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Updated September 26, 2015 - 8:03 PM EDT
Trump: Rivals Want to Start WW3 Over Syria
Pentagon Admits: US Gear in Qaeda's Hands
  Pentagon Finally Admits Syrian Rebels Gave US Gear to al-Qaeda
  British Think Tank Complains Russia Might Harm al-Qaeda in Syria
  Kurd Leader Says Collapse of Assad Regime 'Would Be a Disaster'
US, Iraq Push Each Other to Do More Against ISIS
US, China Agree Not to Cyber-Attack Each Other
Iran, Europe Aim to Speed Up Sanctions Relief
19 Turkish Soldiers, 34 PKK Killed in SE Turkey Attacks
US To Leave Thousands of Troops in Afghanistan After 2016
Standing Before Congress, Pope Francis Calls Out ‘Industry of Death’  by Phyllis Bennis & Manuel Perez-Rocha
US Exploited Assad's Fight Against al-Qaeda  by Daniel McAdams
Ben Carson's Narrow View of Islam Is Widely Shared – by Islamic Extremists  by Jamiles Lartey
It’s Time To Close Guantanamo Detention Camp  by Kenneth G. Eade
Giving Up the Global-Cop Badge  by Graham E. Fuller
Yemen as Laboratory: Why Is West So Silent About This Savage War?  by Martha Mundy

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Speaker John Boehner Will Quit Congress in Oct.
Profiled: From Radio to Porn, British Spies Track Web Users' Online Identities
Secret Surveillance Court Picks First Outsider to Get a Look In
Germany Says About 30 Percent of Migrants Claiming to Be Syrian Are Not
German Colonel in Iraq Died of Heart Attack, Autopsy Shows
UK to Extend Surveillance Aircraft Use in Iraq and Syria
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Says Snubbing Reforms Will Revive Protests
Is Iraqi Kurdistan Splitting Apart ... Again?
'Many People Have Reached the End on the Line in Iraq', Warns Senior UN Relief Official
ISIS Frees Kurdish Photographer in Prisoner Swap: Press Watchdog
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Syrians Who Supported Assad Find Flight Now a Nightmare
Europe Gets 8,000 Refugees Daily
Croatia Lifts Border Blockade With Serbia
Syrians in Germany Face Neo-Nazis, Dismal Conditions
Volunteers, Many Once Refugees Themselves, Help as Guides in Vienna
'Finland's No Good': Disappointed Migrants Turn Back
Finland Protesters Throw Fireworks at Migrant Buses
Iran's Self-Sampling at Parchin Was 'Faultless,' Claims IAEA Chief
Former IDF Chief Says 'Hysteria' Over Iran Deal Is Unwarranted
Iranian President Urges 'Quicker' Steps on Possible Mutual Prisoner Releases
US Ties Better but 'Still a Long Road to Travel': Iran's Rouhani
Explosions Hurt More Civilians in Yemen Than in Syria This Year
As Bombs Fall, One Market in Yemen's Capital Still Draws Crowds
Yemeni President Visits UAE Forces in Aden
How Israel Keeps Palestinians Off a Third of All West Bank Land
Israeli Soldiers Assault AFP Media Team in West Bank
Witness Disputes Israeli Account of Woman's Death
In 1976 Interview, Rabin Likens Settler Ideologues to 'Cancer,' Warns of 'Apartheid'
West Bank Shooting 'Extrajudicial Execution': Amnesty
Israel's Soaring Population: Promised Land Running Out of Room?
At Least Eight Dead in Suspected Rebel Raid on Congo Army Camp
Boko Haram Fighters Kill at Least 15 in Niger Village Raid
Nigeria's Boko Haram Crisis: 200 Fighters Surrender
South Sudan Army Leaves Juba as Peace Agreement Calls For: Commander
Egypt Says Police Killed Militants Who Attacked Italian Consulate
Mombasa Ship: UN Weapons Seized by Kenya 'Not Illegal'
Shaker Aamer, UK's Last Detainee in Guantánamo Bay, to Be Freed
Despite Pledge, US Not Letting Gitmo Detainees Tell Their Stories
Classified Files Could Exonerate Former Gitmo Detainee Now Imprisoned in Morocco
The War at Home
Ben Carson Receives Spike in Donations After Anti-Muslim Comments
Postal Service Failed to Protect Personal Data in Mail Surveillance, Report Says
Fort Gordon Soldier's Death Ruled Suicide
More Work-Related Emails Found From Clinton's Private Account
Benghazi Committee to Get New Clinton Emails From State Dept.
Catalan Independence Vote May Push Spain Into Crisis
Pragmatic Catalans Cool Over Independence Before Vote
Catalonia's Secession Plan and How Spain Would Block It
Ukraine and West Condemn Rebel Ban on Foreign Aid Groups
Ukraine and Russia Strike Deal on Winter Gas Supplies
Ukraine Bans Russian Airlines as Part of War Sanctions
US Adds Remote Russian Gas Field to Sanctions List
Xi Denies China Turning Artificial Islands Into Military Bases
China Finishes First Airstrip in Spratly Islands
Expectations Low for Obama-Xi State Visit
China Says Resident Wounded in Shooting on North Korean Border
Three Arrested on Suspicion of Planning Malaysia Terror Attacks
Protests in India-Administered Kashmir Leave 12 Injured
Bangkok Erawan Shrine Bomb: Main Suspect Is in Custody, Police Say
Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Government Disbands Elite Unit Behind Coup
Reinstated Government of Burkina Faso Meets With Top UN Officials
Weekend Reviews
How Human Rights Groups Reinforce Israeli Colonialism
Base Nation: How US Military Bases Abroad Harm America and the World, Maps American Military Mishaps
The Cold War Is Back – and It Never Went Away: Bobby Fischer's Tragedy and the Conflict That Ate America's Soul
In Search for Mexico's 43, Killings of 6 Others Go Ignored
Venezuela President Says He'll Meet With Guyana Leader at UN
Americans Still Dying
Soldier From Buford (GA) Killed in Afghanistan
Green Beret Who Died in Jump Training Was 29-Year-Old Californian
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