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Updated August 27, 2015 - 11:22 PM EDT
Centcom Defends Skewing ISIS War Intel
Two US Troops Killed in Afghan Insider Attack
  Taliban Seize Key Helmand District, Afghan Troops in Retreat
Iraqi Kurds Seize ISIS-Held Villages in North
  Pro-US Syrian Rebel Commander Slain in Turkey Car Bombing
  205 Killed in Iraq; Kurdish Forces Launch Major Operation
New Pentagon Manual Allows for Detention of Journalists
Chief of Pro-Saudi Forces: Sanaa To Be Captured In Days
Iran Urges US to Release 19 Detained Iranian Citizens
American Jews Reject the Israel Lobby – and Support the Iran Deal  by Jon Basil Utley
'Islamic State' Pretense and the Upcoming Wars in Libya  by Ramzy Baroud
The Riddle of Obama's Foreign Policy  by Robert Parry
The Inevitability of a War President  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Collateral Damage Close to Home  by Christian Christensen
Why Republicans Reject the Iran Deal — and All Diplomacy  by Nicole Hemmer & Tom Switzer

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Do American Bases Abroad Help or Hinder Global Security?
UK Surveillance 'Worse Than Orwell': UN Privacy Chief
Obama Calls Abe to Express Regret for Spying on Japan
Sen. Cory Booker Torn Between GOP Donors and His Party
Leading Tripoli Negotiator Quits a Day Before New Libya Peace Talks
205 Killed in Iraq; Kurdish Forces Launch Major Operation
Iraq President Says Constitution Should Not Be Bypassed
British Hacker for Islamic State Killed in US Drone Strike in Syria: Sources
Mustard Gas 'Likely Used' in Suspected ISIS Attack in Syria
A Kurdish Political Star in Turkey Confronts Escalating Violence
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Saudi Military Intercepts Scud Missile Fired by Yemeni Forces
Saudi Arabia Executes Four More People the Day After Amnesty International Calls for Moratorium
Israeli Air Strike Targets Hamas in Response to Rocket Attack
Aid Groups Appeal for End to Gaza Blockade
AG, Israel Police Considering Probe Into Ehud Barak's Leak
Report: Likelihood of Israeli-Hamas War Greater Than That of Multiyear Ceasefire
Brawl Erupts in Hospital of Recovering Palestinian Hunger Striker
South Sudan
UN Report: Israeli Weapons Fueling South Sudan Civil War
South Sudan President Signs Peace Deal Despite Concerns
Islamists Kill at Least Seven in Southern Somali Attack
Algerian Troops Kill Five Islamist Fighters in Operation
UN Cuts Aid to Ex-Rebels in Congo, Urges State to Step In
Boko Haram Suspects on Trial in Chad Over Twin Attacks
Egypt's Sissi Turns to Russia's Putin to Fight Regional Terrorism
Venezuela, Colombia
Venezuela, Colombia Vow More Cooperation in Border Dispute
The War at Home
GOP Senator Accuses Clinton of Improperly Passing State Secrets to Her Lawyer
First State Legalizes Taser Drones for Cops, Thanks to a Lobbyist
Suspect in 1996 Khobar Towers Bombing That Killed 19 US Service Personnel Arrested
White House Walks Back Obama Jab at Deal Opponents
Army Appeals Court Reverses Rape Conviction, Citing Appearance of Unlawful Command Influence
European Refugee Crisis
Migrants May Be Answer to Serbian Depopulation: Government Official
UN Official: 'There Is No Military Solution' for Flood of Refugees
Hungary Deploys Police to Stem the Influx of Refugees and Other Migrants
Mass Migration: What Is Driving the Balkan Exodus?
Rescuers Save 3,000 Migrants in Mediterranean, 55 Dead
Refugee, Asylum Seeker, Migrant. What's the Difference?
Merkel, Heckled on Visit to Refugees, Says No to Xenophobia
Merkel Backs Emergency Funds for German Towns Facing Refugee Influx
Kosovo and Serbia Sign 'Landmark' Agreements
Russian Lawmaker Wants Kerry Sanctioned
Ukraine, Separatists to Strive for Full Ceasefire From September 1
India, Pakistan Border Chiefs to Meet After Peace Talks Collapsed
Curfew in India's Ahmedabad as Caste Protests Turn Violent
Suu Kyi: Myanmar Rebels Should Think Carefully on Peace Deal
US to Support Sri Lankan Plan on War Crimes Inquiry
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China and the Return of the ‘Yellow Peril’

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The Inevitability of a War President

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Presidents Who Have Exceeded Their Historical Reputations

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Grant Morrison Vs. the Super-Soldiers

Nebojsa Malic
America's 'Junkyard Dogs': Operation Storm, 20 Years On

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Questioning the Powerful

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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