest Issues Were Resolved  by Gareth Porter
Preventive Wars: The Antithesis of Realpolitik  by Michael Lind
A Mideast Game of Thrones  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Lessons from Obama's War in Libya  by Ivan Eland
Walker and the Evils of Preventive War  by Daniel Larison

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Florida Parents Try to Ban Children's Books Set in Iraq and Afghanistan
To Print a Missile
Report: DHS Chief Used Personal Email on Work Computer Despite Risks
EU to Israel: Halt Forced Population Transfers
Muslim Cemetery Sparks Row in Texas Town
204 Killed Across Iraq; Large Stadium Demolished
Kidnaps and Arrests Following Deadly Bombing in Iraq
Turkish Police Fire Teargas at Demo Against Syria Border Attack
ISIS Strategies Include Lines of Succession and Deadly Ringtones
Iraq's Kurdish 'Sappers' Face ISIS Explosives Head-On
Iran's Jewish Community Leader Calls Netanyahu 'Narcissistic, Delusional'
Iranian General Criticizes UN Resolution on Nuclear Deal
Germany, Iran Signal Thawing of Ties After Nuclear Deal
American Who Was a Hostage in Iran Criticizes Nuclear Pact
Khirbet Susiya: Israeli Peace Activists to Stage 'Sleep-In' Protest in Palestinian Village to Save It From Demolition
Israeli Panel Recommends IDF Discharge Thousands of Soldiers, Shorten Compulsory Service
Israeli Court Allows Indefinite Detention Without Trial of Asylum Seekers
UN Approves Accreditation for Palestinian Return Center
Running of Israeli PM Netanyahu's Households Draws Criminal Inquiry
Middle East
ISIS in Yemen Claims Responsibility for Car Blast Outside Mosque
Saudi Outreach to Hamas Part of Wider Effort Against Iran
Obama Endorses Nigerian Leader's Agenda for Defeating Boko Haram
Eight Killed in Suicide Bomb on Edge of Nigeria's Damaturu City
Four Italians Kidnapped Near Eni Oil Complex in Libya
In Burundi, President's Push for Power Is Marked by Bloodshed
US Vows to Live as 'Good Neighbors' With Cuba
Cuba Flag Raised at Embassy in Washington, Marking End of 50-Year Rupture
Cuba Seeks End to US Embargo, Return of Guantanamo
US Has No Intention of Altering Guantanamo Base Lease: Kerry
Heartbreak and Happiness as US-Cuba Ties Are Restored
Cuban Embassy Opens in Washington but Important Issues Remain Unresolved
11 Dead, 5 Wounded After Ambush in Northern Mexico
Mexican Soldiers Suspected in Seven Disappearances
Colombia Celebrates FARC Rebel Ceasefire
Suspicion Falls on the Police After Dozens of Execution-Style Killings in Brazil
Kremlin Criticizes NATO Over Drills in Ukraine
Russia Makes Rival UN Move on MH17 Probe After Dismissing Tribunal Bid
Daughter of Ex-Russian PM, Defying Kremlin, Eyes Top Post in Key Ukraine Region
Sky-High Costs for Germany's Grounded Euro Hawk
Last Major Soviet Statues Come Down in Lithuanian Capital
China Airs 'Bomb Attack Confession' From Xinjiang Man
US Admiral Says His South China Sea Surveillance Flight 'Routine'
Privacy Fears Grow in Thailand Over Hacking Revelations
Thailand, Vietnam Uncooperative in Khmer Rouge Probe, Judge Says
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Lessons from Obama's War in Libya

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