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Updated July 31, 2015 - 11:24 PM EDT
Taliban Confirms Chief's Death, Suspends Talks
  US Drone Strikes Kill 20 ISIS Fighters in Nangarhar
Nusra Abducts Leader of US-Backed Syria Rebels
  At Least 18 Dead in ISIS Attack on Kurd-Held Syria Town
PKK Braces for New War With Turkey
  Experts Say Erdogan's Move Against PKK, ISIS Suspicious
  Mass Grave Unearthed in Mosul; 194 Killed Across Iraq
Saudis Talk Up Ground Operations in Yemen War
  Yemen's Hidden War
  Pro-Saudi Forces Gain in Yemen's Aden, Vow to Expand From There
Israeli Army May Attack ISIS in Sinai Peninsula
  Palestinian Baby Burned to Death After Settlers Set Fire to Home
Monsters of Ukraine: Made in the USA  by Justin Raimondo
Obama Vs. Netanyahu: the Decisive Months  by Scott McConnell
Why the West May Miss the Taliban's Mullah Omar  by David Rohde
Now the Turks Are All In  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Where Did We the People Go?  by Peter Casey
When Israel/Neocons Favored Iran  by Robert Parry

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Psychologist Group May Quit Role in Questioning of Terror Suspects
Lindsey Graham's Pro-War Super Pac Bankrolled by Defense Contractors
ISIS Conned by Chechen Women in Internet Recruitment Scam
German Prosecutors Investigate Internet Journalists for Treason
Mass Grave Unearthed in Mosul; 194 Killed Across Iraq
In Iraq Bastions, PKK Braces for New War With Turkey
Iraqi MP: 'Iraq Should Establish Ties With Israel, We Share Interests'
Turkish Military Says 3 Soldiers Killed in PKK Attack in Southeast
Turkey Onslaught on Kurds, After ISIS Attack, Fuels Anger
Erdogan Taking Turkey to War to Avenge Kurdish Gains: Opposition
Diplomat Warns: US Jews Aren't United Behind Israel on Iran Deal
US Defense Chief: Good Iran Deal Better Than Strike
Kurdish Units Kill 4 Iranian Soldiers and Wound 2 Others Western Iran
Pelosi Says Iran Deal 'A Diplomatic Masterpiece'
Russia Reassures Israel Over Iran Nuclear Deal
Russia Modernizing S-300 Missile System for Iran: RIA, Citing Putin Aide
Force-Feeding Law Is 'License to Kill Palestinian Prisoners,' Palestinian Authority Says
Israel Accused of Killing 75 Children During Day of 'Carnage' and War Crimes in Gaza War
Revealed: The Secret Plan to Turn the Gaza Disengagement Into a Coordinated Peace Effort
Jerusalem Gay Pride: Six Stabbed 'By Ultra-Orthodox Jew'
Sunni Arab Nations Are 'Israel's Allies,' Says Israeli Foreign Ministry Director General
Justice Minister Proposes Alternative Tribunal for West Bank Land Disputes
Far-Right Israeli MP Backs Off Calls to Bulldoze Supreme Court to Support Settlers
Bennett May Resign From Knesset, as Controversial 'Norwegian Law' Approved
State Police Commander, 3 Others Killed in Southern Mexico
Venezuela in Risky Financial Acrobatics to Raise Hard Currency
The War at Home
Saudi Arabia Asks NY Judge to Drop It From Sept. 11 Lawsuit
Listen to WSJ's Bret Stephens Secretly Plot With 'Pro-Israel' Evangelical Group Against Iran Deal
Unusual Terror Case Going to Trial in US Court in Virginia
Data in Clinton's 'Secret' Emails Came From 5 Intelligence Agencies
Pentagon Signals Move to Arm More Troops at Recruiting Stations
Obama Administration War Against Apple and Google Just Got Uglier
Where's the Love at the NSA? Director Said to Neglect Embattled Spy Agency
India Says Punjab Attackers Came From Pakistan
Rangers Kill Four Terrorists in Karachi
US Intelligence Had Suspected That Mohammad Omar Was Ill in Pakistan
Taliban Leader Omar's Tale Reflects Clashing Agendas
China Says US 'Militarizing' South China Sea
China, Russia to Hold Military Drills in Sea of Japan
Political Prisoners, Chinese Loggers Among Thousands Freed in Myanmar Amnesty
Shelling in Eastern Ukraine Kills Four Civilians, Soldier
US Imposes More Russian and Ukrainian Sanctions
After Russia UN Veto, Countries Seek Court for Flight MH17 Prosecutions
Actor Depardieu Banned From Ukraine for Stance on Russia
Chad Says Killed 117 Boko Haram Fighters in Two-Week Campaign
Nigeria Army Frees More Than 50 Women, Children Held by Boko Haram
Libyan Symbol of Freedom Now Facing Years Behind Bars
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