Yes, that's what Donald Trump said, and you had better believe it. The bombastic belligerence that is his signature style is no act: he translates it into policy. The Republican frontrunner is on record as wanting to put "boots on the ground" in Iraq and Syria so "we can take the oil." If there's a single country on earth he doesn't want to confront – Russia, Mexico, China – then it's just an oversight on his part. Imagine if this lunatic ever gets his finger anywhere near the nuclear trigger.

And it's not impossible. We live in crazy times. Our politics are fast turning into a reality TV show – and The Donald is just a caricature of what "mainstream" politicians have been saying for years.

We're fighting the madness: we've been fighting it since 1995. But we can't continue to fight it without your help. Don't let the voices of reason be drowned out by the Trumps of this world. Make your tax-deductible donation today. (Donate $100 or more and you will be offered a copy of Ron Paul's new book, Swords Into Plowshares: A Life in Wartime and a Future of Peace and Prosperity.)
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Updated August 13, 2015 - 11:27 PM EDT
ISIS Truck Bombing at Baghdad Market Kills 80
  50 Killed in Surge of Violence in Damascus
  Brief Syria Ceasefire the Result of Mediation by Turkey, Iran
  Syrian Rebels Head to Moscow, But Resist Calls for Anti-ISIS Coalition
  US Jets Meet Limit as Iraqi Ground Fight Against ISIS Plods On
Obama, Congress Dispute Renewing Iran Sanctions
  NSA Used Phone Records Program to Seek Iran Operatives
Israel Troops Angry at New Rules of Engagement
  The Growing Danger of Israeli Teens Waging Jewish Jihad
US Drone Strike Kills Five in Southeast Yemen
  Saudi and UAE Boots on the Ground Intensify the Yemen War
US Army Chief: Russia 'Most Dangerous Threat'
ISIS Releases Details of 1,400 Americans and Urges Attacks
Taliban Infiltrates South Afghanistan Base, Killing 15 Police
Sweden Reportedly Set to Drop Assange Sex Crime Charges
Google Search That Made the CIA Spy on the US Senate
Netanyahu's Lobby vs. the World  by Scott McConnell
Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Democrats Delude Themselves on Obama's Failed Guantánamo Vow  by Glenn Greenwald
The Afterthought of Nagasaki  by Lucy Steigerwald
Don’t Sit Tight: Congress Can Tank Iran Deal  by Phyllis Bennis & Kevin Martin
Shallow Jeb  by Fred Kaplan

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5 Former Japanese Prime Ministers Lash Out at Abe's Security Legislation
A Jewish Journalist's Exclusive Look Inside Iran
The Pentagon's Half-Billion-Dollar Drone Boondoggle
Sanders Leads Clinton in Latest New Hampshire Poll
74 Killed in Iraq Amid Reports of Chemical Bombings
Iraqi Premier Says Will Seek Mandate to Change Constitution
Iraq PM Sacks Cabinet Officials, Says Reform Drive Under Threat
Departing US Army Chief Says Iraq May Have to Be Partitioned
Some US Troops May Be Needed on Ground in Iraq: Retiring Army Chief
US Jets Launch First Anti-ISIS Syria Strikes From Turkey
Guns Fall Silent in Zabadani as Truce Takes Hold
Amid Surge in Deadly Attacks Around Damascus, Iran Foreign Minister in Syria on Peace Push
Reporting From Iran, Jewish Paper Sees No Plot to Destroy Israel
Switzerland Lifts Sanctions Against Iran
US Says Iranian Military Figure's Visit to Russia Violates UN Ban
House Dems Divided on Iran Deal
Opponents of Iran Deal Try to Reach Young Voters on Snapchat
With Kurdish Militant Leader Sidelined, Turkey Risks Deeper Violence
Clashes at Funeral for Killed PKK Figure in Turkey
Three Killed in PKK Grenade Attack on Security Outpost in Southeast Turkey
Leaked Documents Raise Anger Over Palestinian Corruption
41,000 Sign British Petition Calling for Netanyahu's Arrest Over 'War Crimes'
Israel Struggles to Find Medics to Force-Feed Prisoner
Israel Foiled 17 Suicide Attacks So Far This Year, Shin Bet Says
Analysis: Turkey-Israel Rapprochement Not in the Cards Despite Reports
Arab, Jewish Protesters Clash Outside Ashkelon Hospital
Hamas Claims Captured Israeli Drone, Made It Operational
Report: Hamas' Meshal Meets Blair in Doha to Discuss Israel Ceasefire
Middle East
Dengue Rife, Malaria Spreading in Filthy Streets of Yemen: Charity
Bahrain Opposition Leader to Face Trial This Month
US Diplomats in Havana Ponder How to Make the Most of Their New Status
Bolivia Ready to Rebuild Ties With US: Morales
Mexico Governor Declares in Journalist Killing
Aussies to US Marines: Don't Bring Invasive Species, Disease
The War at Home
Ron Paul: Jeb Bush Proposing 'More War'
Rick Santorum Backs Donald Trump on Iraq
Army Chief Says Obama Not to Blame for ISIS
Armed Militia Group's Return to Ferguson Raises Concern
AIPAC: Obama Administration Peddling Inaccuracies' About Us
Mohamud Appeal Is First to Challenge NSA Surveillance in Terrorism Conviction
Nigerian Gets 22 Years in US Prison for Helping al-Qaeda Affiliate
Facial Recognition Software Moves From Overseas Wars to Local Police
Report Obscures Extent of Combat-Related Traumatic Brain Injuries
Report: Kim Jong UN Executes North Korea's Vice Premier
Satellite Images Suggest North Korea Expanding Uranium Capacity
South Korean, 80, Sets Himself on Fire in Anti-Japan Protest
Women Forced Into Prostitution in WW2 Hope for Apology From Japan
Police Seize Control of Ruling Party Headquarters in Myanmar
Myanmar Health Minister Curbs Military Appointments After Rare Protest
Gunmen Kidnap 12 Minority Hazaras in East Afghanistan
Pakistani Religious Party Leaders Urged to Help Revive Taliban Peace Talks
TurkmenGaz to Take Stake in Gas Pipeline to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India
US Military Helicopter Crashes Off Japan's Okinawa; 7 Injured
Ukraine Battles Pro-Russian Rebels for Access to Key Port
Ukraine and Rebels Trade Blame for Violating Ceasefire
Ukraine Confirms Ban of 'Fascist' Russian Books
Sweden Ikea Knife Attack: Security Boosted at Refugee Centers
Heavy Clashes in Libya Undermine UN Peace Talks
Libya Uncertainty Deepens as PM Threatens to Quit
Chad Leader: Boko Haram Has New Leader Ready to Negotiate
ISIS Affiliate in Egypt Releases Image of Slain Croat Captive
Israeli Arms Exports Under Scrutiny Amid Claims They Are 'Helping to Fuel Conflict in South Sudan' Despite EU Embargo
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