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Updated August 11, 2015 - 10:01 PM EDT
Anti-Iran Lobby Chief Steps Down, Supports Deal
  Former Iranian Political Prisoners Urge US Support for Iran Deal
  Iran's Supreme Leader Seen Cautious on Nuclear Deal
Marxist Group Attacks US Consulate in Istanbul
  US Military: Turkish Airstrikes Too Close to US Training Sites
  PKK Official: Turkey Protecting ISIS by Attacking Kurds
  Six Killed in Latest PKK Attacks on Turkish Forces
  Al-Qaeda Abandons Syria Area Sought by Turkey for 'Safe Zone'
ISIS Claims Central Iraq Bombings That Killed 58
  Bombers Target Diyala; 221 Killed, 162 Wounded in Iraq
Afghan President Slams Pakistan as Bombings Continue
Ukraine: Skirmish Over Village Worst Shelling Since Feb.
Ferguson Protests: Emergency Declared After Violent Night
Trump: Conquer ISIS With Ground Troops, 'Just Take the Oil'
No-Fly List Uses 'Predictive Assessments,' Not Hard Evidence
The Republicans Need To Debate Foreign Policy  by Ivan Eland
Regional Powers Making a Mess of the Middle East  by Rami G. Khouri
War Manual Gives Military License to Attack Journalists  by Kevin Gosztola
Predisposed to Peace  by Dan Sanchez
Divide et Impera  by Uri Avnery
A Year Into the War Against ISIS With Nothing to Show for It  by Trevor Timm

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Liberals Pledge to Pull $11m in Retaliation for Schumer's Iran Stance
Germany Drops Treason Inquiry Against Two Journalists Amid Furore
The Pentagon Lost Scores of Secret Agents in Vietnam
Australian Bar Association: Anti-Terror Bill 'Would Erode Freedoms'
Ecuador Denies Swedish Asylum Is Condition for Assange Questioning
Bombers Target Diyala; 221 Killed, 162 Wounded in Iraq
Iraqi Deputy PM Resigns, Faces Corruption Investigation
Mazen Darwish, Prominent Syria Human Rights Activist, Freed After Three Years
Canada PM Harper Says Would Take 10,000 More Iraqi/Syrian Refugees
Yemen War Escalates
Anti-Houthi Fighters Seize Districts in Central Yemen
Yemen's Hospitals Overhelmed by War-Wounded, Says Doctors Without Borders
Obama Says He's Not Worried About Majority in Congress Rejecting Iran Nuclear Deal
Hawaii Dem Senator Backs Iran Deal
Former Senator Joseph Lieberman to Lead United Against Nuclear Iran as Chairman
Shadow of Israel's Pullout From Gaza Hangs Heavy 10 Years On
Young Palestinian Stone-Throwers Brutalized by Israeli Security Forces
With No Land to Farm, Palestinian Refugees Are Looking Up for Answers
Israel Releases 'Jewish Radicals' Detained in West Bank
Netanyahu to Democratic Congressmen: I Won't Tell You How to Vote on Iran Deal
Israel Charges 2 Druze in Assault on Wounded Syrian Rebels
Police Arrest 4 More Suspects in Yisrael Beiteinu Probe
Middle East
Day of Violence in Turkey Leaves at Least 9 Dead
Egypt and Saudi Arabia 'Eager' to Buy Mistral Warships From France
Bomb Explodes Near Cairo Court, Wounds Three Policemen
Suspected Jihadist Shot Dead in Tunisia
UN: Burundi Violence Spiraling Toward Point of No Return
UK Dismisses Rwanda Spy Chief Karenzi Karake Case
The War at Home
Lawsuit Could Reveal Omitted 28 Pages From 9/11 Report That Allegedly Implicate Saudi Govt
War in Space May Be Closer Than Ever
Killing of Detroit Imam in 2009 Described as 'Nothing Less Than a Cover-Up'
Disney Sorry for Nagasaki A-Bomb Tweet
Soldier Missing From Korean War Accounted For
Car Bomb Kills Five in Kabul, Afghan Leader Warns Pakistan
ISIS Executes 10 Men in Afghanistan for 'Apostasy' by Blowing Them Up
Army Green Beret From Rhode Island Killed in Afghanistan
South Korea Threatens North With Harsh Response After Mine Blast
Seoul Restarts Propaganda War Across DMZ to North Korea
Comrade Capitalism: North Korea Seeks Investors for Brewery
Chinese Military Stage Live-Fire Exercises
Drawings of Police Torture Seize China's Attention
China Hits Back at US Criticism Over South China Sea 'Restrictions'
Chinese Christians Resist Government Plan to Remove Crosses
Abu Sayyaf Militants Kill 2 Soldiers in Southern Philippines
Nepali Police Kill Two, Injure Dozen During Protest Against Reform Plan
Mexican Activist Who Led Search for Missing Students Among 15 Killed in Guerrero
Mexico Governor to Be Questioned Over Killing of Photojournalist
American Lawyer Slain, Companion Wounded in Caracas Home
OAS: Irregularities Did Not Disrupt Overall Haiti Elections
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