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Updated July 28, 2015 - 11:20 PM EDT
US Confirms Pollard To Be Released in November
US, Turkey Eye 60-Mile 'Safe Zone' in N. Syria
  Turkey Vows to Strike Anyone Killing Civilians in 'Safe Zone'
Syrian Kurds Accuse Turkey of Attacking Them
  Kurdish Forces Seize North Syrian Town From ISIS
  Poll: Most Americans Oppose Compensating Israel for Iran Deal
Iran Halts Aid to Hamas Because of Saudi Links
  Israel's Media War Targets Journalists in Gaza, West Bank
FBI Defends 'Speedy Detentions' as Charges Unfounded
  A Terrorism Expert's Secret Relationship With the FBI
Clashes, Airstrikes Escalate After Yemen Ceasefire Fails
US Army Building Roads in Eastern Europe, Citing Russia
Do We Need To Bring Back Internment Camps?  by Ron Paul
Iran Nuclear Agreement Is Good, But Ratification Process Is Not  by Ivan Eland
Don't Just Close Bases at Home, Close Them Overseas  by David Vine
A Foreign Enemy is a Tyrant’s Best Friend  by Dan Sanchez
US Dangerously Approves Turkish Strikes on Kurds  by Patrick Cockburn
The Sources of Opposition to the Iran Agreement  by Paul R. Pillar

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Justice Dept Watchdog Complains He's Been Curbed
Just the Fax: Activists Go Analog to Fight Congress on Cybersecurity Bill
Top Officials From Anti-ISIS Coalition to Meet in Canada
Huckabee's 'Oven' Comment Draws Obama Ire
Something Is Happening in the Student Liberty Movement… and It's Big!
242 Killed in Iraq; Militants Execute Scores in Mosul
Turkey Enters War With ISIS in Iraq and Syria
Turkish Airstrikes 'Very Damaging' to Kurdish Peace Process
UN Closes Iraq Health Programs for Lack of Funding
Iraq Shi'ite Chief Sees No Change in Turkey Stance on ISIS
Iraq Football Pitch Blasts Kill Four: Security Sources
Turkey Detains Over 1,000 in Militant Crackdown, Including 50-60 Foreigners
Turkey's Military Offensive Sets Off Hashtag War
'Jihadi John' Reportedly on the Run From ISIS
Court to Rule on Gadhafi's Son in War-Torn Libya
Uneasy Calm Hides Turbulence in Tripoli
Libyan City Benghazi Plunges Into Darkness as Fighting Hits Power Plants
Ethiopia PM Says Agrees With US on Intensifying Fight Against Militancy
Obama Calls Ethiopian Government 'Democratically Elected'
Obama Says More Political Openness Would Strengthen Ethiopia
At Least 16 Killed in Boko Haram Raids on Lake Chad Villages
African Leaders Demand End to Sudan Sanctions
Obama: South Sudan Should Face Extra Pressure if It Misses August Peace Deadline
Search for Mexico's Missing Students Finds 129 Other Bodies
DEA in Disguise: Who Really Arrested El Chapo Back in 2014?
Bill to Boost Trade With Cuba Faces Long Odds, Despite Win
Colombia Starts to Unearth Mass Medellín Grave
Melbourne Man Charged With Allegedly Trying to Join Kurdish Fight Against ISIS
The War at Home
NSA Promises to Delete Old Records
Homeland Security Chief Goes Off 'Going Dark' Script, Says He Can See Plenty
A Crucial Realization About Journalism Is Learned by Being Its Subject
36 Unidentified Marines Killed in WWII Return Home After 70 Years
Palestinian Killed by Israeli Forces During West Bank Raid, Third Fatality in Past Week
Humiliation and Sloppy Security Checks at Israeli Military Checkpoints
Power Shifts Fuel Talk of Change in Palestinian Politics
IDF Probes Two Senior Officers Over Gaza School Shelling
Sinai's ISIS Offshoot Is Most Effective in Mideast, Senior IDF Official Says
Fatah Vows to Avenge Assassinated Official
Families of 500 Ethiopian-Israeli IDF Soldiers to Be Brought to Israel
Rouhani Mocks US Claim That All Options Are Still on the Table
Obama Says Yet to Hear Good Argument Against Iran Nuclear Deal
Former US Ambassadors to Israel Back Iran Deal
Senate Dems 'Positive' on Iran Deal
Netanyahu Dispatching Big Guns to US as Iran Deal Battle Heats Up
Saudi Arabia Accuses Iran of Making Threats to Neighbors
Middle East
Kerry Heads for Egypt and the Gulf to Discuss Iran Deal, ISIS
Oxfam: War in Yemen Has Pushed Six Million to Brink of Starvation
Jordan Rails Against Israel's 'Violation' on Temple Mount
Nine Killed in Day-Long Indian Gun Battle Near Pakistani Border
Gurdaspur Attack: Ten Killed in Indian Police Station Siege
Pakistan Says Data From Downed Drone Prove Spying by India
Gunmen Attack Afghan Wedding Party, Killing 21, Wounding Eight
Poised to Make History, a Judge in Afghanistan Hits a Familiar Wall
UK's Cameron: Measures to Counter ISIS Agreed With Indonesia
Envoy: US Would Show Flexibility in Nuclear Talks With North Korea
Philippine Leader Seeks Laws to End Rebellion, Dynasties
Landlocked Mongolia Worries China's Becoming Too Close
China Eyes New Cruise Link to Disputed South China Sea Islands
Swiss Army Makes Incursion Into France for Water for Cattle
Ukraine Tops List of Countries With the Worst Relations With Neighbors
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Iran Nuclear Agreement Is Good, But Ratification Process Is Not

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A Foreign Enemy is a Tyrant’s Best Friend

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How Srebrenica Tragedy Became Excuse for Atrocities Around the World

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