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Updated August 29, 2015 - 9:20 PM EDT
Demo Chief Blocks Pro-Iran Deal Resolution at DNC
  The Five Democrats Who Could Block Iran Bill
Canadians Accused of Killing Iraqi Civilians
  Syrian al-Qaeda Seizes Parts of Idlib Airbase in New Offensive
DC Court Upholds NSA Bulk Surveillance
Study: 60,000 West Bank Settlers Are Americans
Saudi Airstrikes Kill at Least 10, Mostly Civilians, in Yemen
Afghan DM Admits 'Difficulties' as Taliban Overruns Helmand
Barak’s Tales of Israel's Near War With Iran Conceal the Real Story  by Gareth Porter
Sanctions on Russia Help ISIS  by Richard Lourie
'I Have Become a Body Without a Soul': 13 Years Detained in Gitmo  by Pardiss Kebriaei
Hands Off Africa!  by Gary Greenbaum
Dick Cheney's Staggering Iran Hypocrisy  by Marcy Wheeler
Obama Administration Supports Privacy-Invasive 'Cybersecurity' Bill  by Mark Jaycox

More Viewpoints

Protesters Have No Free-Speech Rights on Supreme Court's Front Porch
TSA Screener Accused of Sexually Abusing Student in Laguardia Men's Bathroom
El Salvador Reports 51 Violent Deaths in a Day
Matt Damon Says New 'Bourne' Movie Inspired by Edward Snowden
Protests Resume in Baghdad; 88 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq's Top Shiite Cleric Says Political Reform Must Be 'Genuine'
Iraq 'To Open Baghdad Green Zone'
Video of Celebrity Iraq Fighter Slicing Body Goes Viral
US Confirms ISIS Computer Expert Killed in Air Strike
Evacuation of Wounded in Syrian Areas Delayed

Palmyra: Satellite Image of Is Destruction

Pro-Kurdish MPs Join Turkey Cabinet
New Turkish Cabinet Includes Opposition, but Little Policy Change Seen
Explosion in Bahrain Kills Police Officer, Wounds 7 Others
Taiwan Military Tells Veterans to Avoid Beijing's World War Two Parade
In Chongqing, Scars of WWII Are Still Visible – on People's Faces
China to Parade High-Tech Weaponry in Signal of Strength, and Shop Window
Border Firing Kills Nine on India-Pakistan War Anniversary
Kim Jong-UN Says North's 'Military Muscle' Made Korean Deal Possible
Weekend of Protests Set to Pile More Pressure on Malaysia's PM
Plots, Suspects, and Repercussions of the Bombing at Bangkok's Erawan Shrine
Thousands Protest in Philippines Over Religious Freedom
Vietnam Grants Amnesty to 18,000 Prisoners
Soldier Kills Two Civilians in Indonesia's Papua
Extremists Kill 28 in Villages in Northeastern Nigeria
Chad Sentences 10 Suspected Boko Haram Members to Death
Central African Republic Armed Group Frees Enslaved Children
US Citizen, Once Held in Egypt's Crackdown, Becomes Voice for Inmates
Uneasy Neighbors: Rwanda and Burundi
UN Warns South Sudan Rivals to Honor Ceasefire
Weekend Reviews
Base Nation: How US Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World
Do American Bases Abroad Help or Hinder Global Security?
A Missing History of Conservatism
Emma Sky: Why Iraq Is the 'Worst Strategic Failure Since the Foundation of the United States'
Video: Palestinian Women Fought Israeli Soldier After He Put Boy With a Broken Arm in a Headlock at Gunpoint
At Least 20 Jews Move Into East Jerusalem's Silwan
Obama Says US, Israel Have Been in Talks 'For Months' Over Security Cooperation
Switzerland Says Regrets Envoy's Display of Netanyahu Cartoon
Democratic Senator Carper Pledges Support for Iran Nuclear Deal
Iran Deal Opens a Vitriolic Divide Among American Jews
Iranians Hope to Fill Vacuum as US Lowers Its Mideast Profile
Obama to US Jews: Iran Deal Lifts Existential Threat to Israel
Obama's Sanctions Chief to Defend Iran Accord in Israel
Yemen: Situation Deteriorating in Taiz
Yemen Army Recruits 4,800 Southern Fighters: Officer
Tensions in Yemen May Soon Become a Big Deal to Oil
European Refugee Crisis
Mediterranean Refugee and Migrant Numbers Pass 300,000 in 2015
Europe Questions Border Rules After Train Attack, Migrant Moves
Militants Posing as Migrants? Unlikely, Say European Experts
Which Countries Are Under the Most Strain in the European Migration Crisis?
200 Feared Dead After Boat Capsizes Off Libya
Migrant Deaths: UN Warns of 'Crisis of Solidarity'
Estonia 'Plans Russia Border Fence' Amid Ukraine Tensions
Russia Launches Proton Rocket With British Satellite
Terror Law Prompts British Library to Reject Unique Taliban Archive
The War at Home
Police Drones With Tasers? It Could Happen in North Dakota
Ali Shukri Amin, Virginia Teen Behind Pro-ISIS Twitter Account, Gets 11 Years in Prison
White House Appoints 'First Hostage Affairs Envoy'
Ashton Carter: Pentagon Funding New High-Tech Venture
Americans Still Dying
Lexington (KY) Airman Killed in 'Insider' Afghanistan Attack Was in Special Operations
Pensacola (FL) Airman Killed by Insider Gunfire in Afghanistan
North Brookfield (MA) Native Working for Dyncorp Killed in Afghan Bombing Attack
Maine Contractor Killed in Kabul Attack Wanted to Make World Safer, Friend Says
Former Georgia Sheriff Deputy Working as Contractor Killed by Afghan Suicide Bomb
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