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Updated October 2, 2015 - 11:06 PM EDT
US Sends Mixed Signals on Russia's Syria Strikes
  US Unlikely to Fight Russia Over 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels
  Russia: Syria Airstrikes Targeting ISIS and Other Terror Groups
US Seeks to Cut Europeans Out of Syria Talks
  ISIS Gains in South Syria, With Presence on Israel, Jordan Borders
PM: Iraq Would Welcome Russian Airstrikes
  3,842 Killed in Iraq During September
Afghan Govt Claims to Retake Parts of Kunduz
  14 Dead After US C-130 Transport Plane Crashes in Afghanistan
UN to Let Saudis Probe Themselves on Yemen War Crimes
  Yemen's Houthis Trade Fire With Blockade Warships
Lebanon Reaps Windfall From US Congress
As Usual, Netanyahu Makes UN Speech All About Iran
Sustaining Perpetual War: The Bloodless Narrative  by Peter Van Buren
Why Is Washington Against Russia Bombing ISIS and al-Qaeda?  by Daniel McAdams
Support Neither Dictators nor Democracy  by Michael S. Rozeff
The War Party Hates Putin – Loves al-Qaeda  by Justin Raimondo
The Mind of Mr. Putin  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Obama's Self-Deceit
 by Joe Lauria

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What Are American Spies Doing at Oktoberfest?
Full Unedited Text of Putin's Interview With Charlie Rose: What CBS Left Out
For Putin, Fight in Syria Also a Struggle With Bitter Domestic Enemies
US Senators Hem and Haw on Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Abuses
257 Killed in Iraq as Abadi Asks for More Airstrikes
Russia Says Data Analysis Shows It Only Hit ISIS Targets in Syria
Iran Says It Backs Russian Strikes in Syria
Commander of Syrian Kurd Militia Says War Could Last 10 Years
Russia Says US-Backed Free Syrian Army Not a Terrorist Group
Kremlin Says Its Aim Is to Help Syrian Army in Its 'Weak Spots'
Merkel Says Can Only End Syrian War With Russia's Help
No Military Solution to Syria, Says German Foreign Minister
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Eastern Europeans to Cooperate on Border Control
A Refugee Riot Puts a German Town on Edge
Migrants Face New Diversion as Hungary to Seal Croatia Border
Greece Reopening Olympic Venue to Cope With Asylum-Seekers
Between Devil and Deep Blue Sea: Syrian Children in Turkey
Two Turkish Soldiers Gunned Down on Way to Work
Turkish Journalist Attacked in Latest Sign of Pressure on Media
Netanyahu Blames Abbas Speech for Terror Attack
New Israeli Drone Can Reach Iran
Report: Obama Refused to Declare Commitment to Vetoing Palestinian State
Text of Netanyahu 2015 Address to the UN General Assembly
Netanyahu Refused to Be in Same Restaurant as Pakistani Leader
Israeli Arabs Charged Setting Up ISIS-Inspired Terror Cell
IDF Rings Palestinian Villages in Search of Terrorists Who Killed Israeli Couple
Billionaire Haim Saban Quits His Anti-BDS Initiative With Adelson
Middle East
Saudis, Iran Agree to Repatriate Pilgrims Killed in Haj Stampede
Normal Ties Between Iran and US Unlikely Despite Nuclear Deal
Britain Backtracks on Justice for Yemen
Bahrain Recalls Ambassador From Iran After Bomb-Factory Find
The War at Home
'60 Minutes' Used 'Planted' Questions in Assange Interview, Hillary Clinton Email Says
Despite FBI Inquiry, Clinton Retains Security Clearance
F-35 Ejection Seat Fears Ground Lightweight Pilots
A Side-By-Side Comparison of House, Senate and Conference Defense Authorization Bills
DoD Releases 2nd Quarter Suicide Figures
China Slams a Lid on News of Violence From Its Western Frontier
Unification With China Not on Agenda, Says Taiwan President
India Blames Pakistan for Terrorism, Rejects Peace Initiative
Pakistan Army Says It's Killed 25 Militants Near Afghanistan
Pakistan Looks to China to Arm Its Military Drones
Taliban Take Warduj District in Afghanistan
Bomb in Southern Philippines Kills 4, Hits Vice Mayor Convoy
Tunisian Troops Block Car Bombs Crossing Libyan Border
Tunisia Seizes Arms, Papers With ISIS Symbol Near Libyan Border
ISIS Militants Attack Forces Guarding Libya Oil Port: Official
Burkina Faso Coup Plotter Handed to Civilian Authorities
Uganda Troops Already Pulling Out of South Sudan, Says Juba
Burundi to Pursue the 'Few' Officials Behind Killings: President
Morocco Eyes Boycott of Swedish Companies Over Western Sahara
Spain Shores Up Legal Powers to Prevent Catalan Breakaway
Cyprus President Says Window for Deal Exists
Colombia's FARC Leader Halts Rebel Combat Training
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Justin Raimondo
War Party Hates Putin – Loves al-Qaeda

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Let's Not Get Into It With China

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Remaking the World in Greater Israel’s Image

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America's 'Junkyard Dogs': Operation Storm, 20 Years On

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Questioning the Powerful

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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