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Updated August 19, 2015 - 11:21 PM EDT
AP Wrongly Claims Iran to 'Self-Inspect' Site
  Senate Majority Leader: Iran Deal Likely Will Pass
  75 Nuclear Experts Fall in Behind Obama's Iran Deal
US Boosts Support for Saudi-Led War on Yemen
  Saudi Warplanes Destroy Main North Yemen Aid Port in Hodeida
US-Backed Syria Rebels Eye Fight Against Assad
  Yazidi Infighting, Disputes Over Sinjar Stall Battle Against ISIS
Hillary Clinton Jokes About Wiping Email Server
Turkish Ruling Party Gives Up on New Govt
Why Are Israel's Nukes Not Mentioned in Iran Deal Debate?
Afghan Troops Flee Key District Amid Taliban Advance
Manning Guilty but Spared Solitary for Expired Toothpaste
AT&T's 'Partnership' With NSA Raises Huge Privacy Fears
Time To Hold Military Boots to the Fire  by William Astore & Tom Engelhardt
Propaganda, Intelligence, and
 by Ray McGovern
The GOP Field's Dangerous Fantasy on Iraq and Syria  by Michael Brendan Dougherty
Trumpismo, Mexico, and the Drug Cartels  by Justin Raimondo
Law in the Time of Endless War  by Robert Golan-Vilella
The Unending Persecution of Chelsea Manning  by Norman Solomon

More Viewpoints

Obama's Elite Interrogation Squad May Not Be So Elite – and Might Be Doomed
US Marines Move Tanks Into Europe
The Quiet Demise of the Army's Plan to Understand Afghanistan and Iraq
The Federal Govt Wants You to Review It on Yelp
Assange Still Holed Up as Allegations in Sweden Expire
101 Killed in Iraq as Turkish Refugees Flee to Kurdistan
Iraq's Maliki Says Report on Fall of Mosul Has 'No Value'
Iraq's Economy Battered by ISIS War, Low Oil Prices
Iraq Hires Banks Including Citigroup for $6 Billion Sale
Syrian Government Launches Counter Attack on Strategic Plain: Monitor
Areas Near Zabadani Come Under Fierce Bombardment
ISIS Militants Behead Archaeologist in Palmyra: Syrian Official
Syria Accuses UN Envoy of Bias Amid Diplomatic Peace Push
Syrian State TV Edits Out Criticism From Visiting UN Official
ISIS Fighter Urges Fellow Turks to Conquer Istanbul
One Turkish Soldier Killed in Clashes With Kurdish Rebels
Naked Corpse of Female Kurdish Militant Killed by Turkey's Special Forces Is Leaked Online
Turkish PM Returns Mandate to Form Government
Pro-Kurdish Opposition to Consider Taking Part in Turkish 'Election Government'
Statement on Iran Deal From Nuclear Non-Proliferation Specialists
Divisions and Inertia in Congress May Hand Obama a Victory on Iran Deal
Reid Makes Obama Wait on Iran
Mitch Mcconnell Admits Iran Deal Will Likely Pass
Sen. Robert Menendez Says He'll Vote to Reject Iran Deal
Iran to Sign Contract for Four S-300 Surface-To-Air Missile Systems From Russia
Yemen Conflict Has Killed Nearly 400 Children, UN Says
Al-Qaeda and Lawlessness Move Into 'Liberated' Areas of Yemen
Amnesty International: All Sides in Yemen Conflict May Be Guilty of War Crimes
Israel Denies Contacts With Hamas on Long-Term Truce
Palestinian Hunger Striker Agrees to Medical Care While Court Hears Case
Herzog: Peace With Palestinians Can Be Reached in Two Years
On Gaza Beach, 'Street Workout' Flexes Its Muscles
Huckabee Defends 'Obama Marching Israelis to Oven' Comment During West Bank Visit
The War at Home
John Kasich Positions Himself as a Frugal Hawk
AT&T Gave NSA a Billion Cell Phone Records a Day
Meet the Whistleblower Who Exposed the Secret Room AT&T Used to Help the NSA Spy on the Internet
Jeb Bush: NSA Needs Broader Powers to Combat 'Evildoers'
United Nations Demands States Respect Its Privacy After AT&T NSA Spying Revealed
Laura Poitras Discusses Suing the US Government, Hillary Clinton's 'Crazy' Email Blunder
Egypt Widens Government Power With New Anti-Terrorism Law
Egypt Detains Hamas Official at Cairo Airport: Security Sources
Up to 150 Drowned, Shot Dead Fleeing Boko Haram in Nigeria
Nigeria to Recruit Extra 10,000 Police Officers
Arab League Vows Military Support for Libya, No Word on Air Strikes
Tunisia Allows Libyan Flights After Six-Month Shutdown
Kenyan Police Name 'Al-Shabab Recruiters'
UN Secures Mali Town as Clashes Threaten Tuareg Peace Deal
Forget Egos, Sign Peace Deal: Uganda Tells South Sudan Leaders
Bangkok Bomber Is Man Seen Dropping Backpack: Thai Police
New Explosion Could Be Related to Earlier Bomb in Thailand
New Amateur Footage Captures Moment of Explosion Outside the Erawan Shrine
Report: Officers at Afghan Outpost Missed Signs of Trouble
Report: GIZ Suspends Work in Kabul Following Kidnapping
Pakistan Opposition Lawmaker Shot, Wounded in Attack on Car; Driver Killed
Bangladesh Arrests Three Men Including Briton Over Murders of Secular Bloggers
UN Chief Urges Restraint After Kashmir Clashes
Hungary Sending Thousands of Police to Border Against Migrants
Germany to Expect 750,000 Refugees in 2015: Reports
Haiti Disqualifies 14 Candidates Over Election Violence
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