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Updated July 29, 2015 - 11:18 PM EDT
Afghanistan: Taliban Leader Omar Reported Dead
  Taliban Gains Mount Across Northern Afghanistan
US, Turkey Weigh Which Syrian Rebels to Support
  Syrian Military, Kurds Oust ISIS From Hasakeh
  Syria Kurds' Spending Plans Reflect Ambition
NATO Endorses Turkey's Strikes on ISIS
  Turkey: Peace With PKK Could 'Restart' if Kurds Disarm
Iraqi Militia Chief: US Not Serious About ISIS Fight
  Bombers Ignite Battles in Ramadi and Baiji; 72 Killed Across Iraq
Democrats Clash With Kerry Over Iran Deal
  US Jews Maintain Strong Support of Iran Deal – J Street Poll
US Confirms Pollard To Be Released in November
FBI Arrests Florida Man Over Fake Bomb Plot
Those Who Want War With Iran Should Explicitly Declare It  by Muhammad Sahimi
Washington and Tehran Come in From the Cold  by Peter Van Buren
For the Iran Deal, Against the Conservation of Enemies  by Noah Millman
Rand Paul: Fraud, Failure, Liar  by Justin Raimondo
Millennials Strongly Back Iran Deal  by A. Trevor Thrall & Erik Goepner
Will President Scott Walker Ask Congress for Authorization Before He Bombs Iran?  by Robert Naiman

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After 2 Years, White House Responds to Snowden Pardon Petition – With a 'No'
US General Urges Countries to Bolster UN Peacekeeping
France, Germany Join Hands to Counter US, UK Tanks
Mike Tyson Stepping Into the Bitcoin Ring With ATMs
Bikinians Evacuated 'for Good of Mankind' Endure Lengthy Nuclear Fallout
Suicide Bombers Ignite Battles in Ramadi and Baiji; 72 Killed Across Iraq
White House to Kurds: Please Just Stay in Iraq
The US Is Losing Track of Who Its Friends Are in Iraq
Russia Seen Reassessing Support for Assad
Turkish Jets Hit Kurdish Militants in Southeast Turkey: Army
Some US Senators Want to Start Oil War With Iran
Nuclear Deal 'Not to Reform Iran', Says John Kerry
UN Agency May Allow Iran to Gather Soil Samples at Alleged Nuclear Site
Iran Rolls Out Red Carpet After Nuclear Deal
Israel's US Envoy Raps Huckabee on Holocaust-Iran Deal Analogy
Attacking Clinton on Iran Deal, Huckabee Says 'Mushroom Cloud Over Israel' Unacceptable
Warplanes Attack Air Base Near Yemen's Aden
UN Says It Could Help 3 Million in Yemen if a Pause Holds
Palestinian Teen's Death Prompts Violent Clashes in West Bank
Senator Feinstein Urges Netanyahu Not to Demolish Palestinian Village
Israeli MPs Hail Pollard Release; Shaked Denies Link to Iran
Family of Palestinians Killed by Israeli Officers Tells Different Story Than IDF
PLO to Investigate Reports of Secret Talks Between Palestinian and Israeli Officials
Settlers Clash With Police in Beit El Over Decision to Tear Down Buildings
Israel's DM Is Passionate About Catering to the Settlers
US Judge Unlikely to Boost Award in Israel Bombings to Over $1b
Bomb Kills Two Policemen in Worst Bahrain Bombing in Months
Former AK-47 Dealer Goes Cyber, Supplied Surveillance Tools to Honduras Government
As Peace Talks Advance, Colombia Struggles to Find Its Missing
The War at Home
Scott Walker Foreign Policy Guru Called for Nuking Muslim Countries, Mass Deportations
Behind the Scenes, Marines Defended Troops Depicted in TMZ Photos Burning Corpses in Iraq
NSA Says It Will Destroy Archived Metadata When Program Stops
NSA Doesn't Want Court That Found Phone Dragnet Illegal to Actually Do Anything About It
UN Gives US Flunking Grades on Privacy and Surveillance Rights
Navy Probes Complaint of Cancer 'Cluster' Among Guantanamo Workers
Local Governments Increasingly Poking Through Your Garbage
Critics Warn of $11 Billion Pentagon Health Records Fiasco
Part of Pentagon Email Network Taken Down Over Suspicious Activity
Pakistan Gets $336 Million to Support Forces in Afghanistan
Pakistan Turns Up Heat Against Powerful Party in Bid to Secure Karachi
Central Asia Crackdown on Militant Islam Risks Backlash
Ethnic Tensions in Xinjiang Complicate China-Turkey Ties
Bangladesh Police Arrest Eight in Crackdown on Islamist Groups
Libyan Court Sentences Gadhafi Son Saif, Eight Other Ex-Officials to Death
UN Human Rights Office Deeply Disturbed' by Libya Death Sentences
ISIS Egypt-Sinai Branch Skilled and Deadly, Israeli Military Official Says
Obama Says Ethiopia Should Not Jail Journalists, Restrict Opponents
UK Minister Urges United States to Buy More British Weapons
More Than 2,000 Migrants Tried to Enter Channel Tunnel in France
Greece, Israel Hope to Grow Closer Economically Despite Differences
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