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Updated September 22, 2015 - 11:28 PM EDT
US-Trained Rebels Hand Weapons Over to Qaeda
US Plans Escalation of ISIS War in Syria, Lower Vetting Requirements
US Officials Blame Iraq Political Infighting for Ramadi Failures
  Hezbollah Shifts to Defensive Role in Syria
Syria Rebels See Longer War With Russia Involved
  Netanyahu: Russia Will Allow Israeli Attacks on Syria
  Syria Reports 'Deep Coordination' Between Russia, Iran
  Russia Starts Syria Drone Surveillance Missions: US Officials
GI Punished for Stopping Afghan Assault on Child
  US Outrage and Resignation Over Afghans' Rape of Boys
DoD Report: Al-Qaeda a Bigger Threat Than ISIS
Iran's Samples Collected With IAEA Present
Saudis Pound Yemen, Killing 50, Many Civilians
Most Palestinians No Longer Support Two-State Solution
More Than 100 Killed by Boko Haram Bombings in Nigeria
Remaking the World in Greater Israel’s Image  by Dan Sanchez
After the Iran Deal: Will the Nuclear Powers Play by the Rules?  by Lawrence Wittner
NYT Erases CIA's Efforts to Overthrow Syria's Govt  by Adam Johnson
Wacky US Foreign Policy  by Ivan Eland
Is Rubio's Foreign Policy 'Savvy'?  by Daniel Larison
Born in the USA: How America Created Iran's Nuclear Program  by Steve Inskeep

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Trump Vows to Have 'Unpredictable' Foreign Policy
EU-US Data-Sharing Deal Faces Challenge in EU Court
US Mulls Abstention on Cuba Embargo Vote at UN
Canada Rivals Spar Over F-35 Purchase Ahead of Election
Bergdahl Lawyer Asks Court to Make Interrogation Public
The War at Home
Scott Walker Drops Out of 2016 Presidential Race
Plan to Admit More Refugees Faces Stiff Opposition in Congress
Provision Forcing Companies to Report Supposed 'Terrorist Activity' Struck From Bill
Guantanamo Pilgrims Hope Pope Will Help Close US Base
Pentagon Enlisting Outsiders to Help Search for US WWII MIAs
California Man Sentenced to Prison for 2013 Attack on Sikh American
DoD Chief Backs 'Lean In' Circles to Promote Women in the Military
Navy Fighter Jet Crashes in California; Pilot Ejected Safely
Building the Atom Bomb: The Full Story of the Nevada Test Site
Investigating Pakistan's 'Mobs for Hire'
Pakistan Military Court Sentences Nine to Death for Terrorism
Behind the Scenes of Bagram, an Afghan Airbase in Limbo
China Military Hints at Strong Opposition to Large-Scale Troop Cuts
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Promises Voters Corruption Free Government
Russia and Japan to Continue Discussions on Peace Treaty
India Turns to Israel for Armed Drones as Pakistan, China Build Fleets
Gunmen Abduct Three Foreign Tourists From Southern Philippines Resort
In Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, the Legacy of Soviet Rule Endures
Protesters and Police Clash in Nepal After Adoption of New Constitution
Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Troops in Capital
Burkina Faso Army Chiefs Order Coup Soldiers to Disarm
Burkina Faso Coup Leader Says He Will Hand Back Power
Burkina Faso Coup Leader Warns of Civil War Risk: Statement
US State Dept. Advises Against Travel to Burkina Faso
Somalia Car Bomb Kills 7 Near Presidential Palace: Police
52 Killed as Bombers Strike in Baghdad
Allawi Calls for Abadi's Removal
HRW: Shi'ite Militias Violated Laws of War in Tikrit Battle
Iraq Tackles Deadly Cholera Outbreak
Syrian Regime Killed 18 Civilians in Aleppo
Russia Deploys 28 Combat Planes in Syria: US Officials
Israel, Russia Agree to Coordinate Military Action on Syria
Syrian Rebels Say They've Helped Hundreds Defect From ISIS
Russia Says Its Embassy in Syria Shelled but No One Hurt
In Moscow, Presence of IDF Generals Sends a Message of Military Urgency
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Syrians See Impostors, Interlopers Among Migrants Around Them
Hungary Empowers Military to Act Against Refugees
Hungary Beefs Up Border With Army, Warns Migrants to Stay Away
Hungary Places Full-Page Newspaper Ads Warning Migrants
War-Scarred Eastern Croatia Lends Refugees a Hand
Bickering in the Balkans: Officials Clash Over Migrants
For Some Refugees, Sweden Offers Good Jobs Not Welfare
Sodastream Offers 1,000 Jobs to Syrian Refugees in Israel
Abbas Says Won't Announce Dismantling of PA at UN Speech
Vatican, in Switch, Will Join Palestine in Flying Flag at UN
In First Since 2007, Israel Okays Imports of Gaza Products
Israeli Arab High School Students Rally Against Temple Mount Policy
Israeli Forces Detain Senior PA Official's Driver
Turkish Jets Hit Kurdish Militant Targets in Southeast Turkey: Military
As Turkish Election Looms, Erdogan Presses Pro-Kurdish Opposition
Colombia, Venezuela Agree to Send Ambassadors Back to Posts
Security Is Tight After Cuban Dissident Confronts Pope
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