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Updated August 7, 2015 - 11:16 PM EDT
Schumer Says He Will Oppose Iran Nuclear Deal
  Iran Spurns 'Preposterous' Allegations on Nuclear 'Clean-Up'
Iraq Backs Off Predictions of Quick Win in Anbar
  ISIS Seizes Key Center Syrian Town in New Offensive
The Last US Nukes in Germany
  Hiroshima Calls to End 'Absolute Evil' of Nuclear Weapons
  Cost of Upgrading US Nukes Set at $963 Billion
ISIS Kills 17 in Suicide Bombing of Saudi Mosque
Yemeni al-Qaeda Seizes Three Towns Near Aden
US Drone Strikes Kill Seven in North Waziristan
FBI Denies Spy Plane Was Targeting Arab-Americans
No Real Evidence, Officials Blame Russia in Pentagon Hack
The Liberation of US Foreign Policy  by Justin Raimondo
Under the Mushroom Cloud – Nagasaki After Nuclear War  by Susan Southard & Tom Engelhardt
Obama-Neocons Are Useful Idiots to al-Qaeda, ISIS  by Bruce Fein
Obama vs. Bibi – Fight to the Finish  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Obama Boasts He's Bombed Seven Countries  by Glenn Greenwald
Gaza: Our Child's Shattered Face in the Mirror  by Gary Corseri

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This Group May Stop the NSA From Tapping the Internet's Backbone
Gorbachev: US Military an 'Insurmountable Obstacle to a Nuclear-Free World'
UK Military Action Partly to Blame for 'Chaos' in Libya, Says Tunisia PM
Tougher Standards Set for US Visa Waivers, Citing Militant Threat
Four Palestinians Killed in Gaza War Israeli Rocket Explosion
At Least One Jewish Extremist in Israeli Administrative Detention Is US Citizen
120 Palestinian Prisoners Go on Hunger Strike in Israeli Jails
Israeli Policewoman Protected by Palestinians as Settlers Throw Rocks at Authorities
Four Palestinian Families Face Eviction From East Jerusalem Home Next Week
Driver Rams Car Into Israeli Soldiers, Wounds Three: Military
Arab League Urges UN to Act Against" Terrorist Crimes" by Israeli Settlers
Soul-Searching in Israel After Attacks on Gays and Arabs
Special $90 Million Grant for West Bank Settlements Included in New Budget
Does Jewish Law Allow Israel to Kill a Captured Israeli Soldier?
Gaza, West Bank Soccer Teams Face Off for First Match in Years
Libyan Government Offensive in Benghazi Stalls as Islamists Dig In
Libyan Judge Abducted by Islamic State Group Found Dead
Boko Haram Guns Down 9 Villagers in NE Nigeria: Survivors
As Egypt Unveils Its 'New Suez Canal' Dissenters Make Voices Heard Online
Puntland Seeks Resources as Somali Militants Enter Its Territory
Macedonian Police Arrest 9 Suspected ISIS Fighters, Seek 27
62 Killed in Iraq; Militants Attack Border Post Near Jordan
Russia Questions Legitimacy of Strikes in Iraq
US Transfers Umm Sayyaf, Wife of Suspected ISIS Member, to Iraqi Kurds
Displaced Iraq Christians in Frontline Prayer for Return
Iran: Promoter of Upheaval or Defender of the Status Quo?
Iran: Jewish Newspaper Is Granted Visa in Rare Move
Middle East
French Hostage Freed in Yemen, President's Office Says
Lebanese Leaders Condemn Saudi Mosque Attack
Turkish Kurd Leader Urges World to Denounce 'Unjust War'
Police Say Truck Bomb in Kabul Kills 7 People, Wounds 400
Seventeen Killed in Afghan Military Helicopter Crash
India Claims 'Attackers' of Military Convoy Belong to Pakistan
Pakistan Army Helicopter Crashes, Killing 12
China Warns Taiwan Against Return to 'Evil Ways' of Independence
Looting and Violence on the Rise in Venezuela Supermarkets
5 Guatemalan Soldiers Detained Following Abuse Video
1 Off-Duty Officer, 3 Gang Members Killed in El Salvador
Trial Starts for Argentine Ex-President in '94 Bombing of Jewish Center
Returning Haitians Stuck in Dire Camps Near Dominican Border
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