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Updated August 28, 2015 - 11:15 PM EDT
ISIS Seizes US-Turkey 'Safe Zone' Territory in Syria
  ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills Two Iraqi Generals
  Syria, Islamists Agree to Extend Ceasefire in Disputed Towns
Yemen Nixes Talks, Demands Houthis Surrender
  US Drone Strike Kills Five in Southern Yemen
  HRW Urges Coalition to Stop Using Cluster Bombs in Yemen
US Asked Norway to Arrest Edward Snowden
Hamas Summons Palestinian Groups to Discuss Israel Truce
Afghan Forces, With NATO Help, Attack Resurgent Taliban
The Drumbeat for Sending Troops Back to Iraq Has Begun  by Simon Jenkins
Why Would the New York Times Try to Torpedo the Iran Deal?  by James Carden
Trust in War Is America's New Creed  by Henry Pelifian
Imperial America
 by Justin Raimondo
Sanders's Screwy Mideast Strategy  by Sam Husseini
Documents Reveal America's Disastrous Post-9/11 Plans  by Peter Frankopan

More Viewpoints

Whose War
in Yemen?

by Daniel Larison
Donald Trump: 'I've Got No Time to Travel Abroad'
Cruz, Trump to Hold Anti-Iran Deal Rally in DC
Arizona Man Charged With Supporting ISIS
Committee for Liberation of Iraq Members on Iran Deal
Germany Trades Citizens' Metadata for NSA's Top Spy Software
US Asks Uzbekistan to Join Anti-ISIS Coalition
Two Generals Among 75 Killed Across Iraq
US 'Confident' British Hacker Killed by Drone in Syria
Mosul Commander Was on Vacation Despite Warnings of Attack, Report Says
Iraqi Kurds Vow Steady Payments to Oil Companies
UN Chief Sets Out Framework for Syria Poison Gas Investigation
Seven Killed in Turkey in Clashes With Militants
Renewed Kurdish Conflict Angers Turks, Overshadows Election
Abbas Heats Up Palestinian Politics in PLO Reshuffle Bid
Petition to End Gaza Blockade Signed by Over 500,000 in 1 Day
Hamas Claims Israeli Military Took Terrorist's Body Instead of Israeli Soldier's During 2014 Gaza War
Hamas Reveals First Image of Shalit in Captivity
Hamas Shows Off Rebuilt Gaza Tunnels in New Video
Israel to Seek Bigger Role in African Development, PM Says
Israeli Minister Pressing Settlers to Build Yeshiva Without Permit
Seven Ukraine Servicemen Killed, 13 Wounded: Ukraine Military
Ukraine OKs Plan to Restructure $18 Billion of Foreign Debt
European Refugee Crisis
Migrant or Refugee? There Is a Difference, With Legal Implications
Traveling in Europe's River of Migrants
Migrant Crisis Forcing Divided Europe to Look Ahead
Balkan Leaders Urge Action by EU on Refugees
Refugees May Have Died Before Truck Entered Austria: Police
EU Urged to Step Up Action Against Mediterranean Migrant Smugglers
Truck of Corpses, New Shipwreck Intensify Europe's Migrant Crisis
PAP Agency: Poland to Store US Military Equipment From Mid-2016
France Pays Russia $1 Billion Compensation for Mistral Warships
Renewed Scrutiny for Mosque in Spain After Foiled Train Attack
Srebrenica Defender Indicted Over Serbs' Killings: Prosecutor
Mexico Replaces Security Chief and Foreign Relations Head
Guatemalan Prosecutors Urge President to Resign Amid Scandal
Rejecting Iran Deal Would Isolate Washington: US Envoy to UN
IAEA: Iran May Have Built Extension at Disputed Site
Report: Russia-Iran Disagreement Holding Up S-300 Deal
Why Barak Regrets Speaking Out on Iran
Swiss Envoy: Invest in Iran, Middle East's 'Pole of Stability'
Middle East
Yemen's al-Qaeda Denies It Held British Hostage
Lebanon's Hezbollah, Christian Allies Boycott Govt Meeting
Pakistan Officially Bans ISIS
Pro-Govt Tribal Leader Killed in Bajaur Agency Blast
Arrest Warrant Issued for Former Pakistani Prime Minister
Pakistan Demands Afghanistan Protect Its Kabul Mission, Staff
China/Hong Kong
China Denies Rushing Forces to Border During Korean Tensions
China Sentences 45 in Restive Region of Xinjiang
China Conducts Air, Sea Drills in East China Sea
Face of Hong Kong Student Protests Charged With Two More Offences
US Wants China to Follow Indian Development Efforts in Afghanistan
North Korea Leader Dismisses Top Officials After Standoff Eases
Malaysia to Block Sites Promoting Anti-Government Rally
Kazakhstan to Host IAEA Nuclear Fuel Bank for Non-Proliferation
Philippines Seeks 'Real-Time' US Help in Disputed South China Sea
India's Gujarat State Remains Tense After Patel Caste Violence
Thai Police Look Into Turkish Connection in Bangkok Blast
UN Chief Warns of Growing Humanitarian Crisis in NE Nigeria
Candlelight Vigil for Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls
South Sudan's Civil War: What Has Happened in the World's Youngest Nation?
Colombia, Venezuela Recall Ambassadors Amid Dispute
Rights Groups: Colombia Must Probe Sexual Violence by State Forces
Border Closure Turns Once-Bustling Venezuelan City Into Ghost Town
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