That's how much money the War Party is dropping on the campaign to nuke the Iran deal. And there's plenty more where that came from.

Pro-Israel billionaires and the military-industrial complex are teaming up to persuade the American people that war with Iran is preferable to one of the most stringent arms control regimes in history. Television ads, newsprint ads, lobbying, the works are being deployed to make sure peace with Iran is not an option.

We need your help to counter this propaganda blitz.

Your tax-deductible donation goes to fund's mission: debunking the War Party's lies. We've been doing it since 1995, but our work has never been more essential than it is at this moment.

Please help us defeat the warmongers. Support the Iran deal – support Make your donation today. (Donate $100 or more and you will be offered a copy of Ron Paul's new book, Swords Into Plowshares: A Life in Wartime and a Future of Peace and Prosperity.)
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Updated August 12, 2015 - 11:25 PM EDT
Dozens of Retired Top Brass Back Iran Deal
  Former Iranian Political Prisoners Urge US Support for Iran Deal
US Military 'Outraged' at Turkish Strikes in Iraq
  Turkey Pounds PKK, President Vows 'Relentless War'
  Anti-Erdogan Turkey Prosecutors Flee to Armenia
Iraq Parliament Unanimously Backs Govt Overhaul
  In Iraq's Anticorruption Reforms, a Rejection of US-Backed Model
  Mosul Executions Continue; 156 Killed Across Iraq
Saudis Spurn Russia Call for Syria Unity Talks
  Syrian Govt, al-Qaeda-Led Rebels Agree to 48-Hour Ceasefire
  Syrian Army: Retreats in Northwest Necessary to 'Avoid Losses'
  US Shelves Its $500m Syrian Rebel Army
'Top Secret' Clinton Emails Found, Probe Expands to Aides
FBI: Miss. Couple Envisioned Joining ISIS on Honeymoon
Deconstructing Schumer’s Pro-War Statement About the Iran Deal  by Muhammad Sahimi
Cashing in on Counter-Terrorism  by Philip Giraldi
The Pentagon's Dangerous Views on the Wartime Press  New York Times
The Foreign Policy of the GOP  by Justin Raimondo
Where Did the Antiwar Movement Go?  by Tom Engelhardt
Good, Bad, and Ugly GOP Foreign Policy  by Doug Bandow

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Threat to American Soldiers Was a Hoax
Watchdog: Pentagon Needs to Rethink Calling War Journalists 'Belligerents'
The Republican Adoration of Egypt's Sisi
Issue of Where to Move Guantanamo Detainees Threatens Closure Plan
Taliban Condemns 'Barbarity' of ISIS Execution Video
Mosul Executions Continue; 156 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq's Deputy PM Resigns, Faces Corruption Investigation
Kurdish Teens Settle Into Life on the Frontline in Sinjar
AIPAC's 2001-2004 'Briefing Book' Made Case for Regime Change in Iraq
State Dept: US Will Not Allow Turkey to Attack PYD in Syria
ISIS Releases 22 of More Than 150 Christian Captives: Monitor
ISIS Attacks Syrian Rebels Near Turkish Border
For McClatchy Journalist Austin Tice, Another Year of Captivity in Syria
'No Place in Syria for Assad,' Says Saudi Arabia
Long Taboo, Kurdish Culture Sees Renaissance in Syria
US Fears Turkey Strikes on Kurds Could Blow Back on Washington: Report
Kurdish PKK Group Claims Responsibility for Deadly Istanbul Police Station Blast
Palestinian Vigilantes Patrol Villages Amid Fear of More Arson Attacks
Obama Administration Warns US Court: High Cost of Appealing Terror Verdict Could Topple Palestinian Authority
Palestinian Authority to Present UN Security Council With Resolution to End Israeli Occupation
Right-Wing Activist Attacks Israeli DM's Car in Hebron
Read: An Open Letter From Retired Generals and Admirals on the Iran Nuclear Deal
Kerry: Dollar Could Suffer if US Abandons Iran Deal
McCain: Senate Will Reject Obama's Iran Deal
Hillary Clinton on Iran Nuclear Deal: 'All Bets Are Off' if Spiked
Iran Deal: Schumer Working the Phones
Schumer: If US Quits Deal, US Sanctions Will Still Put 'Meaningful Pressure' on Tehran
Gulf-Backed Government Loyalists Advance in Yemen
Yemen 'Crumbling' From War, Sieges Causing Starvation: Aid Groups
Yemen Refugees Return to Ruined Aden With Mix of Hope and Grief
The War at Home
Hillary Clinton to Hand Her Email Server Over to the FBI
Kerry: 'Very Likely' China, Russia Read My Emails
Ferguson Forced to Return Humvees as US Military Gear Still Flows to Local Police
Jeb Bush Blames Hillary Clinton and Obama for Iraq's Decline
Bush: More Troops in Iraq 'May Well Be Needed'
White House Issues Cybersecurity Rules for Contractors
Report: F-35 Inferior to Older US, Foreign Fighters
Why the F-35 Is Particularly Ill-Suited to Succeed in the Asia-Pacific
Judge: Jeh Johnson Excused, but DHS Must Still Answer for Amnesty Errors
Airman Missing From World War II Accounted For
Military Confirms Afghanistan Base Attack Used Vehicle IED
Roadside Bombing Kills Two People in Quetta, Pakistan
Senators Urge Obama to Press Xi on Rights During Visit
NATO, Russia War Games Fuel Risk of War, Think Tank Warns
Russia Says Kiev Behind Deteriorating Situation in East Ukraine
Suspected Russian Missile Parts Found at MH17 Crash Site in Ukraine
Ukraine Bans 38 Russian 'Hate' Books Amid Culture War
US Military Jet Crashes in Southern Germany
Sweden Boosts Security for Asylum Seekers After Ikea Attack
UK Families Camped in School Hall as Experts Defuse WWII Bomb
Blast Kills 50 People in Nigeria's Borno State
UN Peacekeepers Accused of Death, Rape in African Mission
South Sudan Rebels Split, Reject Peace Efforts
Somalia: Central Jail Hit by Deadly Al Shabab Assault
UN Urges Libyan Factions to Agree Unity Govt This Month
HRW: DR Congo Must Protect Civilians in Katanga Ethnic Strife
Venezuela Releasing Jailed Opposition Leader to House Arrest
El Salvador Mourns Deaths of Children in Shootouts
Chile Jails 14 Officers for Death of Pinochet Henchman
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