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Updated August 10, 2015 - 11:16 PM EDT
Obama Legal Strategy for ISIS Fight Gets Blurry
  Pentagon Rethinking Syrian Rebel Training Strategy
  240,000 Killed, Mostly Combatants, in Syrian Civil War
  ISIS Kills 37 Rival Syrian Insurgents in Battle for Key Supply Lifeline
ISIS Executes 300 Election Commission Workers
  The Ba'athification of ISIS' Military Command
Saudi-Led Friendly Fire Kills 20 Yemeni Allies
  Pro-Saudi Forces Capture South Yemen City of Zinjibar
Suicide Bomber Kills 29 in Northern Afghanistan
  Afghan Militias Bolstered, But Officials Unclear Who's in Charge
Anti-Iran Lobby Chief Steps Down, Now Supports Iran Deal
ISIS Pushes Into Eastern Libya's Derna, Bombing Kills 7
Why Do We Lament A-Bombs and Not Fire-Bombs?  by Eric Margolis
Surviving Nagasaki
 by Anthony Gregory
On the A-Bomb's 70th Anniversary, Obama Wants to Spend a Trillion Dollars on New Nukes  by Elliott Negin
The Return of Ron Paul  by Justin Raimondo
Rand Paul and Chris Christie Clash on NSA Spying  by Conor Friedersdorf
Police Militarization a Year After Ferguson  by Kanya Bennett

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How a Secretive US Agency Discovered the A-Bomb's Effect on People
How to Shoot Down a Drone
Bikini Nuclear Refugees Seek US Aid to Leave Marshall Islands
Ex-NATO Supreme Commander Rips Obama Over Military Cuts
Obama: Netanyahu's Interference in US Politics 'Unprecedented'
Iraq PM Offers Reforms; 128 Killed Across Country
6,000 Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria: A Look at the Numbers
A New Fight Over Oil Shows Why It's So Hard to Keep Iraq From Splintering
Iraq's Premier, Facing Protests, Proposes Government Overhaul
Iraqi Christians Who Fled ISIS Living in Limbo While in Exile
Lack of Funds Threatens Food Aid for Millions in Iraq
One Year On, Drone Attacks Against ISIS Increasing
Insurgents Recapture Villages on Syrian Plain Vital to Assad
Activists Say ISIS Advance Is Forcing Syrian Christians to Flee
Pentagon Begins Training Third Class of Syrian Rebels
Shelling in Syrian Capital Kills 5 People, Wounds 36
Hezbollah, Syrian Army Take 3 Rebels Captive in Zabadani
Seeking Shelter From Syria's Civil War
Russia's Lavrov Says US Must Work With Assad to Fight ISIS
US Sends Six Jets, 300 Personnel to Turkey Base in ISIS Fight
Report: 390 PKK Killed in Turkish Air Raids, 400 Wounded
Kurdish Rebels Attack Police, Military in Turkey, Policeman Killed
Ícalan Demands PKK and Turkey to Stop the Fighting, Return to the Table of Negotiations
Pro-Kurdish Party Leader Calls for Steps to Halt Turkey Violence
Rogue Israeli Balloon Stirs Fears of Spies in Turkey
Thousands of Kurds in Germany March Against Turkish Air Strikes
Two Police Officers Killed in Egypt's Suez, Sinai
Ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Refusing Prison Food He Calls Unsafe
Change in Militant Tactics Puts Tunisians on Edge
Tunisia Says Arrests 12 Trying to Enter Libya
Mali Hotel Siege: Several Killed in Sevare, Four UN Workers Saved
Hostages Killed in Mali Hotel Siege From South Africa, Russia, Ukraine
Gunmen Kill 10 in Attack on Village in Mali
Attack in Central Mali Sign of Spreading Extremist Violence
Nigeria to Ramp Up Domestic Weapons Production
Suspected Pirates Attack Military Base in Nigeria's Southern Delta, Kill Five
Rwandan Peacekeeper Kills Four Colleagues in Central African Republic
Boko Haram Fears Increase in Cameroon
Angolan Police Clash With Dozens of Anti-Government Protesters
Colombia Unearths Landfill Looking for Scores of Disappeared
Jailed FARC Rebels Call for Amnesty in Colombia
Canada PM Says Will Ban Travel to Areas Held by Designated Terrorists
Haiti Election: Violence Mars Voting in Delayed Poll
Chileans Cheer, Lament Death of Pinochet's Hated Police Boss
Cuba Arrests 90 Dissidents at Protest March
Mexican Missing-Student Activist Killed in Guerrero State
Murder and Drug Trafficking Allegations Cast Pall Over Argentina Primary Election
Israeli Officer 'Loaned' His Soldiers to Family, Friends for Chores
Is Abbas About to Quit? Israel Had Better Pray He Isn't
What a Week of Extremist Violence Reveals About Israel
Police Raid Settler Outposts, Hold 9, in Jewish Terror Crackdown
Second Arson Death Stirs Hamas Call to Confront Israel
Kahane's Grandson's Plan to Spark a Revolt and Bring Down Israel
Netanyahu Cancels Visit to Arab City Sakhnin Amid Uproar From Residents
UN: Infant Mortality in Gaza Up for First Time in 55 Years
Israeli Stabbed in West Bank; Palestinian Attacker Shot Dead by IDF
29 US Nuclear Scientists Praise Iran Nuclear Deal in Letter to Obama
Iran's Military Chief, a Close Ally of Khamenei, Comes Out in Support of Nuclear Deal
Obama: US Credibility on the Line in Iran Deal
Obama Leaked Schumer Decision on Iran
Advocacy Group to Withhold Millions in Donations From Schumer, Iran Deal Opponents
Bernie Sanders Backs Iran Nuclear Deal
Son of Former Iran President Rafsanjani Submits to Jail Term
Three Emirati Soldiers Killed in Yemen Fighting: State News Agency
Yemen Pro-Government Forces Launch Abyan Offensive
Middle East
Saudi National Involved in Abha Mosque Bombing: Interior Ministry
Rubio Wants to Crack Down on Military Sales to Bahrain
Japan's Surviving WWII Soldiers Fight for Peace
Nagasaki and Hiroshima Anniversary: Powerful Photos of Survivor Show Effects of Atomic Bomb 70 Years On
What Nagasaki Looked Like Before and After the Bomb
On 70th Anniversary of Nagasaki Bombing, Atomic Debate Yields Little Consensus
Abe Renews Pledge for Nuclear Weapons-Free Japan at Nagasaki Memorial
Pope Calls for Global Nuclear Ban on Anniversary of Nagasaki
US Legacy in Afghanistan: 'Culture of Guns,' Arbaki Police Drive Up Violence
Some Afghans Mourn Taliban Founder, Though They're Reluctant to Admit It
Government Forces in East Timor Kill Ex-Guerrilla Leader in Clash
South Korea Condemns North Over Land Mine Blast, Threatens Retaliation
Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Is Unexpectedly Freed a Day After Being Detained
Ukraine Slaps Broadcast Ban on 13 Russian Artists

Berlin Goes After Journalists to Protect State Secrets

Bring in the British Army to Help Us, Say Calais Police
Police Targeted After Anti-Internment Parade in Belfast
In a Port City, Grenade Attacks Shatter Swedish Sense of Safety
Bosnia's Survivors Gather and Grieve as the Soil Endlessly Gives Up Its Dead
The War at Home
US Navy to Arm Some Military Personnel Off Bases
Idaho Army National Guard Troops Head to California for Elite Training
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