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Updated July 30, 2015 - 11:17 PM EDT
SecDef: Deal Doesn't Limit US Attacking Iran
  Obama Assures Dems He'll Remain Hostile to 'Odious' Iran
  Gen. Dempsey: Iran Deal Lowers Risk of Iran Getting Nuclear Arms
Turkey Launches Heaviest Air Strikes on Kurds
  Senior Western Official: Turkey-ISIS Links Now 'Undeniable'
  Turkey's Conflict With Kurds in Iraq May Benefit ISIS in Syria
Afghanistan: Taliban Leader Omar Reported Dead
  Taliban Gains Mount Across Northern Afghanistan
Israel's 2014 Gaza Bombing Deemed War Crime
  Israel Demolishes Illegal Settlements, Announces 300 New Units
  Experts: Pollard Release Won't Improve US-Israel Ties
  Israeli Drone Strike Kills Three in Southern Syria
Senate Packages Surveillance Powers Into New Cyber Bill
Ex-IAEA Official Uses Misleading Claims to Attack Iran Deal  by Gareth Porter
Darker Horizons Ahead: Rethinking the War on 'IS'  by Ramzy Baroud
CISA: A Surveillance Bill by Any Other Name Smells Just As Foul  by Nathaniel J. Turner
Perfect American Nuclear Horror  by Lucy Steigerwald
Turkey's Conflict With Kurds in Iraq May Benefit ISIS in Syria  by Patrick Cockburn
Obama and Kerry Play With Fire on Iran Agreement  by Sheldon Richman

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Britain Is Losing Against ISIS Recruitment Tactics
Feds: New York Man Attempted to Join ISIS
Lincoln Chafee Wages a Gentleman's Antiwar Campaign
Gitmo Detainee Says His 'Comfort Items' Were Taken to Force Interrogations
People Without a State: Who Are the Kurds?
US Says 'Deeply Concerned' About Israeli Building in West Bank, East Jerusalem
Rumsfeld: US Shouldn't Release Spy Jonathan Pollard
Iran to Build 4 Reactors Within a Decade, Nuclear Chief Says
Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister, Visits Iran
ISIS Claims Car Bomb in Yemen Capital, Four Dead
Yemen's President Orders Militias Merged Into His Forces
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Soldier Killed in Shooting in Eastern District
Gunmen in Egypt Kill Guard Outside Niger Embassy
Authorities in Egypt 'Killing Independent Journalism'
Anti-Boko Haram Force 'To Cross Borders to Fight'
Somalia Police Locks Down Key Roads in Mogadishu
At Least 10 Dead in Assault on India Police Post
Pakistani Police Kill Ex-Leader of Outlawed Sunni Group
India Execution Brings Out Mixed Feelings on Punishment
Punjab Gunmen Expose India's Soft Border Before Pakistan Talks
US Says Europeans Could Help More in South China Sea Dispute
These Are the Secret Code Words That Let You Criticize the Chinese Government
Haiti Marks 100th Anniversary of US Occupation
UN Urges Dominican Republic to Prevent Deportations of Haitians
Colombia-Venezuela Border Closed After Merchant's Death, Clashes With Police
Mexican Documentary Catches Search for Drugs War Missing
Canada to Purchase Iron Dome-Like Radar Systems
Peru Forces Raid Coca Region Rebel Slave Camp, Rescue 39 Women, Children
Turkey Escalates Airstrikes; 175 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Only Accepts Fraction of US Equipment to Fight ISIS
UN Panel Questions Iraq Over Use of Torture
Syrian Jets Bombard Plain After Rebel Attack: Monitor
ISIS-Led Car Bomb Attack Kills 7 Nusra Militants Near Aleppo
UN Mediator Proposes Syria Working Groups on Roadmap to Peace
Kurds Fight ISIS and Endure Turkish Attacks
Turkey Signs Deal to Open Air Bases to US-Led Coalition
Iraq-Turkey Pipeline Attacked by Saboteurs, Crude Flow Halted: Minister
Kurd Leader Attacks Turkey's 'Safe Zone' Plan for Syria
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Opposition Leader Calls for Halt to Hostilities
Heading to China, Turkey's Erdogan Eyes Improved Missile Defense Bid
Ukraine Struggles to Control Maverick Battalions
Guns and Underpants: Ukrainian Army Hobbled by Bureaucratic Woes
Russia Vetoes UN Vote on MH17
Ukraine Names Russian Soldier, Charges Him With Terrorism
The War at Home
Obama Won't Alter Terms of Spy Jonathan Pollard's Parole, White House Says
FBI's Key West Counterterrorism Sting Target 'A Little Slow'
After Lapses, TSA Will Target Screening in Overhaul
Report for DHS Warns That Booting Extremists Off Twitter Might Upset Them
Wyden Blasts Plan to Have Tech Companies Report 'Terrorist Activity' – Whatever That Is
Lindsey Graham's Admission: 'I Have Not Read the 28 Pages'
Pentagon Will Test Sonic Weapon That Manipulates Plasma to Create Ear-Piercing Noise
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