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Updated September 24, 2015 - 10:34 PM EDT
Putin Said to Plan ISIS Strikes With or Without US
  Islamist Group Pledges Allegiance to al-Qaeda in Syria
  US Denies Russian Claims They're Receptive to Syria Unity Govt
  Syrian Kurd Offensive Against ISIS Has Stalled
  Pentagon Insists No Defections to al-Qaeda From US-Trained Fighters
US Nuclear 'Upgrades' in Europe and Turkey
  Russia Warns of Retaliation if US Sends New Nukes to Germany
Marines Told That Rape Is Afghan 'Cultural' Issue
  Afghan Officials Downplay Growing Taliban Fleet of Seized Humvees
Egypt Junta Pardons 100, Including Al-Jazeera Journalists
  Egypt's Military Is Killing Civilians in Its 'War on Terror'
ISIS War Czar to Resign, Citing Opposition to Policies
Turkey Launches New Airstrikes Against PKK in N. Iraq
US State Department Ignored a Letter From Joseph Kony
Colombia, FARC Vow to End 50-Year War Within Six Months
Clueless Carly – Crony Capitalist Warmonger With Flash Cards  by David Stockman
Israel’s High-Stake al-Aqsa Game and Why Netanyahu May Prevail  by Ramzy Baroud
Power-Drunk Abe Sleepwalking Into US' Arms  by Cai Hong
Iran's Parchin Nuclear Myth Begins To Unravel  by Gareth Porter
Obama’s Russian Roulette  by Kenneth G. Eade
Israel Is a Stone's Throw Away From Becoming the Roman Empire  by Ron Ben-Toovim

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Alleged Al-Qaeda Commander Fires Legal Team, Paralyzing Gitmo Trial
Feds: 5.6 Million Fingerprints Stolen in US Personnel Hack
Feds: Still No Proof Verizon Wireless in NSA Program
Antiwar Republican Seeks Vice Presidential Spot
How the NFL – Not the NSA – Is Impacting Data Gathering Well Beyond the Gridiron
NSA Said to Have Spied on Iran During UN Visit
After Nuclear Deal, a Handful of Americans Enroll in Iran University
Iran's Khamenei Slams Israel Over Al-Aqsa Unrest
Iran's Untapped Oil Reserves Pique Interest of Foreign Investors in Wake of Nuclear Deal
Palestinian Witness Disputes Israel Account of Woman's Death
Activist Group Says Pictures Show Moment Before Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Woman
Sakhnin Students Strike to 'Defend Al-Aqsa'
Report: Premature Detonation of Grenade Kills Palestinian in Attack on Israeli Soldiers
Saudi Arabia
Hundreds Killed, Hundreds More Injured, During Stampede in Mecca
US State Department 'Welcomes' News That Saudi Arabia Will Head UN Human Rights Panel
France Urges Saudi Arabia to Cancel Death Penalty for Young Shi'ite
How the US Wasted Billions of Dollars Rebuilding Afghanistan
Ashraf Ghani, Afghan President, Vows to Crack Down on Abuse of Boys
Georgian Soldier Killed in Attack Near US Base in Afghanistan
Afghan Police May Face Shortage of Winter Clothing: US Watchdog
China Pressures US Companies to Buckle on Strong Encryption and Surveillance
Xi Jinping Calls for Cyber Dialogue Between China, US as Sanctions Talk Looms
Rights Protesters, China Supporters Greet President Xi in Seattle
US Woman Says Her Detention in China for Spy Probe Is About Politics
China Dissident's Wife Rejects Invite to US State Department
India to Begin Largest Military Exercise Near Pakistan Border in October
War on Terror: Pakistan Tells Kabul to 'Do More'
141 Killed in Iraq Battles; Cholera Spreads South
German Anti-ISIS Coalition Chief Found Dead in Iraq Hotel
Military Analyst Again Raises Red Flags on Progress in Iraq
Amid Fresh Tension Over Syria, Obama and Putin Seek to Meet

Syria Says Would Welcome Russian Army Base in Latakia

Syria Deploys Russian Drones for First Time: Security Source
Jaish Al-Islam Declares War on Russians Fighting in Syria
For Israel, Syria Red Lines Matter More Than a Hotline to the Kremlin
Third Time's the Charm: French Agent Who Defected to al-Qaeda Finally Killed
Racing Against Militant Threat to Document Syria's Heritage
Syrian Refugee Crisis
At Busy Lebanese Port, Syrian Refugees Set Their Sights on Europe
Slovakia Will Challenge EU Migrant Quotas in Court: PM
Sharp Increase in Migrant Arrivals on Greece's Lesbos Island
Text of EU Statement on Migration After Leaders' Meeting
Banks Must Turn Over Sudanese Assets to USS Cole Victims: US Court
Egypt to Buy Mistral Warships Originally Built for Russia From France
Burkina Faso's President Back in Charge as Coup Fails
Mali Islamists Armed Group Push Fighting Beyond Conflict-Hit North
Weapons Found In UN Vehicles on Ship in Kenya: Vessel Owner
Malaria Deaths Skyrocket in South Sudan as People Continue to Flee Fighting
Terror Suspects Are Jailed for Life in Canada for Plot to Derail Train
Colombia's Half-Century Conflict at a Glance
Disappearances in Mexico, One Year Later: New Theories but Few Answers
Relishing New Wi-Fi, Cuba's Young Clamor for More
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