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Updated September 30, 2015 - 11:19 PM EDT
Russia Begins Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria
  Western-Backed Syrian Rebel Group Hit by Russian Air Strikes
  Russia Urges US to Join Baghdad-Based Anti-ISIS Intel Sharing
UN-Brokered Deal May Speed Syria Disintegration
  RAND Corp Report: Killing ISIS Leaders Useless, War Stalemated
  Pentagon: US Never Trained Rebel Who Gave al-Qaeda Weapons
US Troops Fight Taliban Around Afghan's Kunduz
  Afghans Launch Counteroffensive Trying To Retake Kunduz
Saudis Pressured Over Civilian Deaths in Yemen
  131 Dead in Saudi-Led Air Strike on Yemen Wedding Party
FBI and DEA Under Review for Use of NSA Data
  New Snowden Doc Shows NSA Spied on German Intelligence
ISIS Reports Killing Aid Worker in Bangladesh
Abbas: Palestinians No Longer Bound by Pacts With Israel
The US Is Neck-Deep in Yemeni Blood  by Shane Smith
The Glaring Omission in Obama's UN Speech  by Daniel Larison
Did a Rogue NSA Operative Cause the Death of a Greek Telecom Employee?  by James Bamford
Showdown at the UN Corral  by Justin Raimondo
The Superpower as Victim  by Tom Engelhardt
How America's Drone War in Yemen Strengthens al-Qaeda  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Judge Dismisses 9/11 Victims' Case Against Saudis
Catalan Head Indicted for Calling Referendum on Split From Spain
New York City to Join US Anti-Terrorist Program Criticized by Rights Groups
Israel Not Coordinating With Russia in Syria, Defense Minister Says
Edward Snowden Joins Twitter and You Won't Believe His First Tweet
Airstrikes Kill Civilians in North; 107 Dead Across Iraq
Congressional Report: US Has 'Failed' to Stop Flow of Foreign Fighters to ISIS
Putin-Obama Discussed Information Sharing on Syria: Kremlin
Obama and Putin Play Diplomatic Poker Over Syria
Obama Admin Sanctions ISIS Facilitators, Attempts to Cut Terror Group's Funding
30 Killed in Coalition Strikes on ISIS Camp in Syria on Sunday: Monitor
Syria-Iraq Refugee Crisis
IOM: Migrant Crisis Tops Half a Million to Europe This Year
Micronation 'Liberland' on Croatian Border Welcomes in Syrian Refugees to Help Build His New Tax-Free Libertarian 'Utopia'
Iraq Refugee Crushed to Death by Pallets in Calais
Bulgaria to Extradite Suspect in Refugee Deaths
German Hoteliers Get Unexpected Boost From Migrant Influx
At UN, Hungary Defends Blocking Migrants, Says Fences Not 'For Fun'
Japan Boosts Support for War Refugees From Syria, Iraq
Turkey's Erdogan Says Over 30 Kurdish Militants Killed in Raids
Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in PKK Bomb Attack: Army
Egyptian Leader: Palestinian Plight a Major 'Pretext' for Terror
Poll Shows Egyptians View Israel as Most Hostile State
The New Iraq
Central African Republic Leader Pleads for Calm as 30,000 Flee Tense Capital
Burkina Army Enters Presidential Guard Camp, Coup Leader Gone
French Court Orders Seizure of Properties Tied to Congo President's Family
Cuba to Obama: End Embargo and Close Gitmo
At UN, Guyana Blasts Venezuela Over Century-Old Border Spat
Peru Suspends Civil Liberties After Anti-Mining Clash
Obama, Iran FM Shake Hands on Sidelines of UN General Assembly
Iran Foreign Minister Criticized for Handshake With Obama
Iran, Australia Say Nuclear Deal Is Blueprint for More Pacts
Abbas Out of Options, Out of Synch With Angry Palestinians
World Bank: Palestinian Economy Worsens for Third Year
Obama Snub Likely to Set Tone for Abbas' UN Speech
Middle East
The Man Who Would Be King of Kurdistan
Yemen's Aden Oil Refinery Resumes Operations
US Launches Airstrike on Kunduz in Northern Afghanistan
What Led to the Fall of Kunduz?
Taliban Audacity Trumps Afghan Forces' Weak Defenses in Kunduz
Taliban Attack Airport After Seizing Northern Afghan City
Western Envoys in Bangladesh Limit Movements After Attack Claimed by ISIS
Nepal Rations Fuel as India Blocks Supplies
Sri Lanka War Crimes Resolution Softened Before UN Debate
CIA Pulled Officers From Beijing After Breach of Federal Personnel Records
Fears for Hong Kong Academic Freedom as Top Legal Scholar Barred From Job
Ukraine, Rebels Agree to Broaden Weapons Withdrawal
Ukraine Begins Trial Against Alleged Russian Troops
When Kremlin Candidate Loses Election, Even Voters Are Surprised
Scrapped Russian Arms Deal to Cost France Up to 250 Million Euros
UN Adds Four Britons to Sanctions List Over ISIS Membership
Colombia's FARC Leader Says All Rebels on Board for Peace
Colombia Justice Deal Does Not Address Possible Jail Time: FARC Rebels
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