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Updated August 17, 2015 - 11:21 PM EDT
Bomb Rips Through Central Bangkok; 27 Killed
Air Strikes Near Damascus Kill 110 People
  US-Backed Syrian Rebels Make Prisoner Release Deal With al-Qaeda
  Fear of 'Nightmare Scenario' Has US, Russia Leading Talks on Syria
Iraq Commanders Face Trial Over Loss of Ramadi
  Suicide Bombers Attack Soldiers; 136 Killed Across Iraq
ISIS Kills 150-200 in Libya Opposition 'Massacre'
  Algerian Group Declares Itself West African al-Qaeda Branch
Iran Gives IAEA Info on Past Nuclear Activities
US General: ISIS Making 'Inroads' in Afghanistan
AT&T Helped NSA Spy on Internet Traffic
NATO Denies Preparing for War With Russia
Pro-Saudi Fighters Attack Yemeni City of Taiz as Gains Mount
Republicans Can't Face the Truth About Iraq  by Eric Margolis
It's Time for the US Military to Leave South Korea  by Kyle Mizokami
Bad Move: The Backfiring of Israeli Strategy on Iran  by Paul Pillar
The Swansong of Cuban Communism?  by Justin Raimondo
Jewish Terrorists  by Uri Avnery
US-Russia: From Stalemate to Catastrophe?  by Patrick L. Smith

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Chelsea Manning Denied Access to Legal Library Prior to Prison Hearing
Will Supreme Court Force DHS to Divulge Secret Plan to Cut Cell Service?
New Pentagon Rules May Change War Reporting
US Will Not Release Hunger-Striking Guantanamo Detainee
Suicide Bombers Attack Soldiers; 136 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Panel Finds Maliki, Others Responsible for Fall of Mosul
Iraq Oil Feud Renewed as Cash-Strapped Kurds Turn Backs on Deal With Baghdad
Iraqi Capital Car Bomb Kills 13: Officials
Syrian Rebel Group Says Ceasefire Over, Talks Collapse
Al-Qaeda in Syria Frees Seven US-Trained Rebels
ISIS Rings Rebel Bastion Near Aleppo: Syrian Monitor
Jordan Says Syria Militants Try to Sneak In
ISIS Executes Gay Men by Throwing Them From a Rooftop
US to Withdraw Patriot Missile System From Turkey
Germany to Pull Patriot Missiles From Turkey by Early Next Year
'Hamas-Israel Deal Imminent,' to Dismay of Palestinian Factions
Palestinian Authority Accuses Israel of Carrying Out 'Field Executions' on Palestinian Youth
Protesters Call for 'Prison Intifada' if Palestinian Hunger-Striker Dies
10 Arrested in Violent Protest for Release of Hunger Striker
Red Cross Offers Workshops in International Law to Hamas
Enjoying a Quiet Picnic in the Settlement-Free N. West Bank
Two Arson Attacks in West Bank as Violence Continues Escalating
Explosion Hits Hospital in Yemen's Southern City of Aden

Anti-Houthi Fighters Take Shabwa in S. Yemen Advance

Middle East
Iranian Hard-Liner Says Supreme Leader Opposes Nuclear Deal
Lebanon Says Fugitive Cleric Ahmed Al-Assir Detained
Arms Seized in Kuwait Came From Iran: Kuwaiti Newspapers
Sisi Approves Anti-Terrorism Law Setting Up Special Courts
Egypt's Deposed President Morsi Appeals Death Sentence: Lawyer
Mali Armed Groups Clash Near Rebel Stronghold Kidal: Sources
Roadside Bombs, Insecurity Cuts Off Neediest in Mali: Aid Groups
Former Burundian Military Chief Shot Dead in Capital
African Union Says Burundi Crisis a 'Catastrophic' Risk for Region
Suicide Bomber Kills at Least Three in Nigeria's Borno
Shekau 'Still in Charge' of Nigeria's Boko Haram
Somali Region Re-Elects Former Warlord to Fight Al Shabaab
Somali Lawmakers Seek to Remove President Over Corruption Claims
Tunisian Woman Killed by Soldiers Looking for Armed Group
Suspected Al Shabaab Fighters Warn Kenyan Villagers to Shun Police
South Sudan Peace Deal in Balance as Leaders Gather Ahead of Deadline
Guinea: Riot Police Break Up Rally for Ex-Military Leader
The War at Home
Pentagon Looks at Stateside Prisons as Alternatives to Gitmo
Trump: I Get My Military Advice From Watching Shows
Kasich: 'I Would Never Have Committed' to Iraq War
Mike Huckabee Heading to Israel to Raise Funds, Discuss Iran Deal
Number of Hillary Clinton's Emails Flagged for Classified Data Grows to 60 as Review Continues
Clinton Eager to Defuse Email Outrage as Voter Concern Grows
13,000 Afghan Security Forces Killed in the Last 3 Years
China Favors Role in Afghan Peace Talks, Appreciates Pakistan's Efforts
Eight Dead as India, Pakistan Trade Fire and Blame in Kashmir
Kashmiris Observe Indian Independence Day as 'Black Day'
Pakistan Minister Quits After Making Overthrow Plot Claims
Hamid Gul's Pakistan ISI Taliban Blowback
North Korea Stages Unification Rally in DMZ as Tensions Rise
Pyongyang Threatens to Blow Up South Korea's Propaganda Loudspeakers Near DMZ
A North Korean Defector's Regret
Obama Administration Warns Beijing About Covert Agents Operating in US
China Says Human Rights Should Not Dominate US Ties
Sri Lanka
In Sri Lanka Elections, Focus Is on Ex-Strongman

Sri Lankan Election Offers Hope for Families of the Disappeared

Japan War Leaders' Scions Want Reconciliation
Five Insurgents Killed in Southeast Bangladesh: Army
Government: Cambodian Senator to Face Treason Charge for Facebook Posting
Myanmar Party Chief Ousted Over Ties to Rivals, Contentious Bills
Three Civilians Killed as East Ukraine Shelling Flares Up
Masked Men Hurl Smoke Bombs at Venue of Ukraine Gay Forum
European Refugees
Migrants Mass in Turkey to Take Shortest Route to Europe
Migrant, Refugee Chaos at a Train Station in Macedonia
Germany Unnerved by Scores of Xenophobic Attacks Against Refugees
Cuba's Top Diplomat for US Sees Long Road to Normal Ties
US and Cuba Spar Over Human Rights After Flag Ceremony
Brazilian Police Under Investigation Over Sao Paulo Killing Spree

Brazil Protests Call for Dilma Rousseff's Impeachment

Ecuador Hits Back at UK Criticism Over Julian Assange
Venezuela Arrests Eight Police Officers After Video of Shooting
Nine Rights Activists Killed in Guatemala in 2015
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