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Updated October 7, 2015 - 11:08 PM EDT
US General: Hospital Was 'Mistakenly Struck'
  Taliban Uses Hit-and-Run Tactics to Harass Afghan Troops in Kunduz
  Taliban Take Fight Beyond Kunduz
Commander Urges US to Slow Afghan Drawdown
  Battle Over Kunduz Highlights Risk to Huge US Afghan Investments
  Donald Trump: Afghanistan War a 'Mistake,' but Troops Need to Stay
  Rand Paul: No Reason for US to Be in Afghanistan
Russia Seeks US Military Talks on Syria Strikes
  Russian Radar Locks on to Turkish Jets as Moscow Steps Up Air Strikes
  Turkey Says Russia Ties at Risk Over Ongoing Strikes on ISIS
  Brzezinski Urges US to ‘Retaliate’ Against Russian Forces in Syria
Senate Passes Military Spending Bill, Veto Looms
ISIS Kills 22, Including 15 Soldiers, In Yemen Attacks
US Ultimatum Has Israel Freezing Settlement Construction
Urdu Speakers at Border Spun as ISIS Infiltration
Bombing Hospitals All in a Day's Work  by Phyllis Bennis
WikiLeaks Cables Shed Light on US Foreign Policy Failures  by Mark Weisbrot
'Athens Affair' Shows We Need Encryption Without Backdoors  by Trevor Timm
Trump Against the War Party  by Justin Raimondo
Glossing the Hospital Massacre  by Shane Smith
Using Deadly Force Against Palestinians – as a First Resort  by Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man

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Edward Snowden's Ready to Go to Prison, Waiting on Answer From US
Soldier May Sue to End War
5 Key Findings on Nuclear Smuggling
Nuclear Smugglers Sought Terrorist Buyers
Europe's Top Court Declares EU-US Data Deal Invalid
49 Killed in Iraq; Militants Execute Deserters
Russia Says Militants in Syria Are Moving Armor Close to Mosques
Why Is Russia Using 'Dumb Bombs' in Syria?
US to Russia: Break Silence on Air-to-Air Rules of Conduct
Russia Denies Reports of Airstrikes at Syria's Palmyra
Russian Ministry: Turkey Suggests Joint Working Group Over Syria Ops
Russia Is Not and Will Not Launch Infantry Operations in Syria, Says Senior Lawmaker
How Iranian General Plotted Out Syrian Assault in Moscow
Clinton Says Removing Assad in Syria Is Top Priority
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Syrian Refugees Increasingly Return to War-Torn Homeland
3 Million More Refugees Could Flee Syria, EU Official Warns
Migrant Crisis: EU Plan Offers More Money for Turkey Camps
Nearly 100 Migrants Reported Dead Off Libya
Lebanon Detains 15 Iraqis With Fake Travel Docs En Route to Denmark
Syrian Refugee in Uruguay Douses Himself With Gas in Protest
More Syrian Refugees Facing Hunger in Jordan Return Home: Charity
Asylum Shelters in Germany Struggle With Violence
German Authorities Accused of Playing Down Refugee Shelter Sex Crime Reports
Boko Haram Claims Responsibility for Abuja Blasts
Nigeria Troops Arrest Boko Haram Financier
Boko Haram Militants Kill 11 Chad Troops: Military Source
South Sudan Government Warned Over 'Derailing' Peace Deal
Somali Militants Vow to Welcome British Peacekeepers 'With Fire'
Congo Ruling Party Officials Behind Demo Attack: HRW
Australian Police Arrest Five Over Shooting 'Linked to Terrorism'
Aussie Minister: ISIS Is the New Youthful Rebellion
Australian Court Tests Legality of Offshore Detention for Asylum Seekers
The War at Home
Connecticut Firm Backed Up Clinton's Server, Could Still Have Personal Emails
Edward Snowden Hails 'Safe Harbor' Data Sharing Verdict
'He Is a Controversial Figure.' William F. Buckley's FBI File
Ex-UN General Assembly President, Five Others Charged in US in Bribe Scheme
Yemen Conflict: Houthi Rebels Commit to UN Peace Plan
Amnesty Urges Arms Restrictions on Saudi-Led Coalition Members
Two UAE Troops Among Dead in Aden Attacks: Yemen Government
IDF Says Palestinian Boy Was Killed by Mistake
At Least 90 Palestinians Said Wounded During West Bank, East Jerusalem Clashes
Abbas to Palestinian Security Chiefs: Escalation Would Only Serve Israel
Israel Military Chief: Army Has Full Freedom of Action in West Bank
As Jerusalem Tensions Mount, Diplomacy's Absence Is Felt
Israeli MP Filmed Cursing Arab Woman, Telling Her Area Is 'Jews Only'
Netanyahu: Government Will Take Steps Against Islamic Movement
Doctors Without Borders Airstrike: US Alters Story for Fourth Time in Four Days
Detained Bangladesh Militant Leader Killed in Grenade Blast
Cambodia Seeks Way Out of Post 'Killing Fields' Mental Health Crisis
Maldives Boat Blast Was Attempt on President's Life: Minister
Tajikistan Widens Crackdown on Islamist Party
Ukraine Rebels Delay Local Elections Until 2016
West, Ukraine, Hail Rebel Decision to Postpone Disputed Elections
Belarus Says Does Not Need a Russian Military Base: Report
Bosnian Court Jails Four Over Recruitment of Militants for Syria
US Approves Possible Sale of General Atomics Drones to Spain
WWII Veteran, 92, 'Sacked From Remembrance Day Parade for Promoting Pacifism'
Spain, France Arrest Member of Basque Group ETA Near Paris
Munich Museum Evacuated After WWII-Era Bomb Found
Mexico Army Boss Will Not Allow Questioning of Troops in Student Massacre
Mexico Offers Rewards for Arrests in 43 Missing Case
Reporters in Latin America Face Worse Censorship, Violence: IAPA
US Commerce Secretary Pritzker in Cuba for Embargo Talks
Venezuela Hits Back at US for Questioning Its Democracy
Amazon Residents Resort to Militias to Keep Out Illegal Loggers
Kerry Arrives in Haiti to Offer US Support Ahead of Elections
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