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Updated September 1, 2015 - 11:27 PM EDT
Petraeus: Use al-Qaeda Fighters to Beat ISIS
  ISIS Fights Rival Rebels, Nearing Heart of Syrian Capital
  150 Killed in Iraq, Including Rutba Demonstrators
GOP Warns Senate Dems Against Nixing Iran Vote
  Iranians Are Erasing 'Death to America' Graffiti Across Tehran
  Dem Chief Blocks Pro-Iran Deal Resolution at DNC
Israel Govt Faces Collapse Over Italian Restaurant
Yemen's Houthis Raid Homes of Rivals in Sanaa
Japan DM Seeks Record Military Budget 'to Counter China'
Ukraine Soldier Killed, 100 Police Wounded in Clashes
Turkey Arrests UK Reporters, Charging Them as Terrorists
Taliban: Covering Up Leader's Death Was 'Military Decision'
Bombs Won’t Bring Peace to Syria, So Why Do It?  by Anthony Billingsley
GOP Candidates Bashing Obama Over Iran Forget Bush's Role  by Ivan Eland
Abe's Wrong Rush to Militarization  by César Chelala
Can the GOP Deal With Iran?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
A Perfect Picture of the Occupation  Ha'aretz
The Soft Logic of Soft Targets  by Stephen M. Walt

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Obama Mulling Options for Closing Gitmo: White House
West Point Professor Who Called for Attacks on Holy Sites and Lawyers Resigns
Indian Village Orders Gang-Rape of 2 Sisters
Congressman Tells Second-Graders About Child Suicide Bombers
How Nigeria Lost $12.5 Million to Fake Ceasefire
150 Killed in Iraq, Including Rutba Demonstrators
ISIS Releases Graphic Video Showing Four Shi'ite 'Spies' Being Burned Alive in Anbar, Iraq
Baghdad Protesters Demand Chief Justice Resign
Syrian Official: Extent of Damage at Palmyra Temple Unclear
Germany Changes Attitude Toward Iran: Welcomes Iranian Role in Any Syrian Talks
Republicans Plot Counterattack to Iran Nuclear Deal Filibuster
Bust: Iran Opponents' August Fail
75 Former Lawmakers Press Congress to Back Iran Deal
Iranian State Media Reports Arrest of Reformist Politician
5 Palestinians, Israeli Soldier Wounded During West Bank Raid
Sen. Cotton Meets Netanyahu in Israel
Faking Doctors' Notes to Escape Gaza War Zone
European Refugee Crisis
Migrant Crisis Tests Core European Value: Open Borders
Migrants Bike Into Norway at Remote Arctic Border Crossing
Austria Inspects Trucks for Migrants, Creates 18-Mile Backup
EU Says It May Offer Hungary More Help With Migrants
New Danish Law to Discourage Refugees
Tale of Two Migrants Shakes Italy
US Military Deploys Drones to Latvia on Training Mission
Two US F-22 Fighter Jets Arrive in Poland as Part of European Training Mission
Russian Parliamentarian Calls US Ban From Conference Illegal
Foreign Ministers to Discuss Ukraine by Mid-Sept: Kremlin
Lithuania Presses Charges Over Deaths in 1991 Soviet Crackdown
Venezuelan Leader Says Colombia Plotting His Assassination
Report: Colombia Collecting Bulk Data Without Warrants
Dozens of Venezuelans Shot by Police Amid Crime Crackdown
Colombia Peace Talks Have Advanced Significantly: President Santos
Cuba Goes All in on English, Amid Closer US Ties
As Drone Usage Soars in Latin America, So Do Concerns
The War at Home
Another 125 Clinton Emails Now Contain Classified Material
Army Searching for Missile That Fell From Apache Helicopter in Upstate New York
Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Suicide Bomb Plot at Kansas Airport
Ex-Secret Service Agent Pleads Guilty in Bitcoin Theft
Obama 'Offended' When Jewish Members of Administration Attacked Over Iran Deal
Bernie Sanders Applied for 'Conscientious Objector' Status During Vietnam, Campaign Confirms
Afghan Taliban Offer Leader's Biography Amid Power Struggle
Afghanistan's Electoral Reform Plan Is Met With Skepticism
Afghan Police Investigate Gas Poisoning at Girls' School
Indira Gandhi Considered Military Strike on Pakistan's Nuke Sites, Claims CIA Document
Pakistan Denies Haqqani Insurgents Use Its Territory as Base
Thai Police Award Themselves $84k for Arrest of Bomb Suspect
Influential Christian Sect Ends Protests in Philippines
China to Open High-Speed Rail Link to North Korean Border
Myanmar's President Signs Off on Law Seen as Targeting Muslims
Four Libyan Soldiers Killed in New Battle With Islamist Fighters in Benghazi: Medics
Car Bomb Damages Italy's Eni Joint Venture Office in Libyan Capital
Gas Find Gives Egyptian President New Political Power
Egypt Building Fish Farms to Stop Gaza Smuggling Tunnels
Six DR Congo Soldiers Killed in Ambush North of Goma
South Sudan Rebels Say Peace Deal at Risk From Ceasefire Breaches
Clan Warfare Trumps Diplomacy in Mali's Fragile North
Ivorian Opposition Coalition Threatens to Obstruct Elections
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