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Updated October 6, 2015 - 11:19 PM EDT
US General: Hospital Was 'Mistakenly Struck'
  Commander Urges Obama to Slow Afghan Drawdown
  White House: Bombing Afghan Hospital 'Not a War Crime'
  US Military Tries to Explain How It Bombed Charity Hospital
Russia Says 'Volunteers' Likely to Fight in Syria
  Syrians Skeptical of Turkey's Promised War Against ISIS
  NATO Denounces Russia Over Turkish Airspace Violation
  Turkey Threatens to Shoot Down Russian Planes Straying From Syria
ISIS Executes 70 Sunni Tribesmen in Iraq

Badr Brigade Chief: US Not Serious in Fighting ISIS

  Bombers Strike Across Iraq; 191 Killed, 116 Wounded
55 Fighters Killed in Fighting in Yemen's Maarib
  Blasts Hit Aden Hotel Used by Yemeni PM, 15 Soldiers Killed
  With Coastal Gains, Saudi Forces See Yemen's Taiz Within Reach
  Saudi Clerics Urge Jihad Against Syria, Iran, and Russia
War Party Targets Putin and Assad  by Patrick J. Buchanan
I Wish Nobody Was Bombing Syria  by Ron Paul
Media Deliberately Obscuring Who Perpetrated the Hospital Attack  by Glenn Greenwald
Seize the Chaos  by Dan Sanchez
Reality and Symbolism in Public Affairs  by Ivan Eland
Afghan Doctor Slaughter Pulls Back Curtain  by Nicolas JS Davies

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Snowden: 'Smartphones Can Be Taken Over'
Edward Snowden: US Has Not Offered Me Plea Deal
Dissent on Israel Not Allowed at Sanders Event
Paid NFL Troop Tributes Face Senate Vote
UN: World's Displaced Population Now 60 Million
Bombers Strike Across Iraq; 191 Killed, 116 Wounded
Car Bomb Attacks Kill 57 People in Iraq: Police
US Protests Baghdad Opening Green Zone to Traffic
Syria Air Strikes Must Target All 'Groups Considered as Terrorists': French FM
Russia-Israel Military Coordination Talks on Syria to Open Tuesday
US: Russia Escalating Syria War by Targeting Moderate Opposition
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Tensions Simmer as Turkey Struggles With Burden of Refugees
Germany Faces 1.5 Million Asylum Claims This Year
German Interior Minister Calls for Limit to Number of Refugees
US Asylum Process Discourages Applicants Despite Call to Resettle Refugees
Tiny Nauru Throws Gates Open at Australian Camp for Asylum Seekers
Turkey's Erdogan Says Kurdish PYD Fighting ISIS Is Terror Group
Turkish PM Condemns Video of Militant's Body Dragged by Car
Middle East
Bomb in Lebanon Targets Bus Heading to Syria, No Casualties
Case of Jordan MP's Terrorist Son Highlights Dangerous Draw of ISIS
In Pictures: The Somalis Fleeing Home From Yemen
Libya's Elected Parliament Extends Mandate, Complicating Peace Talks
Egypt's Sisi Says Cabinet to Remain in Place if Agenda Approved by Parliament
Nigeria Army: We Have Clues to Boko Haram Sponsors
Central African Republic: 61 Dead, 300 Hurt in September Unrest
Ivory Coast Must End Wave of Arrests, Abuse Ahead of Polls: Amnesty
Dozens Injured in Guinea Pre-Election Clashes
African Governments Show Improvements but Progress 'Stalls'
Ukraine Starts Pull-Back of Tanks, Light Artillery in East: Military
Drone Flies Over NSA Complex in Germany, Dropping Leaflets
Mexican Judge Frees 4 of 7 Suspects in Army Slayings
US Urges Rapid End to 'Unacceptable' Violence in Jerusalem
Abbas Tells PA Forces to Urgently Quell West Bank Protests
Israel Toughens Measures Against Palestinians, West Bank Youth Killed
Palestinian Youths Killed in West Bank Clashes
Israel Says 5 From Hamas Confess in Israeli Couple's Killing
Disguised Troops Kidnap Wanted Man From Nablus Hosptial
Dispute Over a Burial Reveals Palestinian Divisions
Likud Ministers to Right Wing Rally: Abbas' UN Speech Responsible for Terror Attacks
Palestinian Authority Does Not Want to Ignite Third Intifada, Senior Palestinian Authority Official Says
Cautiously, Iranians Reclaim Public Spaces and Liberties Long Suppressed
US Enforcement of Iran Arms Embargo Slipped During Nuclear Talks: Sources
Iran Claims Russia Has Started Delivery of S-300 Missile Defense System
Iran Might Not Be an Immediate Bonanza for Oil Firms
US Strike on MSF Hospital in Kunduz Poses Tough Legal Questions
Residents Say Afghan Forces Regain Most of Kunduz, Some Shops Reopen
Afghan Leader Ashraf Ghani Cautious After Hospital Bombing
Changing Story Doesn't Absolve US in Hospital Attack, Doctors Group Says
Taliban Claim Responsibility for Suicide Attack in Kabul
Pakistan Jails Former Leader of Banned Group
Terror Bid Foiled in Karachi
Pakistan Denies Man Hanged by Taliban Was One of Its Spies
North Korea Frees South Korean Student Held Since April
Late Philippine Dictator's Son to Run for Vice President
Kyrgyz Polls Tarnished by Ballot Secrecy Concerns
The War at Home
Experts: Mitigating Factors Could Affect Bergdahl Case
Marine Found Dead With Gunshot Wound to Head at Camp Pendleton
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