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Updated September 20, 2015 - 11:21 PM EDT
Centcom: Bad News on ISIS 'Wasn't Welcome'
  Threat of ISIS 'Infiltration' of US as Refugees Overblown
Al-Qaeda Executes 56 Captured Syrian Soldiers
  US, Russia Discuss Coordination as Russian Jets Arrive in Syria
  Russia Would 'Consider' Syria Request for Troops
  Insurgents Kill 56 Government Troops at Captured Air Base
  Abandoning Syria: Few Options Left for Stopping the War
Turkish Jets Hit Kurdish Camps in Iraq, 55 Killed
42 Killed as Taliban Attacks Pakistan Air Base
Obama Takes 'Sledgehammer' to Cuba Embargo
General Recommends No Prison for Bergdahl
Japan Ignores Protesters, Authorizes Overseas Military Ops
ISIS Leader Fought Under US Umbrella as Late as 2013  by Brad Hoff
How Iran Hawks Became Their Own Worst Enemies  by Eli Clifton
When Is Assassination Not Assassination? When the Government Says So  by Nick Turse
Are Neocons an Existential Threat?  by Robert Parry
The War in Yemen as a Rite of Passage  by Rami G. Khouri
Hostile Interview Shows Prime Journalistic Duty  by Glenn Greenwald

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US Report Proves Lithuania Hosted CIA 'Black Site': Lawyer
China to Respond Firmly to Any North Korea Nuke Test
Bowe Bergdahl Quit Afghan Post to 'Expose Problems'
US Govt Says It Will Now Use the Term 'Sexual Rights'
Former Nobel Chief: Obama Peace Prize a Failure
Bitcoin Is Officially a Commodity: US Regulator
The War at Home
Ahmed Mohamed's Clock Was 'Half a Bomb,' Says Anti-Muslim Group With Ties to Trump, Cruz
Govt Argues: If Your Mobile Phone Provider Knows Where You Are, Why Shouldn't We?
Marines' Gender Integration Brings Out Unusually Public Discord
The Facebook of the Future Has Privacy Implications Today
TSA Doesn't Care That Its Luggage Locks Have Been Hacked
Former Navy Chief Accepted Bribes in Afghanistan
Congressman: Air Marshals Posed as Pornographers to Arrange Sex Romp
Pakistan Blames Afghanistan for the Attack on Peshawar AF Base
Pakistan-Russia SU-35 Fighter Jet Deal Potentially the Largest
China 'Extremely Concerned' by Proposed US Challenge to Claims
China Hails US Repatriation of Corruption Fugitive
Malaysia Blocks Critic of Prime Minister From Taking Case to US
Anwar's Daughter Urges Obama to Pressure Malaysian Leader
Why Is Nepal's New Constitution Controversial?
Q&A: A Look at Japan's Contentious Security Legislation
Australian Leader Swap Further Dents Japanese Submarine Bid
Burkina Faso
Doctor: Three Dead, 13 Wounded in Burkina Faso Coup Violence
AU Suspends Burkina Over Coup
Burkina Faso Coup Leaders Offer Olive Branch as Protests Mount
South Sudan
At Least 186 Killed in South Sudan Tanker Blast
South Sudan President Complains of Being Treated Like 'Schoolboy'
Libyan Official Says Suspected ISIS Militants Attack Prison
In Niger, US Soldiers Quietly Help Build Wall Against Boko Haram
Islamist Rebels Attack Somali Army Bases, Retake Town
Ex-Ukraine PM Tymoshenko's US Racketeering Lawsuit Dismissed
East Ukraine Faces Winter Water Shortage Threat
NATO Chief to Make First Visit to Ukraine Next Week
Weekend Reviews
Empire, Security, and the War State
Ron Paul and Lost Lessons of War
Militarism: Our Civic Religion
Remi Kanazi's Before the Next Bomb Drops
This Must Be the Place: How US Waged Germ Warfare in Korean War and Denied It Ever Since
Syrian Refugee Crisis
After Vowing to Keep Migrants Out, Hungary Takes Some In
In EU, Asylum Applicants Jump to 213,000 in Three Months
Slovenia Says Migrant 'Corridor' Possible if Pressure Too Great
Slovenian Police Pepper Spray Migrants at Border
Syrian Refugee Soccer Coach Tripped in Hungary Given Job in Spain
'Heads as Well as Hearts': Croatia Says It Can Take No More Migrants
Refugees Find Shelter in a German Ghost Town
Norway Says May Impose Border Controls if Asylum Inflows Surge
Cholera Outbreak Worsens; 122 Killed in Iraq Bloodshed
All 39 Indians Held Hostage in Iraq by ISIS Alive
Russia Tells US: Syria Activity 'Defensive in Nature'
US Sees Military Talks With Russia on Syria as Important Next Step: Kerry
Rouhani: Death to America Not Meant Literally
Ayatollah Khomeini's Grandson Enters an Election in Iran
Israeli Jets Bomb Gaza Strip After Rockets Fired at South
8 Ways 'Terror' as Israel Knows It May Be About to Change
Dozens Wounded in Clashes Over Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Entry Restrictions
Israel Boosts Security in Jerusalem's Old City
Abbas to Meet Putin in Moscow Next Week
Egypt 'Starts Flooding Gaza Tunnels'
Israel Tightening Security Ties With Myanmar, Despite Western Sanctions
Middle East
Yemeni Tribesmen's Loyalty Crucial as Saudi-Led Forces Push for Sanaa
Lebanese Journalist Could Face Jail for Contempt of Hague Court
Administration Takes Move to Further Liberalize Rules on Trade With Cuba
Cuba Appoints Cabanas New Ambassador to US
Pope's Visit to Cuba Raises Prospect of Human Rights Friction
Colombia Says Venezuelan Troops Crossed Border Illegally
Venezuela Says Fighter Jet Crashes After Entry of 'Illicit' Plane
Former Argentine Soldiers See Justice in Declassified Files
Americans Still Dying
Family Mourns Loss of Louisiana Marine Killed During Training Exercise
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