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Updated August 20, 2015 - 11:22 PM EDT
IAEA: AP's Claims on Iran 'Self-Inspection' False
  The AP's Badly Flawed Iran Inspections Story, Explained
  Iran Seeks to Join Anti-ISIS Coalition
  Inside the Small, Pro-Israel Outfit Leading the Attack on Iran Deal
Erdogan's War Against PKK Backfiring in Polls
  PKK Kills Eight Turkish Soldiers in Roadside Bombing
Docs: US Efforts to Prevent Israel Getting Nukes
  Israeli High Court Orders Release of Palestinian Hunger Striker
South Korea Shells North Over 'Small Rocket'
US Says Saudis Using Cluster Bombs in Yemen
Hillary Clinton Jokes About Wiping Email Server
Afghan Warlord-Turned-VP Rallies Militias for Taliban War
Ukraine: Soldiers Say Commanders Lying About Victories
War Begets War Refugees: Moral Bankruptcy of Italy and NATO  by Ramzy Baroud
Who Is Mordechai Vanunu and Why Should You Care?  by Will Porter
Iran Deal Opponents Now Have 'Death Panels' Lie, It's a Whopper  by Max Fisher
The Deceptions of Hillary Clinton  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The Myth of Presidential Wisdom in Foreign Affairs  by Bruce Fein
The US/Israeli Conflict Is Finally Visible for All to See  by Sheldon Richman

More Viewpoints

Obama Protects Hillary, Petraeus, Cracks Down on Low-Level Security Leakers
Airlines to Expand Cuba Flights as Restrictions Ease
All Is Not Well in the UK's Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry
Australia Says 7 Jihadi Suspects Stopped at Airport
New Claims of Rape by UN Peacekeepers in Central Africa
American Suicide Bomber Among 179 Killed in Iraq
Suicide Bomber Kills 16 in Northeast Syria
Typhoid Breaks Out in Syria's Yarmouk Camp, Situation Desperate
Slovakia Will Take in 200 Syrian Refugees, but They Have to Be Christian
Iran Skeptics Use IAEA Funding as a New Bargaining Chip
The Iran Deal's Senate Math Is Looking Good for Obama (so Far)
AIPAC Chose a Peculiar Admiral for Its Memo Against the Iran Deal
US Independent Senator King Says He Will Back Iran Nuclear Deal
Iran, Russia Reach Agreement on Delivery of S-300 Missile Systems
Iran May Be India's Key to Central Asia
Yemeni Rebels Rebound With New Attacks After Setbacks
Children Bearing Brunt of War in Yemen, UNICEF Says
'Yemen After 5 Months Looks Like Syria After 5 Years': Red Cross President
Bloodletting in Turkey Highlights the Complexity of Fighting ISIS
Denied Mandate, CHP Rules Out Role in Transitional Turkish Govt
Kissinger Was 'Almost Blind With Rage' Over Israeli Behavior During 1975 Talks Over Sinai
Israel Demolishes Over 30 West Bank Structures in Two Days, Leaving Dozens Homeless
Mike Huckabee Blunders His Way Through Israel Press Conference
Palestinian Christians Scuffle With Israeli Police Over Divisive Wall
Fearful of Jewish Settlers, Palestinians Deploy Night Watchmen
UN Warns Israel Law Changes Could Worsen Human Rights
Hamas Naval Commandos Suspect Dolphin of Spying for Israel
A Year After Gaza War, Israel Tests New Anti-Tunnel Measures
The War at Home
Hillary Clinton Aide Palmieri on E-Mail: 'She Didn't Really Think It Through'
Homeland Security Racks Up $30,000 Starbucks Bill
Muslims Lead Donations to Families in Chattanooga Shooting
Man Arrested for Hoax Threat to Bomb the Statue of Liberty
Pakistan Military Says Air Strikes Kill 25 Militants in Northwest
Pakistani, Indian Troops Trade Fire in Kashmir, Killing Two
Ties With Pakistan Tense as Afghanistan Celebrates Independence
North Korea
Slovenian Avant-Garde Rock Band Makes Pyongyang Debut
The Flying Marshal: North Korea Builds Private Runways for Plane-Loving Kim
China/Hong Kong
UN Expert Slams China on Chemical Blast Secrecy
Key Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Students Charged After Occupy Protests
Philippines Forces Kill 15 Islamist Militants in Bid to Rescue Captives
Bangkok Bomb: Erawan Shrine Attacker 'Is Part of Network', Police Say
Libya, With Arab Support, Will Push UN to Lift Arms Embargo
Libyan Guards at Main Crossing to Egypt Stop Working
Large Bomb Explodes in Cairo, Injuring 6
Human Rights Watch Slams Egypt's New Anti-Terrorism Law
In Egypt, the 'Disappeared' Resurface on TV as 'Terrorists'
South Sudan
South Sudan's Kiir Tells US He Will Sign Peace Deal: US Spokesman
US Proposes UN Arms Embargo on South Sudan
Attackers on Moped Kill Tunisian Policeman, Wound 2 Others
Moscow Urges Europe to Get Ukraine to Comply With Truce
Putin Warns Hostile States Plotting 'Sabotage' in Crimea
US Calls on Russia to Release Jailed Estonian Officer
Russia's Putin Would Consider Meeting Obama at UN
3 Mexican Marines Dead in Chase; 5 Other People Killed
Indigenous Protesters Chase Off Police in Ecuador Town
Grisly Killing Becomes Political Battleground in Venezuela
El Salvador: 125 Killings in 3 Days as Gang Violence Soars
69 Activists Killed in Colombia in 2015: UN
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